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4.7 out of 5 stars48
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 November 2003
This is a good book about what happens after you die. It will answer almost all your questions about this subject, although I have found it hard to believe in at first, because it is just too much information to take in at once. What I really found to be the most attractive feature of this book is that it has the dialogues of the author with the spirits, so you can take your own conclusions from them.
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on 5 August 2007
Newcomers to Dolores Cannon's work might find this book a bit of a challenge, not only from a personal belief point of view, but also from some of the subject material presented in the book. Ideally, it should be read from start to finish, but you can "dip-in" to individual chapters... but, please, do go back and read the bits you have missed out. It really needs to be read as a whole in order to understand some of the more complex material. Some may find the experience completely overwhelming... and/or too much of a challenge to long-held beliefs (or non-beliefs)... while others will be quite happy to accept the various ideas as fact (whether they are or not). If nothing else, it makes you think. There is obviously more to life and death than we will ever know.
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on 9 November 1999
Do babies choose their parents? What happens if you murder someone? Is there a heaven or a hell? The answers to all these questions and a whole lot more are here - if you believe. If you don't believe, or if you are not sure, then read it. There is much wisdom in this book and life (and death) make a whole lot more sense to me now. I can't wait for the next volume!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 September 2010
First I must say that the subtitle of this book is a misnomer, since it comprises conversations with not one spirit but many spirits. But this is a minor issue.

The book presents conversations between Cannon and various regressed subjects about the death experience, the "greeters", a near death experience, the "schools", "the grand tour", different levels of existence, so-called "bad" lives, guides, God and Jesus, Satan, possession and demons, ghosts and poltergeists, planning and preparation, the general council, imprinting, walk-ins and the return trip. What more could you want to know about? - this is pretty comprehensive information.

Re the grand tour, here we are introduced to the Temple of Wisdom Complex on the spirit plane, which contains the Temple of Healing, the Tapestry Room and the Library. Souls passing over are cleansed by means of various coloured lights in the Temple of Healing, and even souls still in the physical body can visit here and be healed. The tapestry is ALIVE and shows all lives that have ever been lived, each life represented by a thread in the tapestry. It shows how all souls are connected, how all lives are interwoven. "The absolute oneness of Humanity is represented by the Tapestry." The tapestry feels extremely familiar to me - I feel strongly affected emotionally by its description in the book. I seem to remember actually seeing it, perhaps in a dream. The library is another amazing place, containing knowledge about all subjects. We learn about the various astral planes - lower, middle and upper. Most souls come to the mid-astral plane.

In the chapter on different levels of existence, we learn that the level of the Earth is considered a fifth level, while you find elementals on the first level, these containing a basic energy of pure emotions and energies. However, they have a "remarkable" future. The second level contains beings that are protectors of the trees and hills. I can't find anything about the third and fourth levels. I find this chapter slightly confusing.

The chapter entitled "Imprinting" presents a totally new concept for me. Imprinting is withdrawing information about the past life experiences of others and having this information imprinted on one's soul. The imprint would feel as though one had actually experienced the life in question. These "fake" (my appellation) past life experiences provide the person with a point of reference, something to relate to. The regressed subject states "If one were to come to this planet without the aid of imprints, we would be totally lost."

Re walk-ins, Cannon also presents me personally with slightly more information than I previously had. The exchange of souls referred to in this phenomenon is something agreed to by both parties, the soul that wants out because, for example, it feels that it has taken on more than it can manage, and the incoming soul. The point of the walk-in experience as opposed to the person just "dying" in the usual way, is that the body is not sacrificed. (There is no need to do so, when there's nothing wrong with it.) What was new for me was the statement that "the person. the physical entity" is generally unaware of the change of souls. The memories of the previous soul have "been absorbed, so you ARE that person." Bargains made by the previous soul are fulfilled by the incoming soul, since if certain obligations were not met, this would affect too many lives. But the new soul does not "carry the records" of the previous soul's other incarnations, only its own. I find it fascinating that the physical entity is not conscious of having acquired another soul (and lost its previous one). In the case presented for us, the subject stated subsequent to the regression that she felt she was the same person, though her parents remarked that she had changed in the year following the soul transfer.

