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on 27 March 2014
I have bought the collectors editions of every Final Fantasy since the original release of FFX. With that I buy the Official Guide aswell. I use the guides for chest/item locations only until I have finished the story and then use them religiously to get my game to 100% completion.

With that being said, I am sat here currently using the Original release guide because this guide is poorly written, extremely small print and does not show on the map all the items. You have to sit and read the entire walkthrough to learn the locations of alot of the items, in the original guide, it puts all the things on the map, gives a key to what each icon is and away you go to get said item, that's all I want from a guide, not "walk here, turn left, go straight, pick up xxx, then turn arond go here, pick up xxx" etc. I want to play the game not spend countless hours reading a step by step guide to find my items.

So to summerise. If you want to read about EVERY single step that Tidus/Yuna has to walk to get everything, then this is the guide for you. If you, like me, want to just know the locations of the items on the initial playthrough and then read to find the stuff you missed along the way... Get the original release guides... and
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on 19 March 2014
BradyGames guides are consistent for one thing only: missing a load of important information. The golden standard for Final Fantasy is always Piggyback. BradyGames are cashing in on this game's re-release by throwing together their old broken guides, and as usual the incredibly poor quality shows.

Remember that the Piggyback guide is based on the PAL version so all the international content from the original PAL release is included in there to begin with. The Piggyback X-2 will only lack the monster creator and Last Mission stuff - which this guide doesn't even have anyway.

Avoid at all costs.
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on 18 March 2014
Being a huge fan of FFX, I pre-ordered FFX HD on PS3 & Vita, and pre-ordered this book (even though I have both the FFX and FFX-2 strategy guides from the PS2 games). Today it arrived and I was extremely disappointed.

I flicked through the pages, and came to the last 50 or so which hadn't been bound properly. The pages had been inserted at quite a severe angle, and consequently when the pages were trimmed the corners were chopped off - about a third of each of those pages is missing.
The pages that have been bound "properly" (and I use that term loosely - much like the pages) aren't very good. The paper that they have been printed is of quite poor quality, they feel like those you would find in a magazine you get free with a newspaper (and even that is being generous). They are very thin, and it would take very little to tare them. This is immediately noticeable when you pick this guide up as it is about half the weight of the FFX piggyback book alone.

As for the quality of the content, it doesn't seem to be anything to write home about either. One of the main reasons I buy these books is for the concept art and high quality screenshots. These don't feature in this book.

In the characters section at the start, each of the main characters has half a page dedicated to their backstory, playstyle, overdrive(s) and a picture. Compare that to the piggyback book, where there is a whole page dedicated to the character's backstory, playstyle and picture (the same pictures in this book, but much larger), but then you also have another section dedicated to the characters' overdrives - roughly half a page for each.

The aeons suffer a similar treatment. They only get a third of a page dedicated to them, and instead of featuring the very nice art that was used in the piggyback book, they only feature some poor screenshots that have been cut out. The picture of Shiva is particularly poor. I haven't played the HD version of the game yet (as it hasn't been released yet), but it looks like it's a screenshot from the PS2 game - It's very blurry.

I haven't looked through every section of the book, but at a glance, they all seem to suffer a similar fate.

This guide takes 52 pages to cover the main storyline of FFX, where as the piggyback guide takes 91 pages. The piggyback guide has a far better, clearer layout. And as I mentioned earlier features concept art and (good) screenshots to break up the guide. The screenshots that are featured in this guide are either small or blurry - often both.

The walkthrough itself is probably good enough (I haven't looked in much detail), but if that's all your after, use one of many, many online guides.

Lastly, the size of this book. The width and height is nearly identical to the piggyback guides, with one main difference - the thickness. The FFX guide alone is slightly thicker than this combined guide of FFX and FFX-2.

If you can find a good price for the old piggyback guides, then I would highly recommend picking them up. The quality is in a completely different league. If you can't find a good price, then don't bother with this guide, just use an online guide - You'll get just as much out of it.
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on 18 March 2014
Firstly, the paper quality is horrendous - this will tear within hours.

