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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars270
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2008
I picked up this book second-hand in a charity shop last week and was a bit sceptical because this is obviously a book which was written many years ago. However as soon as I started reading it, like other reviewers here, I found immediate comfort and an accurate description of my symptoms and the causes of the physical sensations. My own GP has been totally unhelpful and I feel like taking a copy of this book into his surgery and urging him to recommend it to others.

Within a few chapters I was already able to face up to my irrational fears and start dealing with them and am astounded at how quickly I have started to recover. This book is immensely helpful and reassuring and I am rapidly returning to the strong, confident, cheerful person I was before I started suffering from anxiety attacks. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

(Update: 3 March 2010)
This book is still on my bedside table and goes with me when I travel. It has been so valuable whenever I have had a setback or renewed fears and has always provided comfort, sustenance and reassurance to the extent that I now rarely have to refer to it. But the surprising thing is that on those rare occasions that I do pick it up, it always seems to give me the boost I need to set me back on track again.

Buying this book was one of the best things I ever did.
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on 14 March 2006
I have lent my copy of this book to God-Knows-How-Many people who were experiencing "nervous" illness, and they have ALL said how wonderful the book is.
You will not find a better explanation of what is going on and why - which is the secret to getting well.
Trust me, this book can change your life.
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on 29 May 2006
Having suffered with nerves and depression most of my life, i have tried everything available. Without a doubt this book is the best help i have ever had! It will become your bible.
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on 26 February 2005
This book was recommneded to me and I'm so glad I bought it. I've had it a couple of years now and straight away it stopped me being scared of the more constant physical symptoms and that alone gave me confidence. The panic part is a bit harder and I do still have to work on that from time to time but each time I do I read the book again, going over the paticular bits I find comforting.
I've bought a few books now by other writers and while they were not too bad this really has to be the definitive book on this subject she just seems know exactly how we all feel and I wonder if we all feel bits of the book are written just for us - its amazing her understanding and she just instills confidence and hope all through the book. I have also recently bought another title by her 'Essential help for your nerves' a two part volume and if agoraphobia is of interest to you then she covers this very well in that.
The style of writing is straightforward and reassuring and will appeal to men just as much as women as it sticks to the point and all feels so sensible.
It would be great if the tapes she has made were more readily available and maybe put onto CD as I would like to try those too to keep reinforcing the solutions at any time when I'm not feeling 'sensible'.
I really can't recommend this book highly enough.
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on 21 October 2001
I had a serious breakdown 20 years ago.My anxiety was complicated by addiction to tranquilizers . This Claire Weekes book was totally responsible for my complete, yes complete recovery.I improved 50% the day I read it!Then, I put her techniques into practice and over time I became a better person than I had ever been. I went on to do a Phd in Veterinary science, had a successful research career and have now run a successful business for the past 13 years.Before this book I had visited Psychiatrists, Psychologists, counsellors, healers etc,etc, for 2-3 years, to no avail. For 3 months before reading this "bible" I couldnt even go to work, couldnt sleep, eat etc.Then my miracle happened, I found Claire. I have since "healed" many friends and colleagues,by presenting and explaining this book. So if you have anxiety Please Please use this book. You can and will recover completely. I know,I did.Love to Claire
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on 6 January 2004
Before I read this book I was so deeply depressed that I lived in an unreal world and lost to my family and friends with racing thoughts which eventually slowed to a constant groove with the same thoughts going over and over in my mind and the fear that came with those thoughts made me want to 'leave' my living hell for over two years. I was lost in depair and had no hope of ever being myself again and so very, very afraid. I constantly searched for the way out of my living hell and had lost hope until I found this book in my local library. Within minutes of opening it, my world changed. There it was! my illness unravelled before my eyes.This book saved me from a living hell and if you are constantly searching for the way out of your living hell, a hell which has taken you out of the world around you and into your own... this book is what you are searching for.
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on 5 November 1999
Having endured agoraphobia for over eight years, a friend sent me a copy of Self help for your nerves , by Dr Claire Weekes,Wham ,it read as if i personally had written it,so accurate and concise were the feelings this surely had to be written by someone who had a great knowledge of what is life or, rather near death feelings, like this is it!!I have been cured now over seven years but still refer on the odd occasions to my "bible",it is like being let out of prison literally! I have passed grade three on the organ, worked for seven years on the computers at tesco distribution ,passed ballroom dancing cups, and am now 54! years young, you will as well.anyone wishing to contact me ,please do so on Dr Claire Weekes, sincerest thanks for giving me back my life.
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on 15 April 2002
This book saved me - no exaggeration. I am a 'big bloke', considered mentally strong by friends, yet when I started getting panic attacks and panic disorder, I watched my life go down the pan, destroyed. Claire Weekes' book described exactly what I was experienceing and showed me how to deal with it. I am now cured, enjoying life once more - being normal.
Do not dimiss this book, like I did when a friend first recommended it, as a typical 'new-age' self help book. Just read it. If you do as she says you cannot help but be cured, as far-fetched as that might seem to you now. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anybody suffering from panic, anxiety, stress or 'nerves'.
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on 2 September 2012
I bought this book while suffering from extreme anxiety. When I started reading it I thought, "This book was written about me"! All my thoughts and symptoms were in this book! It made me realise I wasn't the only one to feel this way and gave me hope I could get through it. It gave explanations for a variety of anxiety symptoms which helped me to realise what I was going through was normal and could be overcome.

This book was written a long long time ago and it is very evident as you read it. It talks about just taking more tablets if things get too hard rather than talking about CBT or counselling. It refers several times to electric shock treatment which quite frankly frightened the hell out of me! I subsequently crossed through any chapters referring to it so as to not read it again.

I have read certain chapters of this book several times and did find it very useful but I do feel it should be updated in line with current treatment options rather than tell you to take a sedative any time things get tough. Certain parts of this book were just fantastic and others were quite awful. Certainly a book for dipping into the parts relevant to you not as an entire read.
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on 15 February 2006
This book is truly great. I have been suffering from anxiety problems for around 7 months and was even diagnosed with depression and was put on anti depressants by an uninformed doctor! I was feeling separate from the rest of the world and just 'going through the motions', and felt no affection for my friends, family or even my boyfriend. This worried me more and more - I thought I was going mad! This book however tells you that to feel connected with the world again is simply a matter of trusting that you can stop worrying without your world falling apart - in fact you'll attain a level of inner calm that you may have forgotten existed inside you. Not only goes the teaching in this book help you 'float' out of your current state of mind, it also arms you with the ability to cope with future stressful situations.
An excellent book and I think could be a life saver - literally. A book that I would also recomend if you are suffering from anxiety or depression (or both) is; 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. I think this book complements 'Self help for your nerves' as it goes into more deeply why there is in fact nothing to worry about/be unhappy about at all!
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