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3.5 out of 5 stars44
3.5 out of 5 stars
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This novel was a bit of a mixed bag for me but on the whole I enjoyed it.

The positives - Alan Hruska is a good writer and the story was fast paced; it kept me hooked, reading late into the night so easily finished it within a couple of days and all in all was happy with the ending.

The negatives - the level of coincidences needed to make this plot successful were not realistic. Written firmly from the male prospective; Rick Cornish is such a catch he literally has beautiful women throwing themselves at him throughout the book which brings me neatly on to my biggest niggle. The women in this book have been brutally raped but there are no emotions attached to these events at all; with at least one victim managing to fall for Rick at a time when I would suspect most women in this position would be off men for quite sometime.
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VINE VOICEon 12 March 2012
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This legal thriller starts from an interesting premise - a successful Manhattan prosecutor, at the top of his game just hired on at the District Attorney's office. He's essentially a good man, well-liked by colleagues of even brief acquaintance, and a stand up ex-husband to his kids and former wife. However, he has this problem - he blacks out under stress. His life is turned upside-down when he is `fingered' for a series of brutal rapes. Our protagonist Rick just happens to know all but one of the women who've been assaulted in New York and nearby New Jersey, and except for the very first victim, investment banker Diane Nethersong, they all stand ready to testify that their assailant was him. The accusations from all these women; are hard to take, but none harder or should we say harder to believe than that of his ex-wife Ali. With his career in the toilet and his arrest only hours away Rick decides on radical action.
However, the tale deteriorates thanks to a number of groan-inducing clichés. As we delve into Illogical plot developments, that mar this mystery, a debut novel from film director and once former lawyer Hruska.

The feel and set up of the Mise en scène are with a movie in mind and seems to read more like draft script, and this makes the reader feel like they didn't get to know or care about the protagonist too much, as action takes over from storytelling. Hence this novel comes off quite disappointing.
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I got straight into this book which ripped along at a great pace. I liked the clipped New York dialogue and the deepening plot. However, I became weary of the fact that everyone was beautiful, smart and had an amazing body. Then there was a plethora of normal people being revealed as warped sexual deviants. No-one ever seemed to suffer traumatic after effects of violent assault, and there were far too many co-incidences. Whilst most of the book was played out over a short time period, ten months was crammed into a couple of paragraphs towards the end, which I found irritating.

However, the narrative was compelling and well-written, and I reluctantly found myself sticking with it into the early hours to finish it quickly. For me, this book promised something which it failed to deliver - a believable plot. Too far fetched and left me wondering what exactly is the role of the legal system in New York?
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on 15 March 2012
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Rick Corinth's legal career is on an upward trajectory and he is a dead cert to be the next New York County District Attorney. He still loves his ex-wife - and their two young children - and he lives on in hope that one day they'll get back together again.

Then gradually, his life falls apart. A particularly nasty rapist is operating and what's more, all the victims are known to Corinth. When police find evidence implicating him and the women themselves point the finger, he has to drop out of sight for a while and try to establish the killer's identity himself...

The author takes a common enough theme - `the wronged man' and infuses it with his own zesty, literate writing. He doesn't try to hide his unoriginal plot - even giving his book the hyper-literal title 'Wrong Man Running' - yet he still serves up a couple of really good twists, and manages to keep the reader guessing whether Corinth has actually committed the deeds or not, and if he hasn't, who has?

Alan Hruska is a previously published writer - the writing here is too slick, too well-honed for a debut author - and he ties up ALL those little niggly loose ends that lesser writers hope you'll have forgotten about or haven't noticed.

Lee Child has great things to say about the book, and while it has the taint of hyperbole, I certainly agree that this is an expertly constructed and immensely clever novel that will appeal to crime readers of both sexes - although I dare say it WON'T satisfy the Martina Cole brigade.
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on 15 April 2013
Wrong man running is a strange book. The story is very compelling and kept me guessing right until the end but at times the writing and realism leaves a little to be desired. The plot follows an American Lawyer who is suspected of being behind a number of violent rapes. He swears that he is innocent the evidence against him keeps getting stronger...