The book contains much that I haven't even touched upon. I strongly advise you to read it. It offers valuable knowledge, though less voluminous than many of Cannon's other books.
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on 3 November 2011
Although life in Forks can be challenging at times, what with Werewolves and Vampires running around, I feel my eyes have been opened these last couple of years and I've had to keep an open mind to things I never knew existed. So when I stumbled across a Dolores Cannon book called Between Death and Life I thought maybe it was a work of fiction or something that help me with my current dilemma with Edward and go well with milk and cookies.
Only as I delved deeper between the pages I realised I was reading real life accounts of people having amazing pre life, death experiences and post life memories. This book is brilliantly written and the author makes you ask yourself some pretty interesting questions. If you have no belief in a god, higher state of being and not a spiritual bone in your body then you'll love Dolores Cannon for her amazing life story that is presented to you at the beginning of every book and you'll be enthralled at the capability of the human imagination.
But if your like me you'll feel only one thing, like you're waking up from a dream you've had and long forgotten. Rumour has it there are some tribes who, when a child is born, encourage the infant to remember his or her past life as this may hold clues to the souls journey in this new body and reveal the true meaning and purpose of this life. Have YOU ever had a dream you thought was so real?
According to Einstein we live in a realm that includes up to nine other dimentions, that all is energy and that time, past, present and future is playing out all at once.
It's food for thought, not all is as it appears to be. I like the idea of asking questions about my existance and not relying on one opinion but gathering many and making an informed choice about my spiritual future.

'The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.' Albert Einstein
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on 8 February 2012
I bought this book after reading the convoluted books and once again is beautifully written. This is a lovely book to open your eyes to what happens on our deaths, and what life is like in between lives. If you are of the opinion that once we die that is it then think again, for our soul never dies, we just cast off our bodies/costumes and continue on. Dolores does a brilliant job allaying any fears one has about the spirit world, she dispels any myths that have been circulated about hell, there is no hell,[if one chooses to believe in hell then that is what they will see, briefly..Until the soul realises what silly people we were to take life so seriously] for we are very muched loved by those who watch out for us through life, and how we prepare for our next incarnations, the contracts we have with other souls, soul groups and our reasons for being here. Its not essential for anyone to have a regression for this book to benefit for it covers everything, this authors style of writing is easy to read and there is something for everyone so to speak.
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on 27 April 2010
Do you believe in reincarnation or life after death (or more accurately, existence between earth lives)? The concept seems hard to comprehend in our western world-view dominated by scientific fact and supposition, but if you do you are in good company, even Christianity alluded to it up until 450 years ago. Delores Cannon channels information from spirit side via hypnotic regression with facts from enlightened spirits telling us about how it all works and how things really are: we are spiritual beings living a brief physical existence in human vehicles on the earth plane, choosing to reincarnate in order to continue our learning. Earth is not the only proving ground, with endless other 'earths' providing similar physical worlds to learn. This book covers a lot of your basic questions and much more and has a cohesive and radical view on what its all about.

I find Cannon's style intriguing but heavy going, but the content is worthwhile and deserves our perseverance. We all have past lives - research it, have a regression, I did and was amazed, and outside of personal experience there is a wealth of upstanding evidence supporting its existence. The truth is really there to be discovered. I totally believe this is the way it is and this book should be read by all as you may find it uplifting to know that a passed friend or loved one are not that far away. This simple book may well change your outlook on life.
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on 3 April 2012
This book answers many questions about the spiritual realm and covers lots of topics. The format of 'question, answer, question, answer' takes a little getting used to, but overall it is a fascinating read.
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on 1 August 2010
The information written in this book could be regarded as just too incredible to be true. However, you may just question your beliefs or, hopefully, reinforce them by the end page.
Previous reviews on this book, before my inadequate ramblings on this subject, give an excellent mental picture of what's in store within the pages. Many questions we've all wanted the answers to and it's here for the reading now. For less than £10 !!
A wonderful, conforting and exciting book.
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on 17 December 2014
Between Death & Life: Conversations With A Spirit by Dolores Cannon opens with her take on the death experience (pages 1-18). Viewpoint of “schools” in the spirit realm though obviously not in same exact sense of how an earth based school is. Page 61 also touches on the delicate/controversial topic of why the spirits of some men and women voluntarily choose to be born with certain body, mind, and learning conditions. The Grand Tour (pages 62-87) and where issues become highly delicate such as in the handling of bad lives (pages 110-131) and ghosts/poltergeists (pages 169-178).
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