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on 8 August 1999
After reading some of the other reviews, I can not understand how anyone could read this book in its entirety and NOT get help. There is so much wisdom offered here, so much help for everyday living. Chapters on such things as Relationships, Addiction, Power, Illusion, Choice, - all of the issues that we all so regularly have trouble dealing with.
I have read the author's other books and have seen him speak many times. Believe me, he is not in this for the money. As a matter of fact, he is the most loving, unpretentious man I have ever met. He wrote this book because he has a strong heart-felt desire TO HELP PEOPLE UNDERSTAND, and he has devoted his life to this purpose. He was a suffering human being,in great emotional pain, until he was blessed with the experiences and divine guidance that changed his life.
All that he wishes to accomplish in this book, is to share with others what he now knows to be his own personal spiritual truth. It transformed his life, and if your heart and spirit are open, it can do the same for you.
Please judge this book on its own merit. He has written it in a way that it is clearly understandable, offering his love and wisdom to those of all faiths. You are free to accept only whatever you find that rings true in your own heart and soul, but there is so much insight here.
To say that it transformed my life is putting it mildly. I have given away numerous copies of this book to friends and relatives and most have come to view it as a treasure. Hope you will find that it will mean as much to you.
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on 17 March 2002
I am so glad I read this book.
In a fast modern world full of day to day pressures we all need reminding that a change in attitude can change your life and this book, so beautifully written, guides you with love, compassion and understanding to a greater view of our tiny lives.
Gary Zukav caters for the merely curious to those already on the seekers path and as such I think everyone will finish this book feeling hope and encouraged to move forward in their life.
An excellent book - buy, learn, enjoy, and make a difference!!
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on 30 October 2000
I agree with a reviewer above that this book is not easy on the head; I,too, have read many, many books on this subject. I was familiar with the author from the Oprah show, and really enjoy him and his theories. However, as familiar as I am with this subject, I had to re-read certain passages many, many times to totally understand and digest the message. What is missing in this book is the personal touch, and the personal stories that are available in his appearances on the Oprah show. Actually, each time that Oprah refers to this book as her "favourite", (which of course is VERY influential ) I feel that she should add a word to beware the reader...I was impressed however with the level of intelligence and thinking pattern. I look forward to "Soul Stories". Perhaps this new book will fill in the blanks that "Seat Of The Soul" did not fill...
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on 7 November 1999
This is probably one of the most prolific books that I have EVER read. Gary Zukov has masterfully explained, in readable terms, the mysteries of what one cannot see, touch, hear, smell and taste. Anyone who grew up in the Bible Belt of Texas, as I did, will understand the mental, emotional and spiritual straight-jacket that permeates ones mindset about moving through life with spiritual baggage. This book has allowed me to grow spiritually. It opened my eyes to the more important's focus, one's consciousness about everything one does. My fear in picking up the book was that it would grate against my fundamental spiritual beliefs - quite the contrary - it has enhanced my spirituality and brought me to a peaceful place with a sense of spiritual hope for my future and my children's. It really is a must-read for those looking for 'that missing something' that one cannot quite articulate. Gary has put into words what I have felt and had no idea what 'IT' was, for years. I am sure there are many people who will feel the sense of peace, hope, and joy that I have, through reading this book combined with faith and an open mind. I re-read it and it was like reading a whole new book the second time - and I believe reading it many more times will bring much more to light to my consciousness in my quest to learn Life's Lesson's within God's Plan.
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on 5 September 2003
This in my opinion is a life changing book. If you want to know the meaning of life, then this book is for you. It is not a light read by any means. You will have be ready to open your mind and be prepaired to ditch all of your preconceptions about life and the universe. If you have lost a loved one and need reassurance, or keep saying "Why does this always happen to me? Look no further.
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on 6 March 2000
I don't read books much, I am too impatient, however the seat of the soul changed all that. Why do humans want to hurt each other? 'Religious War?' Why do you do what you do every day/year? What is it leading to? Why do you assume that your viewpoint is right? I found this book to be very thought provoking, because something would happen to me in life I might consider unfair, which would make me question why that had just happened, but my thoughts would return to the book, and I would look at situations from a different perspective, and generally work out the answers for myself. Which is a very satisfying achievement.
I found one underlying message from the book to be - whatever situation or set of circumstances you find yourself in adult life, which will therefore affect the way you feel emotionally, remeber one thing - you put yourself there, and you are the only person who can put the wheels into motion to change that, depending on how much you really want to change that.
As mentionned by other reviewers, the text is in plain english, however, I sometimes had to read the same page 2 or 3 times to let the message sink in, which obviously takes longer to read, but it was so worth it, because my friends now ask me to explain to them what their next possible move in one area of their life could be, which fills me with joy to think that the books teaching's are being passed on tho those who would not normally bother to spend time learning about - the path to enlightenment...
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on 29 August 1999
Not unlike many ideas that are provocative, this narrative compels one to have faith, accept and/or be willing to seriously consider the notions put forward in this book. If you are unwilling to do so, I advise that you move quickly on. This book is an organized stream of intuitive contiousness. I enjoyed it because it provided a clear framework for something that I already beleive. How many of us would have read, understood and beleived Einstein's theory of relativity in 1949? I found the book inspirational. It's ideas resonate with my experience and intuitive belief. However, for those tightly bound to rationality and the "have to see it to beleive it crowd", it does not prove the case. It postulates a notion. My strong christian faith was not offended by the New Age rhetorical style. However, this is not a book for one who seeks rationaly revealed truth or biblical submission. If you know what prayer is all about, then this book may prompt you to new heights of awareness. If you already beleive and understand the many writings, reflections and declarations on the Aquarian Age and New Age Spirituality, then this book puts many of those ideas into a consistant and intuitive, if not fully rational, framework. Most importantly, it brings the message of Unconditional Love to a world that is skeptical, crass, and far too devoid of messages of True Joy. It moves with grace to address and enlighten many questions related to the nature of our existence and why we as humanity exist at all.
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on 30 September 2013
In the past, spirituality and indeed Buddhism, have been grounded in the theoretical - in the soul. Accounts of enlightenment made by those seeking truth within are abound in history. All have a common theme, the answers come from within. Over the last century science has revealed some interesting facts about brain function and physics which seemingly have no earthly explanations. This book is one attempt at connecting the scientific and psychological with the spiritual. In my opinion there are several unexplained sentences in this book, several unexplained theories and concepts. But then again, there are many unexplained events related to our biology and psychological decision making which have escaped scientific explanation for centuries.

