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on 20 July 2007
Firstly on the front cover of this guide in the bottom left hand corner the words "Covers Playstation 2 computer entertainment system" are quite clearly printed ... YET the instructions within the book are for PSP consoles and not PS2. Not really a big complaint I know and knowing the controls for the GTA series is pretty easy if you're familiar with the series.
The locations of the red balloons are pretty accurate except for one or two which are still pretty easy to find so I didn't really have any complaints in that department.
It's in the Rampages where this book really falls down, some aren't where the book says they are and some aren't what the book says they are. Two examples of this are Rampage 4 which should be located in a downtown parking lot but isn't anywhere to be seen in that area, I had the blip on the map in the exact right place (Checked and double checked about 10 times), I even had the picture on my TV screen looking exactly like the picture in the book but it definitely ain't there. Another inaccurate one is Rampage one, it's in the right location this time but it has the wrong description, the book states to trash 15 vehicles in two minutes with a Rocket Launcher when in actual fact you have to trash 10 vehicles in two minutes with Molotov cocktails. That was just the first of many inaccurate descriptions I came across, the book says that one is with a sniper rifle when it's actually a Katana and many' many others.
This book should be taken off all store shelves and re-issued with accurate information in it. Come on Brady games, GET A GRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 21 June 2007
Like the previous reviewer I buy the Bradyguides to try and achieve 100% and before now the only big problem I had was in the San Andreas Guide where the Horseshoe map was inaccurate. However this one really does take the biscuit- you have to ask if Tim Bogenn even played the PS2 version of the game. He refers throughout to players entering yellow blips to start a mission when they are pink, two of the red balloons are not where he said they were and in a lot of cases the screenshots beside the discriptions of the locations are mixed up and some of the mission details are wrong as well. He says that Starfish Island cannot be accessed after the first few missions until after the "Zero to Hero" mission which is wrong- it is open all the time. He also says that in Vic's barracks is a power up icon for an assault rifle- it is actually a pistol, and in the mission where Phil helps Vic to break into Fort Baxter there is a whole section dedicated to the player having to find a Linerunner lorry to climb on to get over the wall, when the mission marker is actually on top of a small building you get on to jump the wall.

Overall, perhaps because of the previous high standards Brady guides have encouraged me to expect I was severely disappointed. My first instinct when things aren't where they are is to think I am doing something wrong, so when it turns out the book is the problem then I do feel it was a waste of time and money- there are better red balloon guides (the only reason I really bought it in the first place) for free on the net. If you want help to get 100% go elsewhere.
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on 1 October 2007
While it helps and probably should be around if you want 100%, his guide has enough inaccuracies to question its release with references to PS2. Apparently, they are about 5 more jumps on PS2 versions than PSP, so get ready to look for them. Stare at that motel and billboard in the "south Beach" area as long as you want, those two balloons aren't there. Bottom line, it is riddled with mistakes, and you will have to get still more help online or really spend some time trying to locate the non-mapped balloons, jumps, and oh yeah, it seems a few side missions too.
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on 31 March 2007
If you're like me, you buy these guides to complete the game 100%. I've hardly had a problem with the Bradygames guides before (maybe 1 or 2 secret packages not being in exactly the right place), but this one takes the biscuit.

The guide has not been amended from the PSP guide - DESPITE the fact that there are 5 extra rampages and 6 extra unique jumps on the PS2 version. Also, 1 rampage and 2 red baloons weren't correctly mapped.

To make matters slightly worse, there is no map for the police bribes (as there usually is).

I've bought this from Amazon and I'm seriously considering returning it.
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on 2 October 2010
In light of reviews that i have read and one review saying that the controls were for the PSP format, i would just like to say that when i recieved my version of this strategy guide the controls were for the PS2. Some things were out of place but it was only a few little things and i actually completed the game 100% using this amazing guide book. I really do reccomend buying this guide book and (if unowned) buying all the other GTA guide books.
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on 2 January 2008
Before I bought this book, I had only got to 26% completetion and within a week I had pushed my percentage completed to 74%, so the book was worth its money. Hints and tips were available for each mission, and each and every side-mission.

However, the rampages section was incorrect almost half of the time, which was troublesome because thats the part of the game I struggle with.

To sum up, this book remains brilliant due to its concise detailing of each part of the missions, despite the minor setbacks.

I am more than happy with my purchase of this guide and would urge anyone looking for help with this game to buy this book.
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on 8 December 2006
I bought this guide as VCS is such a new game that online guides are rare so far. The main story missions are explained in general terms and sensible advice is offered to complete them fairly easily. However, the side missions and collectibles sections are where this guide really excels. There are numerous maps showing the locations of all health, armour, police bribes and weapons icons, all side mission locations as well as the locations of all Empire Sites, Unique Stunt Jumps, Rampages and Hidden Packages (in this game, 99 Red Balloons - a tribute to 80s German Pop Idol Nena). However, I suspect the writers of this guide were working from a beta or test version of the game as one or two red balloons are not quite where the guide says they are (though very close by as it goes), and while the Rampages locations are essentially correct, the actual Rampage you get is not as the guide suggests.

Aside from these few errors (which are probably the result of the game-makers tweaking things after testing), I find the guide to be very useful in completing, even 100%ing, the game. The book is large, A4 or slightly larger, the maps are clear and conveniently placed, and very user-friendly overall. I recommend it to all VCS players for the maps alone, well worth the very reasonable price.
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on 2 December 2006
This guide is a "must have" for anyone looking to achieve 100% completion of this game. It gives in depth accounts of all missions as well as the best ways to solve them. Obviously this aspect is a bit of a spoiler but if you are having trouble on a particular mission then it's a god-send.

Not only does this guide cover the main storyline missions it gives locations of all side quests, races and maps for all weapon, balloon and health/armour pick-ups.

The maps of the islands are very detailed and I have not spotted any mistakes (so far) unlike the San Andreas guide. This would make a good gift for any fan of the Grand Theft Auto series.
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on 7 October 2014
Love it
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