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4.5 out of 5 stars1,535
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 22 July 2005
I don't know how Rowling does it! This book is simply the best yet! Harry has stopped acting like a grumpy teenager which dominated the last book (which frankly got very irritating) and has started to embrace his resposibilities of being Harry Potter.
There are plenty of the usual HP book traits which you would only understand having read all the other books. Ends start being tied up in preperation for the last instalment and there are plenty of unexpected twists and although I'm itching to give everything away I'm not going to be cruel if you haven't managed to read it all yet! However I will say Harry gets an unexpected girlfriend (and it's not Cho Chang...) there's a very shocking death that I still haven't got over yet! One of the teachers turns out to be very bad and we meet a Slytherin who doesn't idolise only those from the same house but instead likes Harry which is a novelty! And the identity of the Half-Blood Prince is a complete shock.
Rowling has done it again...she is an absolute genious and I'm literally wetting myself in anticipation of the last book! Bring it on Rowling!
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on 5 December 2010
I am 8 years old. I really love this thrilling book. Anyone aged eight and a half to thirty years who likes adventures should read it. It is full of magic and excitement. If you are worried about it being too scary, then don't - it has never given me nightmares. As soon as I got this book I could not wait to get started. I hope you enjoy it too.
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on 19 July 2005
Well after the long wait one of the most anticipated books in recent years arrives and it doesn't disapoint.
JK Rowling has pulled off something special with this book. Not only has she tied up plot lines that started way back in the first book, she has succesfully guided her series from being a childrens book that adults enjoyed to a far darker style which adults will not just enjoy but will be completely immersed by.
Dont get me wrong this is still a great childrens book (if perhaps slightly scary in places for a young child) but the themes and events of this book will bring out all the emotions an adult can imagine feeling.
The last few chapters are impossible to put down until you finish them, you know whats coming, you dont want it to but when it does the shock at what has happened still wont sink in.
Yet with all this darkness around you Rowling still manages to leave that little chink of light at the very end with that continuing theme through the whole series that with the help of friends you can cope with the worst the world has to offer.
This book deals with many issues which can only help adults teach children about life, death and a lot of the stuff in between. This is what Rowling does brilliantly and this is her at her best. Who among us can wait for the fianl chapter of this incredible series.
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on 8 October 2005
J.K Rowling has done it again. She has gone back to the magical world of Harry Potter and delivers an exciting and well thought out portrayal of his world in "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince". This book is darker than the others and focuses more on Harry growing up and the fight against the Dark Lord Voldemort, that finally has been accepted by the Ministry of Magic. This book is a page turner that can only be expected of Miss Rowling and should be loved by all true Harry fans. Although her puns and ideas are spot on and original, I found the first few pages not as engaging as previous books and found it hard to want to reread it as much as I did the others. Whether this has to do with the new "darker" Harry that has become a typical teenager or whether the chapters are simply not as interesting, I do not know. J.K Rowling has cut down on the size of the book (although it is massive it still went too quickly!)which should come as a relief to some Harry fans but the ideas are still flowing and it still remains a brilliant piece of fiction.
Most people should love this welcome escape into Harry's world but others, I fear, will either be left wanting more or left wanting none at all.
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on 18 July 2005
A much darker tone in places than the previous books, yet it becomes clear just exactly what the others have been leading up to in 'Half-Blood Prince'. Without revealing too much to spoil the ending for those who haven't read it yet, the identity of the Half-Blood Prince is not a huge shock, but it is rather ironic when considered in the context of Harry's relationship to 'him'. The ending comes in the spectacular style that we've become accustomed to from previous Potter novels, which personally I feel is the strongest selling point for this book, as my main criticism would be that more than half the book seems to be spent in a very slow development for the nerve-wracking tension and emotion of the last few chapters.
What I can safely say is that Harry has much more of his past and Voldemort's revealed to him, and in a much franker and less cryptic style than usual as time runs out, and the end of the series approaches. The last chapter is particularly poignant, and ends by hinting at what's still to come, done in such a way that if by some very strange chance this doesn't become the fastest-selling book of all time, I'd say it's a foregone conclusion for Book 7. An epic in the making, maybe not, well worth the long wait, maybe not, but certainly compulsive reading and well worth buying right now.
