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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars61
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 June 2010
Tarot itself is beyond awesome. I've been keeping an eye out for the artist's work since 2005, not long after she first started on the project. Her artwork is beautiful -- the colour is rich and blend into each other in subtle shades, the lines are flowing and the curves are just stunning.

However, the printing doesn't do it justice -- the standard size cards are a little too small, and details end up getting lost -- you could see the originals on her website, it's much larger, so it would have been nice if the cards are printed say, at twice the standard sizing.

The book is sufficient for someone who's never done a tarot reading before -- but I'm not planning on using these cards for readings; they're just too beautiful for any wear and tear.

Lastly, Amazon ships this in a normal book cardboard sleeve, but the case itself is not fully filled out, so it WILL get at least a creased corner, or in my case, a whole side squashed. I do hope Amazon takes some care in packaging this in the future -- the case itself is quite pretty as well so it's not that pleasant to receive a squashed case.
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on 11 May 2010
Over the years I have owned many decks of Tarot cards and gradually these have been replaced by Angel cards. Stephanie's cards have a unique, light and airy feeling, with a higher vibration than many tarot cards - for example for "Death" she uses the story of the pheonix, and the image itself dances lightly across the card.... it is not dark and melancholic. At last after many years I am happy to return to using the tarot as a tool for enlightenment, because these cards truly are on a "good vibration". The illustrations are amazing - such a flow of artistry through every card is enriching and inspiring in itself - a wonderfully gifted artist. Finally - would I recommend? A million times over.... thankyou Stephanie!
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on 25 February 2013
This lovely deck is a wonderful piece of artwork, I adore this deck to bits. However, and I am having the same thoughts I have seen from other people, I am unhappy about the deck size, it is crammed onto such a little card, fair enough it was perfect for the Enchanted oracle (another Llewellyn deck I own), but a bigger deck size is needed.

On the other negative side, still, when you get the deck, the deck is in a plastic bag, there is no actually bag where you can keep your deck from going all over the box. Again, my Enchanted oracle is the same, you get it in a wrapping and you are basically alone for the storage of the cards. Llewellyn must use the same card stock for all their cards as it does feel a familiar deck that way.

Going to the positives, this is my "fairy tarot deck." and I just adore the artwork, if the cards were the same size roughly as they are in the book, we (he readers) will all be saved from fatigue trying to work with busy cards. The artwork is adorable and so unique. Just a shame Llewellyn have decided to destroy the experience somewhat. I am not buying anymore decks from Llewellyn as I am really disappointed. La Scarabeo yes, Llewellyn no.

