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4.5 out of 5 stars13
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 7 December 2003
I purchased this book on a whim while stuck in Victoria station for 3 hours. Those 3 hours flew by while reading this. I was gripped from start to finish, from the initial backlog of werewolf law to the thrilling and open-ended conclusion. The book tells the story of Kate and Tom, two teenagers whose lives become intertwined one fateful Summer's day when Tom is kidnapped by Kate's family. Together they escape and embark on a quest, helping each other and gradually becoming closer as a result. I have never previously read any of Stephen Cole's work, but I am eagerly awaiting the next installment in this trilogy. So far I have read the book through four times since I bought it a week and a half ago, so I strongly urge anyone who likes their supernatural with a romantic twist to buy this book.
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on 25 March 2004
I read this book as a part of a reeding club at school, and I loved it. Its a facinating book aboout werewolves, with a very well thought out history. It starts when Tom Folan goes missing on holiday with his parents. He is found by Kate's family, who take him in and care for him. But something isn't right. He soon finds out that they are all werewolves, and they've turned him into one. Now Tom and Kate are on the run, from both Kates family, and all the other werewolves.
A tense and thrilling story, with a pace that is garenteed to keep you hanging.
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on 25 June 2004
This book is fantastic! I bought it in the airport to read on the flight and had to be reminded to get off the plane! Although I scared myself witless with the first one I ploughed on to the second one and can't wait until 'The Wereling III: Resurrected' comes out. It continues the story in a more polished, less rough style as if Stephen Cole has felt that he has now perfected his style. In conclusion - a must-read for horror, fantasy, and adventure fans!
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on 26 May 2008
In the sequel to Wounded, Kate and Tom are searching for Jicaque, a man who has a possible cure to change Tom back into a normal human again, but they are still being hunted down by Takapa and others in the lupine world.

Wounded gave us an introduction into Cole's interpretation of the werewolf world with a couple of conventional images such as hunger, secrecy and evil but in this sequel we are given more personalities with the central protagonists Tom and Kate. We are now seeing the deepest desires of the two teenagers as they search around for a cure and more answers. Giving the characters more depth is always a good move and we can now relate to the characters. However it's a shame to see a lot of typical characteristics such as love, lust etc are used. Not necessarily bad, just a bit similar to other books, a bit of variety never hurt.

There is never too much detailed description in this trilogy and so the reader is left to imagine themselves what surroundings are like, which is good as readers can make their own interpretation of what the werewolf world is like.

More characters are introduced in this sequel and add a bit of flavour to the plot. From stereotypical hard-man Swagger to the intriguing Jicaque does the plot gain more depth and interest and so we gain more knowledge about wolves and their conventions.

The book justifies the fantasy adventure genre though the use of wolves and going on the run to find answers.

The plot is inconsistent, some really uninteresting chapters but when there are fights or are exploring new characters does the plot liven up and become really interesting.

Prey could have done with a bit more depth and imagination but is still a good sequel with tense situations and intriguing new characters.

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on 15 February 2013
Categorised as juvenile fiction, though Prey isn't overly graphic or lengthy in its descriptions of blood and gore there was more, a lot more, of it than I would have expected which combined with the fact it occasionally strays into some pretty adult issues makes it, in my opinion, only really suitable for older teenage readers up. And yet, that said, I'm curious as to just how many older teenagers/young adults would find this too tame, the issues raised not quite sophisticated enough.

Trying hard not to include any spoilers, I think I'll leave it as there was nothing fresh in the telling of this story, its central themes of something (or someone) preying on the vulnerable to what ends I won't say and, the search for a cure having been featured in several other books of this genre not too mention the 'gladiatorial' element which was recently featured on a tv series starring a ghost, a vampire and, a werewolf

Part 2 in a trilogy, do I think I would have gained anything by reading part 1 first? Not something I can say for definite but I strongly believe not.

Copyright: Petty Witter @ Pen and Paper.

The Wereling II: Prey
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on 7 March 2004
I've never really been into werewolf stories. Curses, incantations and people metamorphosing into vicious members of the dog family for no adequately explored reason just doesn't do it for me.
However, what Stephen Cole has crafted here is different. It's a thriller, a love story, a coming-of-age, fugitives-on-the-run caper - all in one and with a fresh edge. The author has taken the usual werewolf stuff and set it against the backdrop of modern America, partnering a newly turned teenage ‘wolf with a female sidekick who knows far more than she's cracking on. They are forced together and running, and the enemy can be just about anybody.
The result is an almost unbearably exciting book. At 34-years-of-age, I can't wait for the sequel!
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With there being many popular novels that are positive towards the werewolf myth, there is a series that's been overlooked as it demonstrates the problems for those afflicted with the disease. Here in this, the first offering of that series we see the principle protagonists run from a heritage and a fate that neither want, a choice of their own in a world where they've been forced to follow the ancient laws. What makes this book so outstanding is the characterisation where each of the principle cast play off of each others strengths and bolster the others weaknesses. It's a magical journey and one that has trod a path less well worn. A great opener and one that has left me salivating for the second novel.
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on 9 March 2007
Even after the "problems" Tom Anderson has faced through his life, nothing has come so badly as being turned into a 'wolf. Now, he and Kate Folan, have veture to New York where the 'wolf community is growing in the slum underground. Was the tip Tom got about the misterious "Jiquaque" acurate? Is Kate's mum, Marcie, still on their tails and has Takapa gone out for capture on Tom for ruining is public relations.

The second book in the Wereling Trilogy. A mix between the horrors of the NY slums and the widely known werewolf population in NY. It is darker and more gripping than the predicesor ,Wounded. A must buy for any werewolf or changeling lover.
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on 13 February 2012
when I bought this book i had very high hopes with such strong good reviews on it, and also the story line sounded alright. But when i read it,i found that i was gripped in the way that i expected something more to happen, and when i finished it, neither did i want to read the sequel! This only my opiionion but i'd say there are better werewolf books out there than this one!
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on 26 August 2005
i read the first and have yet to read this installment of the trilogy, i am expecting it to be as strange and as moving as the first, which means i have high standards, this book is perfect for goths and teens just wanting to read something which isnt peachy clean and non-swearing, it is something special, i have yet to find anything within its league
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