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on 17 February 2009
I spent a long time deciding which version of the paperback books to buy (the adult or children editions). Although the front cover art-work on the adult editions is more attractive (to me, as an adult), the print is terrible in comparison (tiny, blocky font on cheaper/rougher paper), and sadly makes the books feel very cheap. I went for the children's edition, and have not regretted it! The books in this edition are set on good quality paper, with a easy-on-the-eye font, and come in a sturdy flip-top cardboard case. Look no further!
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on 29 January 2010
I think most people considering purchasing this set have previously read some or all of the Harry Potter books. So we all like Harry. The question is do we like this set.

I read all the reviews here before I purchased. The comments about the quality of the paper, the binding, the small margins and font, the inconsistencies of the spines and the damage to the slipcase from shipping are all true.

That said, the set is fine.

This is not a set of a special edition or printing. These are the same editions that were recently sold separately to the mass market. The publisher has wrapped them in a slipcase and is selling them as a boxed set. Which is fine.

I would have been happy to pay extra for a boxed set with acid free paper, cloth bindings, etc. but it doesn't exist.

I would recommend purchasing the Bloomsbury Children Edition Boxed Set over this one. The paper and the bindings are the same but the margins and font are larger and there are illustrations (always a nice touch).

While I read and enjoyed the Scholastic editions, I would not recommend them. I was upset to find out they changed the author's language for the U.S. audience. Bad form.
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on 25 December 2007
Well, many have written about the stories of each book and if you are thinking in buying a boxed set you have probably read all that. So, I will just keep to this particular boxed set as an all.

The look of the boxed set as you can see it on the picture is quite close to what you get in reality. The books and case, being mostly black, give a very sober aspect to the set. The binding is reasonable. I still did not read The Order of the Phoenix (the largest volume) so I cannot say surely that it will handle the reading, but it seems it will.

As another reviewer pointed out the pages have very narrow margins which means they are a bit crowded with text. This influences negatively our first impression of the books. Nevertheless, as the stories are fast paced one tends to forget this issue. On the other hand having larger margins would surely mean breaking some of the largest volumes in two (or three) to keep them at reasonable dimensions.

The paper used is also of reasonable quality, yielding a nice flexibility and resistance. It would ease the reading if it was softer (a bit like Bible paper) as the books cannot be left open in any page.

All books have black dust jackets with Harry Potter written in embossed gold letters. Below the dust jackets there are plain black covers with gold lettering on the spine.

But, apart from the notes I left above, one must not forget the price one pays for this set. So the options taken regarding margin size, binding and paper quality are, I think, a compromise to attain such a reasonable price. And I would rate it as 5 stars. So, why am I giving 4?

The 4 stars are due to some details which I find could have been taken into account without interfering with the production costs.

If you look to the boxed set picture you will notice that the first four books have vertical lettering on the spine and the last three have horizontal lettering. This looks a bit weird. Why should anyone think in doing the lettering different after the fourth book?. Specially if they had to reduce the horizontal lettering sizes depending of the size of the book? This annoys me quite a bit. Why not stick with the first idea?

The second issue which I think could have been better looked at is the size of the case. Well, the books are neatly packaged inside, very securely. The problem is how to take them out to read!! As all the books are tightly together and because they fully reside inside the case one cannot easily put a finger on each side or even on the top to take them out. Books 1 and 7 are the hardest. So I keep them slightly out of the case to manage to take them to read which in general means I have to push the case a bit from the shelf...

So, for these two issues which I think could have been properly dealt with I give this set 4 stars. Apart from them this is a nice set, at a reasonable price, to read this great set of stories!
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on 21 November 2009
I am thoroughly enjoying listening to this version of the Harry Potter series. I live in the US so there are a few words that take me a second to figure out what they are talking about. Revision instead of Studying was the first one to get me. To me revision is when you change something. This is a wonderful gift to give someone who loves the Harry Potter book series. I am always looking for new ways to re-read them. Also, Stephen Fry does an amazing job. I love his voice and the voices he takes on. Brilliant!
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on 21 January 2008
While I love the UK versions, I just bought a boxed set of hardcover adult version. The quality is not there for the price. These are not as good as the original. One book has some ink splotches and three of the books have loose binding and the first time I read them the pages will no doubt come loose. I knew this was just a boxed set and not a collector set but for the price you expect the binding to be intact and no ink splotches in them. I will keep it but the quality isn't there for the price charged. They have cheapened them. If you order them, make sure you inspect all the books upon arrival as you have a short time to return them.
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on 11 January 2011
Really pleased to get this at such a good price. The box is lovely and solid and the books look terrific, however...

Upon opening the box all the books were pristine except for Deathly Hallows, where the top corner of the cover has been bent right over. I don't particularly want to send the whole set back just for that (even though I should) but it would be nice if Amazon could check these things before sending them out. This is the only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.
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on 22 August 2011
Having enjoyed quite a lot of audiobooks over the years, I have yet to enjoy a narrative even remotely as good as this one. I find it so good, in fact, that I have replayed the whole box several times. And even at this point, I still occasionally treat myself to one of the books. Though I am a great fan of the Harry Potter books, it is no longer for the story itself, but rather for the enjoyment of Stephen Frys unparalleled narrative. Of all the audiobooks I've ever listened to these are by far the best narrated. First rate producing makes the narrative so consistent, that I have noticed no slips at all throughout the 103 cd's. And Stephen Frys performance and sheer presence makes you keen for more every time a cd ends. As with any story or joke, good or bad, it's all in the delivery. And Stephen Fry does such a great job, that I suspect his narrative could make even an EU directive on road sign harmonization sound interesting.

Considering the unsurpassed overall quality of this box set, and the sheer number of hours of entertainment it holds, I consider it extremely good value indeed.
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on 9 October 2014
I've been waiting a long time to buy a hardback collection of Harry Potter, but none of the other editions seemed worth the money.

This one is definitely worth it! The box itself is well made and sturdy and has the gorgeous gold designs on it. The new covers are also stunning, with the titles picked out in gold stars. The best thing is the inclusion of a map of the hogwarts grounds and the contents pages.

This is definitely a box set that any fan of Harry Potter would want to own!
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on 17 March 2010
I am an American, but I prefer the British version of this series, as in my opinion it is what was written. The box set came exactly as pictured and everything was in terrific condition. I would recomend this anytime.
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on 26 August 2015
Arrived in beautiful condition, and earlier than expected. The covers are astounding and the design of the box is phenomenal. Would definitely recommend to any potter heads out there! Great value for money.
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