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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars81
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 2004
Don't be put off by the emphasis of bait digging in other reviews; this book is NOT just about bait digging! This has to be one of the best introductory books on sea angling ever. Everything a novice needs to know is in here, with details on species of fish, where to look for them, how to fish for them, how to keep safe, what to wear, and even how to cook your catch. Yes, it's clear this book was first published a while ago, and the 70's style b&w line drawings might put some off. However, basic as they may be, these line drawings are clear and still give a wealth of info on useful stuff like how to tie knots, rigs, etc. The only downside is a lack of colour pictures to help you identify what you've caught, but it's a minor thing. If you want to try sea fishing but don't know where to start then this book is the next best thing to joining a club and asking for advice. If you really want a book on bait digging then look no further than the Sea Angler book on Bait & Rigs, which is also very new and full of photos.
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on 1 February 2010
Bought this book despite some of the more negative bait-digging obsessed reviews previously.

Basic 1970s styled design with line drawings and text, but what more do you want or need? To many books are glossy, full colour and of little information. This one is the opposite being full of useful information, tips, guides and sound advice.

As a recent returner to sea fishing having not done so since my youth, it was good to brush up on forgotten techniques and jargon, refreshing my memory on many things. I also learned some new things.

In short, an excellent basic introduction to see fishing in a no-nonsense style with good information and a great price tag.
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on 16 January 2012
Right you look up this book, see it has 26 reviews all pretty good, and then you see a negative review further down and think well this guy is obviously in the minority.

Don't think that. I have bought about 12 books on sea fishing from Amazon as I have recently taken up the sport, and this to be frank is the worst of the lot. Truly, it is so bad I have been inspired to lengthen this review just to ward anyone off making the same mistake and shelling out for this. I think the other reviewers must be bonkers.

The book was written 1985. The diagrams, tactics and narrative have apparently not changed since then. The book devotes an entire two paragraphs to explaining the tides and the affect this has on fish, when this is perhaps the most important part of sea fishing. Then we delve into the species list, which has diagrams a child could draw better as to what the fishes look like. No photographs or colour, just drab hand drawn diagrams throughout. Want to know the difference between a dab and a flounder? No chance here. Unbelievably it even has a badly drawn biro picture of some cliffs and the sea and has the cheek to provide the caption 'Huge cliffs and rocks on the north coast of Wales'. The author might have easily written 'Huge cliffs and rocks on the moon' for all the picture actually tells us.

Then we get into the types of tackle you should use. Nothing about rotten bottoms, breakaway leads or grippers (these obviously weren't invented in 1985), just merely a load of straight running lead pictures and paternosters. You shouldn't use knotted paternosters in the sea as this badly twists the line. We have crimps beads and Amnesia snoods these days to combat this, but don't expect to find any information about these here. Want to know the advantages of multiplier reels over fixed spools? Satisfy you thirst for knowledge with the 100 words on this subject on page 67. Oh and want to know about the advantages of braided line over mono? Sorry, again this didn't exist in 1985.

In a word, its rubbish. I have to say that the best book for sea fishing beginners is Sea Fishing (River Cottage Handbook). It absolutely smashes this book, has colour photographs, covers modern tactics in simple style for beginners and has extensive sections on gutting and skinning fish for the table along with great receipes. This one book alone has led to me catching huge bags of fish in the first two months of taking up the sport. Get it. Just don't waste your hard earned money on this.
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on 3 August 2008
i bought this book 3 years ago with no knowlage of fishing at all! bought a rod and reel using the guidelines in the book and went fishing, every time i went fishing i took it with me (it stinks of fish now).3 years later and i still have the book in my bag as i travel all over the uk fishing totaly hooked!! (pardon the pun)
it is a book perfect for the novice, with detailed information on whare to catch, rigs to use, bait to use and what time of year to fish for each species, and whether or not you can eat it. when you first pick it up it feels about 30 years old with all the pictures hand drawn in black felt tip! but that just means you can stick it in your bag not worry about it getting tatty!!
so my verdict is if you want to learn how to sea fish (and why wouldnt you)than get this book!
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on 7 June 2006
This is a fine book that I bought from Amazon after a local tackle shop told me there were no introductory sea fishing books available. It certainly gets you to the stage where you can walk into a tackle shop and not feel an utter idiot.

It covers (as far as I can see) all the basics that you might need. It may also be enough to take you on to higher levels, but I don't have the experience yet to say so.

As for previous bait-digging comments (that almost put me off), the bait digging section is just ten pages out of 124 - and a very useful ten pages at that.

In terms of value for money, I think it would be hard to beat this book.
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on 31 July 2008
Jack aged 15 wrote this review:
Fishing is my favourite hobby, and this book was easy to read and understand.
It has good pictures along with hints and tips and there is a good section on tying knots which I have now learnt how to tie and have helped when I have been fishing.
A really good point is that the sentences are not too long but still remain informative.
It also shows you what different fish look like and would help identify a fish if you caught one.
I think this book would be good for ages 11 and upwards and for girls as well as boys. I also think that it is a good read for experienced fishermen too.
I rate this book 9/10
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on 9 January 2008
Its is a good first book to read. It seems a little dated and the drawings are a little crude but dont let that put you off.

This book explains what time of year, what type of bait, what type of ground and what rig to use to target different fish. It explains a few basic rigs that anyone could make. This book covers just enough to get you going and make you feel confident that you will catch a fish.
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on 20 June 2004
A useful book that would benefit from being better presented. I had looked at this in book shops and not bought it mainly due to the presentation. Having bought it from Amazon because it was cheap, I am surprised how good it is. The information is invaluable, especially if, like me, you are a novice. Do not be put off by the poor presentation or print quality.
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on 20 August 2013
I have no problems with the supplier, the goods were delivered quickly and the condition was virtually new.

However, the content was very poor. As a technical guide to Sea Fishing it failed, in my opinion, on most
levels. Priority was given to describing the species of fish in the sea. If I had wanted this information I would
have bought a nature book on fish. There was very little information on equipment, on lures, on rigs, on knots
etc., etc. which is why I bought the book in the first place.
I will have to buy another book which actually contains some technical information and gives some sound advice,
which "Sea Fishing Properly Explained" does not.
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on 10 December 2004
Ok, so the presentation is a little dated. It is also fairly basic and a bit general BUT what do you expect for the price. To my mind it is a good place to start. Books dont catch fish, but the basics as outlined in this mini tome will.
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