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4.7 out of 5 stars70
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 February 2002
For six months I struggled with panic disorder. I didn't understand what my body was doing to me. I though that I was going completely mad. As well as counselling and taking anti-depressants I read as much as I could on the subject to try and understand what I was going through.
Eventually I came across this book by Dr Weekes. She explained clearly that every physical sensation I was experiencing was due to my oversensitized nerves. How my panic/anxiety attacks were not something that my body was just doing for no reason at all, but that by changing my reaction to them I could feel that I wasn't in the grips of something uncontrollable.
To understand why my head felt spacy, why my arms would tingle, why my heart would race were the most helpful pieces of advice I had been given. To really understand that I wasn't going to die, collapse or go mad helped with the fear - fear cycle and this was the first step to my recovery
This book helps you to 'own' your anxiety. Dr Weekes shares many helpful case studies and the book is full of practical advice to help you though those awful feelings. She really makes you feel that you are not on your own, destined to a life of anxiety or pill popping.
There is no overnight cure, but please try this book. You CAN take control and given time you WILL get through this.
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on 25 July 2013
Been suffering from anxiety and stress for months following death of my mum, husband in hospital twice and my own health problems from a bout of glandular fever. I was getting all sorts of weird symptoms - pain in fingers and toes, pins and needles all over my body, palpitations, numbness, muscle spasms, restless legs and more. Was convinced I had MS, Parkinsons or Motor Neurone. Doctor was convinced it was all anxiety based but sent me for all kinds of tests to rule out anything major. Bought this book and found every symptom I had was due to anxiety and over production of adrenalin. Once I knew the cause of all my symptoms, I stopped worrying about them and they disappeared. Yes, I have the occasional setback but I just read parts of the book again to remind me about the effects of adrenalin.
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on 15 April 2008
This book is still as good for today, as when it was first written! Dr Weekes KNOWS what you are going through - and seems to be the only person throughout my 40 years of suffering and failed therapies, who does. Most importantly, she clearly shows you the way forward. While some may or may not be relevant to you, there is so much of her description that brings you to tears of relief that your symptoms are 'normal' and you CAN recover. Whether you have mild fatigue... or serious breakdown, please read her works and your subsequent understanding, will be your most powerful weapon. Good luck!
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on 8 April 2008
Buy this book if you suffer with any form of anxiety! I have read this book many times and found it to be invaluable. The book helps you to understand why you are feeling the way you do. It also helps to know that what you are experiencing is being felt by many people and you are not "going mad". If you buy one book on anxiety buy this one!
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on 23 June 2009
The fatigue was unbelievable, I felt demotivated and cornered by my anxiety. Every time I tried to fight my way out I would end up worse off literally flattened and exhausted. My family could see my deterioration but I felt powerless to stop it. I stumbled upon the work of Dr Claire Weekes and although my concentration was poor I read and read until her messages started to sink in.

You're not going to like what she says because there is no magic cure or foolproof methods. There is just us and our anxiety, however with this book for guidance one will recover. This book explains the sometimes baffling symptoms that accompany any anxious condition. For me it was the unpredictability of it all, fine today in the horrors tomorrow. I needed to accept it and go with it. The chapter on coping with setbacks proved to be invaluable, in fact you will find no better book than this. If you need good honest advice and information buy this book.
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on 27 September 2010
Together with her book 'Self Help with your Nerves' Dr Claire Weekes has written one of the most understanding books I have ever read for people who suffer from anxiety and worry. Every page you read speaks to you, and just about each page you read you feel yourself gasp 'Oh goodness yes that is just what I was thinking' and you feel so relieved you are not the only person in the world who feels that way about a certain thing.
She is nothing short of a lifesaver for thousands of people all over the world who struggle to get through their lives everyday whilst living with anxiety, stress and depression.
The only downside of Dr Weekes book is that it is an object of its time, in that it speaks often of the 'housewife' trying to prepare dinner for her husband, and the busy male executive going to work. But putting this aside everything else hits the nail on the head shining a spotlight on the misery so many of us put ourselves through as we desperately try to live normal lives whilst crippled with anxiety and depression.
Through lessons, journals, notes and practical help she tells us to let panic do its worst, tells how to 'float' through our fear and not to fight it, because the more we fight it, the sicker we become, and the more stress becomes our boss, and runs our lives. And tells us to let time pass, let nature heal. This sounds simplistic, she makes no apology, this is no easy ride. But she is there with us, understanding, helping. Always there.
And for those who have no family who understand or friends to help she speaks of us and how lonely anxiety can be, she knows, and gives words of encouragement, it can be done alone and beaten alone she says. She is right.
A wonderful lady, a lifesaving book. The day the world lost Dr Weekes it lost a heroine.
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on 25 February 2001
I have only recently started to read this book, but, having suffered from anxiety for some years am already beginning to see results. Dr. Weekes explains the reasons behind the problems with such straight-forwardness and I can now see how I have been previously been making myself worse when I thought I was doing the right things! I really recommend getting this book ~ what's a few pound when it can change your life!
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on 4 March 2009
This book has helped me so much! I am taking baby steps still, but gradually building up my confidence using the simple techniques that she suggests. I stayed out of the house for 7 hours the other day! I longest i had been out of the house in the months before reading this book was about an hour.

She takes a very down to earth approach, and isn't at all patronising, as i have found some doctors to be! She constantly repeats the steps that you need to take, which is brilliant, because now, when i start to panic, the advice is so firmly ingrained in my head, that i automatically relax my body.

It definitely isn't an overnight fix. But it has certainly given me more freedom and confidence. You definitely can get better! I am on the right path now, you can do it too.
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on 31 December 2010
I have just noticed from my Amazon account page that I purchased this book in 2003! I am so pleased to see that only this year others have made the same purchase and have benefitted as much I have did and, indeed, continue to do. I agree with the other reviewer that the time during which Dr Weekes was writing her book (the 1960's to 80's) has long gone, but the way in which the old nerves can play up certainly hasn't changed one bit. I recently wrote a review of Dr Tim Cantopher's excellent book, Depression - the Curse of the Strong. It is another marvellous publication and has the advantage of being written in more modern times. In that review, I tried to describe the true horror of a nervous breakdown and I also gave full credit to Dr Weekes for seeing me through the very early days with her book "Self Help for your Nerves". I still keep a copy of "Essential Help..." in my bedside cabinet. It is so worn out, and dog eared, and the pages are falling to bits, but it is still there. I am long recovered but, as anyone who has once suffered nervous collapse or depression will know, setbacks can occur if you overdo things. I have had a couple of setbacks recently, but was able to tootle along comfortable in the knowledge that they would pass. The book in the bedside cabinet was a great comfort to me just before going off to sleep, nighttime always having been my worst time during any setbacks. It was a particularly stressful time, and I am really pleased how I managed to cope with it. I have bought many copies of Dr Weekes's books - for the psychiatric ward of the hospital in which I was treated (very well, I have to say), for friends, and friends of friends, whom I have learned have been suffering in the way I did. I have yet to hear any negative comments. Dr Weeke's methods are simple, but not easy as she said herself, and there is no quick cure. It is amazing, however, that by just changing your attitude to the illness - no matter how utterly ghastly you feel - you really can start on that road to recovery.
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on 3 September 2010
Having suffered from panic disorder & agoraphobia for nearly thirty years, I have read a library of self-help books and had every treatment available. This book is without doubt the best and most insightful book I have read. Dr Weekes books stay by my bedside & I refer to them whenever I need reassurance. Having recently suffered a complete breakdown this book has become my "bible". I really would urge anyone suffering from anxiety conditions to buy this book. Good luck.
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