I feel sorry for the lovely Ms Law. :(
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on 23 November 2014
The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, as expected from this artist. The card designs are very easy to read, especially intuitively, most of the images are sublime with a really etheric feel & very easy to connect to. The book is one of the best included with a deck. So why was I so disappointed when they arrived? The cards are very small & do not do justice to the amazing artwork, because you can't see it! Well not the detail, which is important in reading these. Also they are so thin, they will become damaged very quickly, I'm not sure whether to describe them as thin card or thick paper! This is by no means one of the cheapest decks, so you expect quality cards, not the cheap cards you get. This deck does not do justice to the very talented Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, or her exquisite artwork. If the cards had been usual tarot size & of better quality, they would without doubt be my favourite deck. Sadly my disappointment in the size & quality totally ruins my reading experience & I find I just don't want to use them :-( So a waste of money really, what use is a deck you don't use?
Please make a revised edition with bigger & better quality cards. With these I feel someone is laughing all the way to the bank, but I doubt it's the artist
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on 30 May 2010
I came across this Tarot by chance, and was intantly intrigued by the images. I am not usually a fan of the 'fantasy' tarot decks, but this one seemed different...I spent an hour on the artist's website looking at the imagery, and I was sold. I bought it immediately. On doing my first reading, I got some amazing results. My most dreaded card came up, in both readings, and in the very positions that I would absolutely shake in my boots to see it in before. However, this time, I was not bothered. Stephanie's interpretation of the card is not the traditional image, and in fact, the image that she used reminds me of a favourite childhood story, which tells one exactly how to avoid such a fate!! Another card in the deck, the 8 of Pentacles, features a spider in a beautiful web rather than the more traditional craftsman at his workbench. This also had an interesting effect...I hate and fear spiders intensely, and I ususally won't even look at them in books, but I was really intrigued by the image on the card, and had a long meditation on the diligence and determination needed to craft such a thing as a web. I never would have given much thought to the fellow at this workbench--that's just some craftsman at work, not such an evocative image. Really a mind-altering experience.
I must agree, however, with the above reviewer who noted that the colours are fuzzy and the images not very clear...I was very disappointed in this aspect of the deck. I would love to see these cards done in a larger size, in order to show off the amazingly rich detail and the luminous, jewel-like colours that Stephanie used. That having been said, it certainly doesn't detract from the experience of using the cards. Paired with the companion book, which has poetic and almost dreamlike descriptions of the cards by the artist (and larger, clearerr images of the cards (sadly only in black and white)), The Shadowscapes Tarot is a joy to use, and a must-have in any tarot collection. I am looking very mush forward to doing my daily readings with this stunning deck.
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on 11 May 2010
Totally agree with Alleycat. It is a wonderfully light deck, the art throughout feels light, airy and positive.
The cards feel as though they are flying through the Fool's journey and I too love the Death card with the history of the Phoenix journey through death and rebirth, wonderfully depicted and illustrated.
I love it!
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on 29 September 2013
This deck is my personal favourite, instantly friendly and the artistry and symbolism is astonishingly intricate and beautiful, I really do like 'pretty' decks but am often deterred as its very easy to be distracted by such, not so with these for me, instead I find that the images on each card compel me to really focus and help me to provide better readings. The deck is just so friendly and is very direct, even a quick single card reading can just jump out at you with a good lengthy intricate answer if you so wish. despite the intricacy of the images I think this deck would be very suitable for beginners and advanced users alike, they are very much a one off.

The accompanying book is simply astonishing, each card image is reproduced in black & white coupled with a bit of back story and then divinatory meaning. As some have said the book meanings are more positive than negative but good interpretation will easily accommodate this, there are also no reverse meanings which again good interpretation can easily accommodate for should you use such technique.

I do have a couple of niggles though: the inner box for the deck is simply way oversized and flimsy making it no use, especially as the cardstock is rather flimsy. Don't get me wrong, the deck handles really well and the coating is very smooth without being glossy and that alone is a major positive but could deter some from regularly using the cards as it also makes them feel flimsy given how thin the cardstock is.

I would recommend this deck and book without hesitation to anyone regardless of skill level but I would also highly recommend purchasing a decent bag/box to store the cards in.
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on 31 May 2011
I was so curious to see this deck. I've bought a number of books and decks in which Barbara Moore is a co-author, always to my satisfaction, and I adore this type or art, so hard to pass up !! I have a large number of decks, but the Shadowscapes tarot deck does stand out amongst them. The artistry is really beautiful. Outstanding even ... one tiny thing I feel I need to mention, is that I find the cards a little on the thin side. I'm one of those *shufflers* and so need to go carefully to not crease or crush, so in itself I would have liked the cards to be a bit more sturdy, still that doesn't take away, from finding the deck incredibly beautiful, the artwork awesome and a true joy to own !!
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on 12 January 2013
It has heightened my understanding and appreciation of the tarot. Unlike other decks it moves away a bit from the standard depictions but the little booklet explains everything, it describes a lot of the cards using stories and poetry which I really liked and I think this actually enhanced my understanding of their meaning. I use these now more than any other deck I own, not only do I find I get a clearer understand of what each card means but the descriptions in the book are so uplifting and empowering (yes, even on the less pleasant cards!) that they just make me feel better every time I use them (usually when I have a dilemma and want a bit of insight into the situation)
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on 28 July 2011
These Tarot are amazing, and they really talk to me, I feel an amazing energy from them and I love just looking at the cards themselves. the illustrations are beautiful and very descriptive as images.

The book is very helpful and although the use of these cards should be to those who have a little experience with tarot in general as the pictures can sometimes be difficult to interpret. But in all honesty I didn't have much if any experience with tarot, and I use the book a lot of the time, they definitely work for me.

Amazing set, would recommend to friends and anyone looking at beautiful tarot card packs...
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