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4.6 out of 5 stars631
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2003
Sophie Kinsella is one of my absolute favorite authors of all time. I was excited when "Can You Keep a Secret" came out. Somehow I knew that it would be as good as the Shopaholic series. And I was right! It was a fantastically funny and touching read.
The main character, Emma Corrigan, is your normal 25-year old and somewhat-insecure woman. She is trying to get a promotion at work, has a fantastic boyfriend, and is very happy with life, or so she thinks. On an extremely turbulent flight back from a business trip from Glasgow, Emma's secrets unwillingly spill out to a total stranger next to her. She ends up telling this handsome American stranger nearly every secret she has, and then some. When the plane lands, she is embarrassed but figures she'll never see him again.
When this American stranger ends up being the owner at her job, Emma is mortified and determined to act like nothing happened. But Jack, the American stranger, has other ideas. Emma seems to have touched him in some way. And Emma, who thought she was totally happy with her perfect boyfriend, starts to wonder.
I recommend everyone to read "Can You Keep a Secret" by Sophie Kinsella. It will keep you turning page after page until you finish it; Emma is a delightfully imperfect heroine that many can identify with. Make sure not to miss this fantastic book! Now if Sophie Kinsella can just write books faster...
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on 5 June 2003
OK. So originally I bought this book for some light-hearted entertainment, then I started to read it. I had a serious problem trying to un-glue it from my hands! It was hard to stifle my laughter late at night, tears streaming down my face, reading how the main character's situation unfolds. This cleverly crafted novel gave a temendously touching and close to home situation focussing on that big word in a relationship "trust". Though all your self doubt quickly vanishes when you remember that your life can't really be THAT bad and that it's never too late to start to be truthful to yourself and others. I would recommend anyone to read this book providing they have a long day to read it in or can survive without sleep!
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on 1 September 2007
I love Sophie Kinsella!!

I came across this book by chance and thought the story might have been a bit far fetched, but i'd give it a read anyway.
However I couldn't put it down. Kinsella's style of writing is perfect - any girl/woman can relate to what she says and you feel a real sense of connection with the main character Emma.
I've read it 5 times and it still makes me laugh every time!
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VINE VOICEon 3 June 2004
From the author of the fabulous Shopaholic series comes a new title and cast of characters to love. Emma Corrigan works in the marketing department of Panther Cola, and is quite possibly having one of the worst days of her life.
After being told by her patronising boss that her raise depends on winning over the executives in Glasgow, Emma manages to screw up this sure thing meeting in a fabulous way first she spills cola all over the major investor's designer suit and then she pleads with him not to tell her boss.
The day can't get much worse surely? This witty comedy of manners truly begins when a kind air hostess takes pity on her and upgrades her to first class. When turbulence hits the plane Emma is terrified that this is her last hours and begins to spill all her deepest darkest secrets to the enigmatic American seated next to her.
You cringe along with her as she confesses losing her virginity upstairs while her mum and dad watch Ben Hur downstairs on televison. She lies about her mark in Maths for her job application, she tells the attractive stranger about never orgasming with her boyfriend and even what kind of underwear she prefers.
Predictably this comes back to haunt poor Emma with a vengeance when the enigmatic Yank, Jack turns out to be the CEO of her company on a business evaluation trip. Jack turns Emma's world upside down as she strives to avoid him and he takes great delight in teasing her with her darkest secrets, but their mutual attraction eventually leads to them getting together.
This is a cut above the usual chick lit fare, Emma is a realistic and sympathetic character who has the usual insecurities about her body and work position and her flatmates are a hoot.
Jack and Emma's romance soon loses it's rosey glow when Jack blabs Emma's secrets on nationwide TV revealing all of her foibles for all to see. Although a frothy read it does have it's more serious points about how by hiding embarrassing faults from the ones you love can be more damaging than honesty.
It's a fun and at times quite touching read especially when Emma's relationship with her parents improves thanks to Jack's speech of how they always valued her distant cousin more. If there is anything to criticise in this book it's that Jack's elusive secret that he hides from Emma is in fact quite anticlimactic. Nonetheless the fledgling relationship between Jack and Emma sparkles and I found myself liking Jack more than Kinsella's other hero Luke.
