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4.6 out of 5 stars61
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2013
I will try to keep this short and to the point.

This guide pretty much covers the entire game, detailing tips, trophies/achievements, gear upgrades, skills and every collectible on a very detailed overhead map. The guide also helps you collect every collectables, challenges and trophy/achievement while playing the main campaign when available (they have screenshots which has a circle highlight to show you the collectables location).

The limited edition comes with a very nice green plastic necklace with a cheap rope attached replicating Lara’s necklace; you also get few DLC’s for multiplayer.

The book itself is hardback and has a nice plastic texture cover; comfortable to open and close the book as it does not keep closing like many of the Brandgames hardback guides.

The only downfall is that they should have included a ribbon for bookmarking as it’s not that clear to navigate back to where you left off, it requires you to use your own bookmark. If that isn’t a problem for you then this is a 5 Star guide book.

Honestly the guide is fantastic if you don’t want to use the internet or YouTube and prefer a physical guide in front of you, the guide is currently £12.79 which is an awesome grab for such a detailed very helpful guide for that 100%/Platinum (it is also limited edition).
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on 20 March 2013
Found this guide really helpful! without giving too much away.
This edition comes in a gorgeous hardback and a necklace like what she wears. Its very good! I thought it would be plastic but its made out of metal, the tomb raider geek in me will be wearing it! I always buy the guides and this is probably one of the best ones they have done.
Especially with the necklace as an extra gift.
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on 14 March 2013
Now I know this will sound weird, but I don't buy a guide book to a game (especially a limited edition one) to be used as a guide to the game, that I can get from the interwebs. I buy them as a collectors piece, and I am sorry to say but in this regard I am very disappointed. The cover is nice I'll grant you that, and I like the pendant that comes with it (although a longer cord would have been nice) and I'm sure as a guide its all very functional and contains everything you need inside to 100% the game.

All that being said I would have liked more art work inside (and I know there is an actual art book you can get too) but after one day of the book lying flat the pages already started becoming wavey (is there an actual term for that? Which is one of my major disappointments from this guide, the pages just seem thin and cheap and the pictures inside are somewhat blurry and low res even. When compared to the FF13 collectors edition guide this one just seems bad.

My final conclusion is that its ok but I would actually advise you get the normal edition because there is little special about this other than the pendant.
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Only got this last night, I was so anxious to find that one item I was missing to complete the level and the challenge I got out of bed at 3:30am to look through this book, and I had to retrace my steps through that region, getting killed many times by falling, but within an hour I found what I was missing, this guide is great, well bound, and loaded to the gills with all the help you can ever want, maps are well detailed, I cannot fault this, the book looks as though it will outlive me, and the price was great also, some are selling this for twice what I paid from "Bradygames" this is a must have book for all Tomb Raider fans who have bought this game, and let's not forget the gift of the medallion, some have reported this as cheap plastic, it is metal in fact and your kids will fight over it, so good luck with that...seriously this must be on your bookshelf, don't wait until the price rockets upwards
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on 11 May 2013
When it comes to BradyGames I'm normally a bit careful since there have been hits and misses in their guide series.

THIS release however is nothing less than remarkably good, no question. Most pages feature either a white or black background which is fitting for the survival aspect of this game (it looks like pieces of a map). BradyGames weren't cheap with screenshots which is one of the strong aspects: there's dozens of pictures on every page accompanying helpful text to every step of the walkthrough.

Normally they also include a helpful hint for new game aspects and point out difficult or confusing passages. Each area includes a large map which lists every single collectible (includes tombs and challenges) apart from salvage.
This is also my only disappointment in this guide: no salvage marks. Yes, there's a ton of it lieing around but what could be done then is to include a separate map for these. Still this is not a critical weak point fortunately.

The guide keeps a good order and also lists helpful details to Multiplayer and Achievements. Spoilers do appear though by skimming through and taking a look at the wrong picture ("Oh, THAT is happening later on?"). The beginning of each area also has a small list of enemies which should be avoided for the same reason.

So what about the extras with this Limited Edition? The hardcover is very well done and provides sufficient page protection. You also get two extra Multiplayer costumes (the code is at the very end of the guide) which are fine but not great. The last thing is a small pendant included which is a replica of Lara's necklace. This accessory looks and feels a bit cheap in my opinion - it boils down to personal tastes in the end.

Nonetheless this guide is highly recommended for every one out there who wants to get everything (aside from salvage that is). BradyGames did a very good job with this release.
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on 27 July 2015
I bought this guide for my Dad as we have recently built him a gaming PC and his first game to try is Tomb Raider.
I played Tomb Raider myself and used a free online walkthrough. There are some drawbacks to using an online tutorial. It means that you either have to print out the walkthrough or you have to use another device to display it. In my case I used my iPad and it was perfect. However, I thought that it would be nice for my Dad to have this guide as it would be easier for him to use.
The guide is good but there are a few major faults.

This first fault is that it doesn't tell you where all of the collectibles are. It misses out most of the weapon and food caches. It says that there are simply too many to mention. However, the online guides are able to list all of these without an issue.
The second problem is the page layouts. They aren't structured very well and it isn't always clear which section you need to read next.
Lastly. the online guide I use has any dangers written in red text which means that you can see in advance if something is about to jump out at you. This would have been a useful addition in this guide.

Overall it's a good book, but there are several things that could be improved upon and really with so many good free guides available online I feel that this book should have tried a bit harder.
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on 9 April 2013
It was perfect. For the price, It's perfect. You get a lovely necklace which is the same as the one which Lara wears in the game. You get a lovely book with detailed descriptions of the game, secret achievements and relics and its basically a guideline to the game. I completed the game and bought the book after, simply because i wanted to learn more into the game, and the book exactly does that. The necklace is metal on and a rope and is amazing quality. the book is printed on lovely paper and is an amazing collection. The delivery was amazing was 4 days after i bought the product online and was 4 days before the predicted delivery date. I saw the book in Game for £20 there was only one as the product is highly demanded. Therefore this, for cheaper and a guaranteed product is perfect. Im very, very happy with the product. It was a birthday present for me from my mum and would make a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the game and the films.
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on 21 May 2013
Bought this book to go with the new game. This essentially is a guide for XBox and PS players. Being a PC player a lot of the instructions do not apply to PC players. I am not a computer whizz kid, but I do enjoy playing games. With this book it is hard to follow sometimes and I cannot progress with the story
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on 29 October 2013
Brought Game and Strategy Guide too. First time I played Tomb Raider 2013. I like the story and fantastic game, One best game and best action 2013.

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on 17 November 2013
I played this Tomb Raider on steam and I have absolutely loved the multiplayer and finding all the hidden objects. An all together very details guide of the game.
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