For me, where this book excels is in its explanation of spiritual relationships and authentic power.

Pick up this book if you want to understand more about spiritual power and external power, pick up this book if you want to learn how to become more connected with your soul and your partner.

Don't pick up this book if you are looking to find facts and scientific proofs, it is not there yet, neither is spirituality as a subject, as it is still in the phase of trying to prove that the earth is round, so to speak.
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on 20 January 1999
How somebody who wrote a book such as The Dancing Wu Li Masters could write a book that is a babble of poorly understood Eastern religions is baffling. He makes bold statements about the soul as if he had been in conference with some Higher Power and gotten the inside scoop. That may have worked for Moses, but Zukav lacks the validity of the burning bush and a couple of stone tablets. His ideology is also remarkably disconnected from the earth and all of God's other creatures, which I find peculiar in light of our long American tradition of deep connections with both. He claims animals don't have individual souls as humans do. I think it's swell he has chosen to believe this, but that so many people are accepting his own quirky thoughts as gospel is astonishing. It also makes me wonder what direction those who follow his thoughts will take when it comes to compassion for our fellow creatures. I'm just not getting what makes him such an authority on who's got the souls and who doesn't, and what shape the soul takes in those who have them. But perhaps most baffling of all is that Oprah Winfrey--during her interview with Mr. Zukav, whose book she claims to have read--equated the Golden Rule with Zukav's definition of Karma and he agreed. Huh? They aren't even close. It made me very suspicious of both Zukav's motives as well as Oprah's memory. Zukav dictates and never questions, which I've always been taught was the way of the fool. He speaks with authority, yet never bows to the great voices of authority of the past. His is a New Age stew with too much spice and far too few veggies.
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on 29 August 2000
Although I have read many books with a similar content to The Seat of The Soul, I found this particular book somewhat hard to digest. I think for some people the book would be heavy going and too complicated. My advice would be to start reading more simplified books on spirituality, and then move up to this one.
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