It would be nice if Kinsella focused on these characters for a series of their own.
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on 23 March 2003
Sophie Kinsella's "Can You Keep a Secret" is a good example of its genre, and had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion.
The tale centres around scatty but likeable Emma Corrigan, who, when she finds herself staring death in the face on a nightmare plane journey, spills out all her best-kept secrets to the stranger in the next seat.
Fortunately, the plane eventualy lands safely and Emma puts the incident to the back of her mind. However, she cannot do so for long because, out of the blue, the stranger turns up again - and proves to have an excellent memory.
The plot is loose but the reader's attention is held by the excellent characterization of Emma. You find yourself laughing at her exploits but also acknowledging that there is more than a bit of yourself in Emma.
Funny and touching, "Can You Keep a Secret" would be an excellent holiday read.
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on 27 March 2003
This novel is really enjoyable, hilarious, and a must read for your easter. Its name truly reflects the plot which is excellent. Unlike most books that you can predict from the start, this book makes you eager to know what the secret is. Also, the plot is very difficult to guess so it makes you go on reading every single page. In addition, this book is complete as it has answers for all your curiousities throughout the book. You will be delighted when you can get even to a bad girl who causes your life miserable.
Furthermore, although this book is like the second book of Sophie Kinsella after a long serie of Shopaholic, she managed well to differentiate the characters and flow of the story. So it is definitely not another shopaholic book with a different name. Count me in as a member of Sophie Kinsella fan club!
However, I am quite upset when the secret is revealed. It is nonsense and should not be that "BIG SECRET" to keep the story goes on. Otherwise, it would be rated 5 stars.
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Oh Wow ! I did't realise what a treat I was in for. This is the first book to make me laugh out loud for a long time. I haven't read any others by Sophie Kinsella and from the appearance of the cover it looked like the usual `chick-lit' that's ok to read on holiday etc. It is definitely `chick-lit' but is of the more exceptionally humorous kind, I just couldn't put it down. The story is good, with loads of true to life characters and it puts the reader in a really happy mood. A very enjoyable quick read.
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on 1 April 2003
A devotee of Becky Bloomwood (the Shopaholic series) I couldn't wait to read about Emma's exploits in "Can you keep a secret?" ... and I can't wait for this series to take off either!
Typified as Chick-Lit, but Kinsella is cooler than that. Her style of writing is so engrossing you forget to complete assignments, forget to get out of bed on a Sunday morning, forget to contact friends until the very last sentence has been breathed out. THEN you contact friends to delight over Emma Corrigan and her secrets (which you discover are pretty similar to the ones you've been harbouring for years!)
Sharp -- observant -- funny, intelligent, delightful, crazy, selfish. All words that you'll be described as when you pass the book on to friends (selfish because you took almost 18 hours to read it, when they wanted it).
Forget Helen Fielding - we want Kinsella at the movies!
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on 14 August 2007
This isn't my type of book at all but I needed something light for a change, after struggling with the last few books.
My goodness what a surprise! - I couldn't wait to get back to this book each time, to find out what happens next, and laugh,grimace and smirk with each crazy turn of this tale.
A feelgood book that is nicely written - you feel you're right in there with Emma at every turn.
Great fun!
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on 29 March 2003
The bestselling author of the famous Shopaholic series brings us a new heroine to love....Emma is most of us women - she has a few secrets - however, what Emma does that is probably quite different than most of us is share them on a plane with a stranger who inevitably turns out to be her boss. A boss, who may have a few secrets of his own! If you loved the writing in the Shopaholic series, you will recognize the same comforting self-depracating main character in this book as well. I was excited to read this new book which won't be available in the US until next year - but was well worth the airmail costs. Ms. Kinsella has a talent for creating characters that we can emphasize with and who are very similar to us, or someone who would be our best friend. While "Shopaholic Ties the Knot" is my favorite book from this author, I still enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next book by Sophie Kinsella, maybe it will be about Emma and her life after disclosing all her secrets!
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