All in all this was a good book with what I thought was a very strong story to tell. The writing at times was erratic and the conversations were hard to follow but these are minor complaints. The biggest issue I had was that the actions of the police at times seemed very unrealistic. I personally prefer more realism than was used at times.

Despite this I found this book to be overall a good reading experience. I would recommend it to friends but with a warning that you have to at times ignore some very strange police work.
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VINE VOICEon 3 October 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I read a review somewhere else of this book that said "Sometimes I wonder when I finish a book why I picked it up in the first place. This was one of those times." And I have to agree.

Rick is a high flying lawyer whose career is on the up and up. His boss is aging and he is set to take over his role. What could possibly go wrong? When a series of rapes occur to women he knows he is suspected of the crimes. Inexplicably he flees, making him seem even guiltier, but if he hadn't there wouldn't have been a book! The book revolves around Rick's attempts to find the real perpetrator.
The characters are flat and unbelievable - all wealthy and gorgeous and there isn't what feels like a real person in there. The story is mildly gripping but the story hangs on too many flukes and twists that are just unrealistic. The novel is ok if you are looking to totally suspend disbelief for a while and just while away a few hours but if you want a good read, borrow this and spend your money elsewhere!
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on 20 October 2014
Agree with others, just too implausible. Pace varies, starts slow, livens up then gets bogged down. Lots of unlikely circumstaces, such as our hero being invariably identified as a rapist by a succession of people who know him, but based on no obvious evidence other than a lopsided walk and maybe his aftershave. And if thats enough to convict, then the US legal system is worse than the Soviet. Have they never heard of DNA? Not a mention of it.
Bit predictable - guessed very early on who the true villain was likely to be, based on no evidence at all! And the end was a real mishmash. Could do better
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VINE VOICEon 16 May 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Rape is a very serious crime affecting many women (and men) every day. This book, although very clever in its concept, (of a brilliant prosecutor now on the run from accusations of rape that he was investigating) poses more than the mere question of "did he commit these sadistic rapes?".

Rick Cornish, up and comming DA suffers from blackouts and without a doubt likes women! The "victims" do not come over as convincing - they are all intelligent, stunning women, drawn from his own circle - but the after effcts of rape are traumatic, no matter what level of intelligence or background. This is lacking in the book and frankly I was disenchanted. The writing was fluent, the basic concept good but the victims characters flawed. Sorry Alan, but you must see this from a woman's prespective. This is a touchy subject and is not dealt with in an empathetic way. Rick is far more concerned with his own feelings than the victims. Too many conincidences also spoiled the reality. Disappointing. Wrong Man Running
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are a number of problems with Alan Hruska's 'Wrong Man Running'. The absurd plot takes suspension of disbelief to extreme lengths, and only creaks along with aid of fantastic coincidences and the fact that just about every character knows every other character prior to the start of the book; quite remarkable in a city the size of New York. There is not a single believable character in the book, and the women are especially poor creations, for each is a magnificent physical specimen who wants to bed our hero Rick Corinth; it is a 14-year old boy's fantasy of womankind.

Corinth is accused of a serious of very serious sexual assaults, although the word 'Wrong' in the title kinda gives the game away, and goes on the run. We the readers are meant to spot who the guilty party is, but the final answer, stretched out over countless pages of tedium, will have you groaning at the sheer silliness of it and setting the book aside with a very let-down feeling.

Three words: Avoid This Book
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on 7 June 2014
Like other reviewers, I found this plot ridiculously unbelievable. Which was a shame as I really enjoyed the writing style. It fair gallops along and is extremely easy to read, but dear me, a man falsely accused of violent rape, victims certain it's him but happy to spend time in his company ... Alone! In fact, one victim even becoming his sidekick when he attempts to track down the real culprit. Like I say, far fetched. I'm giving it three stars because it was easy to read, and I didn't abandon it before the end.
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