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4.7 out of 5 stars503
4.7 out of 5 stars
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First let me tell you I am a father of 2 children. Secondly let me tell you that I am a police officer in his forties. Then let me tell you that the book still brings tears to my eyes when I read it (or in fact write this review).

I must confess that beautiful with a little sad does the trick and this book is one of the best childrens books ever written. It tells the story of the little Nut Brown Hare that is being put to sleep by the Big Nut Brown Hare and how the Little Nut Brown Hare is trying to express his/her love for the Big Nut Brown Hare, he/she loves him/her as much as he/she can streach his/her arms, jump high, run fast (there is no gender in the book, so it can be daughter/father, son/mother, big sister/little brother or any other combination) and yet the Big Nut Brown Hare always outdoes the Little Brown Hare by streaching further, jumping higher or running faster. But the end has a twist - such a sweet twist.

There is a lot of love in the book and children relate very well with it and understand the dilemma of the Little Brown Hare who is bursting to express his/her love for the Big Brown Hare. Both parent and child will feel a little more affectionate during and after the read.

The book is so simple in concept and perfect in execution. The pictures and story combine very well.

The book is perfect and worth every star.
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on 18 March 2005
There are certain books that should be in every little persons collection (the gruffalo is also a must) and this is definately one. Myself and my daughter love this book..... I tell you ,you cannot beat it when your child tells you they love you to the moon and back too!!!!
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on 5 April 2010
I bought this for my two year old grandson, who now wants stories instead of picture books, he seemed to enjoy the story and loved the pictures of the hares. Good meaning within the story. I would recommend this book
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on 23 December 2006
This book is simple and enchanting and I can't add much to what the other 5 star reviewers have said except that my daughter had it when it was first published and, now 12, insisted we get a copy for her 3 year old brother to keep as she would not hand hers down except for the occasional loan. This makes him very cross as he has had most of her other books.

Like her, he loves to quote it and think of ever more outlandish distances to stretch his love, beyond the moon and back. And we are NOT a demonstrative family (but we do have a lot of soft toys!)

Ignore the cynical reviewer who thinks this is for adults only....I dont know many families who dont have this. His must be a very sad life.
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Guess How Much I Love You is a well-earned recipient of the Abby Award.

This book is very uniquely plotted. Unlike most books for bedtime, the two protagonists are male (apparently father and son, although that is left unstated). And they spend the whole book describing and showing their love for one another. I know of no other book that provides this sort of man-boy modeling about expressing love and appreciation for one another.

Yet at the same time, the "maleness" of the two characters is subdued so that the pair could be very easy to see them as female characters (a mother-daughter pair). Obviously, mixed pairs (mother-son and father-daughter) are even easier to imagine. So everyone can relate to expressing love and receiving expressions of love in return when reading this delightful story.

The other attraction of this story is that the youngster, Little Nutbrown Hare, takes the lead. He wants to describe his love first. Children can start to be reticent about their feelings beginning around age 4, and this book should help overcome that shyness. Fathers of my generation and older have been reticent since that age with everyone, so this book will help a few parents as well to show their feelings.

As for age level, this book should start to appeal at about age 2 1/2 to 3. You will be reading the story to your youngster at that age. In time, with memorization, you will be listening to the story. Later, you child will actually learn to read it to you.

The illustrations are gently subdued, to help create a mood of drowsiness. Nicely done, Ms. Anita Jeram!

The story opens with Little Nutbrown Hare on his way to sleep. He is riding on top of Big Nutbrown Hare, holding onto the larger hare's very long ears. The plot development begins when Little Nutbrown Hare raises the title challenge: Guess how much I love you.

Little Nutbrown Hare uses his body to show how much. Big Nutbrown Hare, being larger, outdoes him when he repeats what Little Nutbrown Hare has said in terms of his own adult body. Little Nutbrown Hare then goes on to use his eyes to create even larger distances to express the greatness of his love. Big Nutbrown Hare comes up with even larger distances, based on his longer experience.

As Little Nutbrown Hare goes to sleep after making his greatest expression of love, Big Nutbrown Hare says nothing until after Little Nutbrown Hare is in the land of nod. Then Big Nutbrown Hare makes his final expression of love . . . a very beautiful one (involving about 500,000 miles).

After you have finished enjoying this heartfelt story, I suggest that you think about more ways that you can express your love more often to those you care about. Use the concepts in this book to come up with ways to flesh out the simple, "I love you" to make the expression more tangible to the hearer. I suspect you will receive many bouquets of expressed love as a result.

May love be with and come from you . . . always!
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on 2 December 2004
This is the most gorgeous and loving book I have ever read! If you have children, then this is one of the most beautiful ways you can tell them how much you love them. Even grown up children will appreciate this as a gift from a loving parent! This is also a gentle way to tell friends or partners how much you love them. Its not too soppy and is such a well written book. Many thanks to the author!
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on 6 August 2012
A very special story in a totally charming, beautiful little book. Bought to remind my granddaughter of the times I used to read it to her before bed. Sadly I must reiterate what other reviewers have said, the beautiful cover of the book is forever marred by the removal of the huge sticker on the back, It took me almost half an hour of painstakingly gentle removal but it has still left a sticky, unpleasant mark. Come on Amazon, we know stock has to be labelled but on a fabric covered item there must surely be some system that can be removed without despoiling the item.
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on 24 November 2003
This is a beautiful childrens books. A very simple story with beautiful, heart-warming illustrations.
What is particularly nice about this book is that the love is being expressed between 2 male hares. It is never explained whether they are two brothers, father and son, uncle nephew or just dependent friends. For me, this shows that love transcends boy-girl, parent-child relationships... but instead illustrates that when love "is" it just "is". It doesn't need to be explained or to be measured by other people's values.... unconditional, beautiful love is just that... beautiful!!
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on 4 April 2000
My daughter has enjoyed this book since she was a tiny baby. The wording is loving without being soppy, and has a good rhythym (so if you have to read it as often as I have you will soon know it off by heart). We follow the actions as the hares stretch their arms wide, and hop up and down, gradually relaxing as they snuggle down and go to sleep. I buy copies for my friends and they all love it.
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on 21 May 2011
I bought this book to go with a picture frame that I've had engraved for my sons 1st Birthday (it says, 'love you to the moon'). I like to buy special books from my childhood and think this is just the most perfect story. I never fail to squeeze out a tear when I get to the end.

I couldn't recommend the story and illustrations enough. However... This edition is absolutely tiny. As in, you won't believe it until you see it. Let's be honest though, it's says it all in the description 'little favourites'. I prefer to get hard backs as my boy likes to eat his books but there won't be much to go at with this.

This item is great for popping in a sleep over bag and carrying about on outings but I definitely think I'll be buying a bigger edition for our special collection.
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