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on 17 July 2005
The sixth and second to last of JK Rowling's amazing novels, is as unputdownable as all the rest. We are shown again in to a world we are now familiar with, where Harry is astonishingly adult and perceptive, where he is coming to terms with all the difficulties the last book presented him.
This is a shocking gripping novel, and not for the faint hearted. There is significantly less detail than the last couple, and the plot is the driving force. This sometimes effects the story, and in places it feels rushed as Rowling needs to put so much information in in such a small space.
Having said that, I think it is a worthy addition to the cannon of Potter books, but when the seventh and final book comes out, in my opinion this one will be few peoples' favourite. It is dark and scary, and at times devastating. I wouldn't recomend this to a child of 7 or 8, although the strong themes, such as death, choice and independence would suit an older reader. As an adult, you will be thrilled by it. However it is probably not one I will read over and over like the others, the sense that something dark is on the way penetrates through the entire novel, and there is a lot less humour in it.
These are books that will go down in history as some of the best stories ever, so if you've got any sense, read it!
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on 24 July 2005
Well Harry has finally grown up and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Long gone are the innocent pranks and japes around Hogwarts, this is serious... I loved this book, immensely. I can't pretend I have payed much attention to the theories/leaks pertaining to the book. When I read this book I had only entertained my own theories. I was surprised by some of the relevations and less so by others.
Whether you consider yourself a HUGE Potter fan, or just enjoy reading them, this book is huge in its implications. Of course, there is a definite formula to the book - that is half the appeal - but the end literally 'removes the rug' from under one's feet. I am not sure which is sadder, the death of a much-loved and influential character or the loss of Harry's innocence... (Which you may argue, he lost ages ago, but this book finally pushes him into adulthood)
Harry and his friends have come a very long way since the Philosopher's stone, you will cry and laugh during this penultimate episode. Questions will be answered, yet you will end the book with many more...
Not at all dissapointing. Rowling delivers exactly what she promised. Harry is now a young man and I can't wait to take the final journey with him.
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on 22 July 2005
Like a lot of other readers, I would guess, I was disappointed with Order of the Pheonix, and wondered if HBP would be better- I can safely say that it is. It is darker in tone than OOTP, which is no bad thing bearing in mind Harry is older and becoming more aware of the magnitude of Voldemort's evil.The ongoing character development of much loved characters, particularly the comedy brilliance of Ron and Hermione's, and their completely mutual feelings for each other combined with not knowing how to say it really was great. As for Harry's romance, I was quite surprised but think that the female character has come into her own in the last few books and is almost as likeable as Hermione, and the last scene between the two was quite poignant. As for the death and the major plot twist- it worked, although I wonder whether Rowling isn't still going to spring a reversal on us in the last book somehow as regards to the "killer" and his true allegiances. Only bad thing about this book is that it might be a long wait to the next one- although, if the quality and enjoyment of reading that last installment- I- was as high as this one was -I couldn't put it down- I don't mind!
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on 27 January 2006
A series that can stimulate the imagination of children and encourage them to read is thing of beauty. Not only does this book appeal to the younger set, but us older guys too. I've been reading fantasy now for twenty years and this series has held my attention throughout.
Another story I'd reccomend is a new guy, Brian S. Pratt. In his debut novel he creates a world where a young man is pulled from this one and deposited without any idea why or what he's to do. Full of action, magic and war, James(the hero) sets out in search of answers.
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on 18 July 2005
I have only been a fan of Harry Potter since December 2004 and read books one to five in a few days. Like many others I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and could not sleep as the release date approached. I was not disappointed.
I enjoyed the sixth installment of the Harry Potter books and I suspect readers will by shocked, amazed and disppointed about the content of this book. Like many others, I'm sure you will want to throw your book across the room over certain events and open your mouth wide in learning the parentage of a certain character.
Harry has certainly matured in the sixth book and the relationships between the central characters constantly change and of course there is Quidditch.
I can say for sure that the US and UK covers (Children's, Adult and Deluxe) will make sense now afetr you have read the book.
Not all of you will like it, but hey, you can't please everyone.
Identity of the Half-Blood Prince? - Shocked me.
Keep an open mind, don't speed read and read between the lines.
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