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3.9 out of 5 stars37
3.9 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 January 2013
Where Chef's Eat is a guide to restaurants from around the world that has been recommended by famous and respected chefs. Over 400 chefs are listed at the front with their backgrounds (including their own restaurant) and their recommendations. Each sections is relatively brief.
The guide is then split into different geographical locations with recommendations in each area. If its a city then there is a map of that area as well (not a very useful map to be honest). The recommendations are categorised as follows
Breakfast - self explanatory
Late Night - for late opening and hunger pangs
Regular Neighbourhood - Round the corner from the chef and good for regular eating
Local Favourite - The best in town
Bargain - Food on a budget
High End - Special occasion eating with a high price tag
Wish I'd Opened - The places the chef's wish they had opened
Worth The Travel - This is really worth seeking out and going to (not always in remote places either)

I like this guide as it isn't too heavily centred on any geographic area (for instance I have found a few for my trip to Bali this summer). However, the listings don't give enough information at times (how much is expensive?) and not all listings have a write up (some have a line from the chef and other have nothing at all). There is usually a phone number or website so you can get around that. Also it can be a little difficult to navigate at times. There are indexes for each area and type of food which is useful though.

I am pleased I bought this and its very useful if you travel. Obviously it may become out of date quite quickly which is a concern. But for me its a good reference and I will definitely be checking out a few of the listings either here in the UK or on my travels.
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on 8 January 2013
Super quirky.. with recommendations which you may not see in your usual guides.I'm sure i'll be using it,a lot, since you shouldnt be able to get better restaurant recommendations. BUT

Its a great idea .. but handled so badly by the publisher. It has the feel of a piece of work rushed out for a deadline. The problem? Its referencing... Say i'm going to Nantes in France.. and would like to see if there's any restaurants suggested... you cant.. Its index is done by restaurant and then by titles, such as "worth travelling for" by country!!!!! not city... So then you have to go back to the main text and look through the whole of the French section (ex Paris) to see if there's any recommended in Nantes.. And there wasnt... Its also really badly set out.. nothing stands out and its printed on poor quality "blotting paper" ..which if taken outside your house will be in pieces in the first breeze, (mine has already had 2 pages come loose and i've only had it 24hrs!) the total opposite in presentation to the once great Michelin Guides.
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on 17 November 2013
I made the mistake of buying the book and the iPhone app. as my foodie enthusiasm knows no bounds. The major mistake is that this book recommends some restaurants that are really not worthy of being mentioned in a food guide especially one that purports to follow the advice of professional cooks. i base this on having tried a few restaurants in London, Florence, Zurich and Barcelona. The second flaw is that outside of places like London it is very thin and fails to uncover gems that foodies know about. In Switzerland for instance it is practically useless at knowing where to go. Personally I think recommending a 3 star restaurant that is simply described as expensive is ridiculous in that 'expensive' turns out to be about $400 per head - I fail to see how any chef would afford to go there unless he was some celeb and even then... My copy will be on Amazon Marketplace in a few clicks
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on 16 February 2015
Decent overview but I've generally found that the locals know better. Spain is criminally under represented. The only restaurant in Galicia at Santiago de Compostela is on a street almost two kilometres long that has nothing but restaurants, many with the seafood dancing about in tanks in the windows. The recommended place is at the end of the street - you wouldn't make it there as you are waylaid all the way along by restaurant owners almost begging you to come in and try their place instead. We eventually succumbed to 'El Rapido' just 400 yards short of target, on the basis that 'if we didn't like it we didn't have to pay' and I'm glad we did because NOTHING could suprpass that magnificent meal. Best advice - go to where you want to be, ask for directions to the recommended restaurant and be prepared to take local advice when they say 'don't go there, try X instead'.
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on 18 December 2014
Great book to use to list all the posh places you plan on eating in. There aren't review in here really though, more a list of places with a short synopsis of each place. If used in conjunction with tripadviser then it is a handy book.
Most of the places listed seem pretty expensive unfortunately.
The cover is a lot more exciting then it is inside, I had expected far more exciting little snippets of info about each place, and remarks from the chefs who selected them.
Good stocking filler present.
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on 6 March 2014
Really like the design and that's why I bought it in a first place. About the content: it’s like the cover says, where chefs like to eat in different places of the world. There are no photos or illustrations. Some people are missing those in reviews but I think that the photos would break the book’s concept. BUT there could be something more on the text side…

This book isn’t heavy but it’s still too big for me to pack or carry with when going abroad but I might take some notes from it.
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on 19 February 2013
I ordered this book despite some bad reviews as I wanted to familiarise myself with the content. The book has very little informative value except for such location as London & UK. The remaining countries are presented poorly; chosen places are by far not the places for true food lovers. I have travelled much and researched this area and can honestly say that the recommendations given in this book are not always for the "hidden" food gems, or not for the gems at all! When given an evaluation for what the restaurant is famous for or recommended for, most of the time the author writes "worth the travel". What kind of information is that? Indexing is very poor too: you can only search for places by page. But If you want to know about the places in a given city, then you need to refer to the index in the beginning of the book where some countries are grouped in chapters... I do not recomend this book to any serious food lovers and travellers.
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on 7 February 2013
When I read about places I know, agree a bit, disagree a bit more. If it is so for places I don't know, I will not take the recommendations too seriously. On the other hand, it can be an inspiration for reading about your next destination.
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on 17 January 2014
This is a really good book - but I wasn't aware is was International!!!

It has about 24 pages for London/UK but as it's about 6/8 recommendations per page I think it's quite good!

It has a brief description, i.e. cost, cuisine, website etc
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on 11 June 2014
I've visited a few of the places and they have all been very good. It doesn't bring you to the same level as a local as there are places that it misses out. However for the price I doubt there is anything better... this thing covers most major global cities!
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