Secondly, half the town maps are missing - meaning that you will miss important key items. Comparing this to the decade old Piggyback version shows how much is missing from the 'updated' version'.
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on 4 May 2014
I pre-ordered this guide for the release of FFX and FFX-2 HD for the PS3. A short while after my pre-order was placed, I started seeing a lot of negative reviews of this guide here on Amazon. I thought to myself: "Oh well, at least it was cheap..." and was prepared for a disappointment and a majority of flaws. I could not have been more mistaken.

As a disclaimer, I would like to state that I have not read the old original guides for the PS2 release. However, I have played through the games on several occasions since their initial release. Therefore, I can not say much about how this guide compares to the old one, but I can say how it relates to the game.

For FFX I looked to the guide only for the missable trophies (okay, I know there's a debate about the al-bhed primers from Home, but I'll not digress into that). As this game has been a beloved friend of mine for many years, I wanted to do it all this time. 116 hours and I got my platinum. The guide served me great on this quest, and I relied heavily on it to not have to backtrack too many hours. Items, strategies for minigames, etc., it's all here. The checklist for the monster arena etc., was very useful.

For FFX-2, there seem to be an apparent lack of trophy information. From the top of my mind I think I've seen them mentioned a few times, but there's no complete trophy list - and there's no mention of them in logical places. For example, for the minigame Gunners Gauntlet there's no mentioned of the trophy you can get for reaching LVMAX. Same with getting the Ribbon in Bevelle, and so on. All though not lacking for the game experience itself - since all bonuses and rewards are duely mentioned, I miss having a strategy for the trophies in a game as vast as this. On the other hand, the real positive thing about the guide for FFX-2 is the checklist for 100% completion. It actually is possible to get 100% on just one playthrough, and the guide takes you through it in addition to having a checklist for each place in each chapter. Minigames and dress-spheres are described in great details.

I notice some give this a negative review for not including more (or better) artwork than the originals, and that is of course a legit complaint - but I prefer my guide to be just that: a guide. Not an artwork collection. And there's nothing wrong with the quality of the paper either, no matter what I read on Amazon - my guide still haven't been torn... I didn't know the incredible Hulk played Final Fantasy.
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on 25 March 2014
‘Final Fantasy X-X2 HD Remaster OSG’ prepared by BradyGames delivers the combination of two previously published Brady Games guides with some updates that makes it a decent guide for those who want to get the maximum out of the game.

Speaking about so called “bad things” first, both those previously published books were of much larger size and in many occasions if you try to compare it with this issue you’ll see there are many sentences, even the complete paragraphs that are repeated.

On the good side, the authors obviously accepted the suggestions and those places that were a bit blurred they rewrote, so now it will not (or at least not often) happen that after you read something you will think: “Yes, but how? Or where?”

Also, reader/gamer inside can find some additional screenshots which contributes to guide overall detailed look&feel and its comprehensibility.

Therefore, looking in general it can be said that ‘Final Fantasy X-X2 HD Remaster OSG’ took everything that the old strategy guides did well and put some more details inside to make it even more valuable for casual or hardcore gamer.

Therefore my suggestion could be for those people who consider buying the same two previously published guides that instead purchase this one - except that it will you save some money, you will definitely get more information.
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on 10 July 2014
This book is missing information (eg, all information on monster arena original creations & an item database), and some of it is incorrect. When the guide is unclear I have had to go to forums, and actually found threads written before this book was published that are exactly the same (including mistakes) showing this book is simply a compilation of guides written by fans who've done all the research. The HD version of the game is the same as the original (I've almost completed it and found no differences) so if you want a real guide, get the original official piggyback guide. I had the original guide years ago and it was brilliant!
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on 19 March 2014
Was disappointed with this guide as it has poor quality paper and lack of new concept art plus it doesn't have trophy outline
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on 20 April 2014
If you've still got your original walkthrough by piggyback don't bother buying this. Maps are incomplete and the walk through guide is bare minimum and doesn't even include all of the additional extras. A better investment would be to buy the piggy back guides.
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on 5 April 2014
Massive amounts missing from this guide (as someone who has the original piggyback version of the PS2 game) I noticed that a couple of the maps are missing, items missing from the maps, the mixes for Rikku's overdrive are missing (well some are there) the pages are very thin, but as long as your not heavy handed with them should do the job. The character information pages which are usually highly detailed are somewhat lackluster here.

If you want a guide that will get you to the end of the game this will do the job, however if you are a completionist like myself then don't expect miricles from this guide.
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