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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars52
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 November 2006
I have numerous books on feng shui, by different authors.But this one has got to be the best yet,very easy to understand added with some humour + you can start to implement some of the things mentioned in the book straight away with things that you have in the home already, to get your Feng Shui to work immediately.An example for your prosperity corner a purple lava lamp & anything green-green to get out of the red.It is a book that you can refer to again & again.I cannot put my book down as it is now my favourite book-I highly reccomend it.
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on 19 June 2012
This book can be a stepping stone for beginners, but after further research into the topic I have found it to be quite misleading. It should really be titled "The Western approach to the Ba Gua". Let me explain:

Apparently there is no one method of Feng Shui which is more correct than others, but research would suggest otherwise. One aspect of Feng Shui is the ancient art of using space wisely, by intelligently placing objects in harmony to gain positive results in life. (The important word here is "ancient", and its also important to note that I wrote "one aspect", as Feng Shui is so much more than this). It's a tried and tested method that's been used for thousands of years. The ancient method is known as the Compass School of Feng Shui, where the Ba Gua (a grid) is placed over the floorplan based on the building's orientation. The theory is that each direction is auspicious to particular aspects of life (Career, Health, etc).

The school of thought used in this book however is what can only be described as the "door school of Feng Shui". This is a modern / Western approach (almost exclusively adopted in America) so I'm guessing was made up in the 20th century. And yes I said "made up". This approach places the Ba Gua over the floorplan based on the Career Gua being orientated with the entrance of the building, regardless of the direction. In my opinion this approach is seriously flawed, and has probably only been adopted in the West because it's easier to do and makes Feng Shui more accessible to the masses. If the front door is South facing and you use the method in this book, this would mean the colours, shapes, materials, numbers, and most importantly, the auspicious direction are all wrong for this Gua, not to mention the entire Ba Gua itself, since North is the auspicious direction for Career. You might as well use a roulette wheel to orientate the Ba Gua (at least you might win some money at the same time!).

Writers have made a lot of money by dumbing down the topic, convincing the reader that Feng Shui is easily achieved by simply changing curtains to purple, and hey presto you're going to be rich! And this book is crammed full of this type of advice. Research the different methods of Feng Shui yourself for free online and if you feel the Door method works for you then that's great.

Feng Shui is a wonderfully complex system, which takes into account common sense and intuition too. But it is what it is. Time's change, the world changes, and architecture varies, but the principles of Feng Shui do not. As mentioned earlier the Ba Gua is only one aspect of Feng Shui but this book would have you believe it is Feng Shui, and more frustratingly it hasn't even got that right! If you are serious about learning it, learn it properly. It's complicated, it's hard to get to grips with, and it's not easy.... but that's Feng Shui!
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on 25 June 2007
Great book and have passed on some tips to friends with the outcome of two houses being sold after being on the market for months, one career getting of the starting block - so far!! Hey it can't hurt :-)
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on 14 January 2002
I am a feng Shui Practitioner and this book is on my list of first recomendations for clients.
It is easy to understand and choc full of good practical and simple ideas as well as having alot of deeper feng shui symbolism
Simply Brilliant wish I was recieving commision for the number I have reccomended!!!!
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on 18 February 2011
After reading the previous reviews I had a feeling this book would appeal to me. I decided to look into Feng Shui after hearing a well known British business woman who swears that it changed her life for the better and made her the person she is today.

I recently moved house, and since moving every aspect of my life seems to have gone downhill. After reading the first half of this book (not being able to put it down) so much has already been explained. The reason my work relationships are suffering? I still have three huge boxes of "junk" in my living room, which happens to be the Fame and Reputation Bagua of my home. These are being sorted through today.

The reason I have barely enough money to get by. I've been redecorating the Prosperity and Family Baguas for the past 4 months. It's time to get these rooms completed.

The best thing about this book is it doesn't make you feel like you have to pressure yourself into doing something this second. The Author gently nudges you in the right direction and slowly fills you with a happy, vibrant feeling that grows into this massive urge to get-the-hell-up-and-move-something-now!

Because everything is so thoroughly but simply explained I now know exactly how to decorate my utility room and kitchen... this isn't to say you are going to have to redecorate or reassign the rooms in your house. You make this book work for you in your own way.

My mum wants to borrow this from me and I a loathe to part with it. So I'll be buying another one to gift to my mother for Mothering Sunday.

The most amazing change has been my attitude. I feel so much more positive and excited all the time. It's wonderful to look at my drab home and see what it's going to be in a short matter of time. And I finally know what colour curtains to buy for my dining room!!
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on 12 April 2007
If you want a handy, easy and practical introduction to Feng Shui then this is the finest book out there. My copy has been dog-eared and lent to loads of friends with the request to please return it as I use it all the time. The advice is so well laid out, and it is meant for the layman without complicated jargon of any sort. The sections are covered and well organised too, so you can read the book from start to finish, or dip into the sections you feel are most important for the time of reading. And the best part is that after the basics are covered, Carter points the way to crank up the speed of the energy with useful tips on intention, visualisation and more.

I highly recommend this book and think that this should be the first book on Feng Shui that anyone ever reads.
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on 5 September 2009
Since I got this book, it never leaves my hand. I follow what it said and strangely things started to change in a number of ways (to the better). This book is easy to read and the cure is easy to apply. I feel I have so much power and confidence to handle everything. It is difficult to explain in words. I think the best way is to read this book and you will understand what I mean. I highly recommend this book to anyone.
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on 6 June 2010
I literary have read like 6 Feng shui related books and this one is the best. Only with this book I finally got to understand the whole "space and orientation" issues that was very confusing while reading other books. And the most important you don't need to actually built another home to make feng shui work for you( because most of the books are wrote the way that you feel you need to rebuilt you house); this book is based on simply reposition stuff in your "old" home or even a room like I am doing it. Finally I don't need to read 5 different books and also google stuff, I read this book and put stickers in it, made notes and I return to it anytime I need help. I highly recommend this book! The easiest one to understand and the best one I've read so far.
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on 1 October 2011
Though I never enjoy criticizing those who are trying to produce quality work and assist others, I'm going to have to here.
Feng Shui is NOT about areas within a bagua concerning wealth, children etc. Feng Shui is a very specific and scientific discipline, Baguas are an aspect to the formulas involved, but Feng Shui should be given the respect it deserves and not turned into a mind-magic game as this is. Don't get me wrong, I was fooled years ago when I began my voyage into Taoist esoteric paradigms, and there are many other fake Feng Shui books out there also.
But this is not Feng Shui at all unfortunately, it's 80's pseudo black-hat Feng Shui and has pretty much nothing in common with the traditional methods for harnessing geomagnetic and astrological Chi specific to the directionality of the building.

For those who wish to learn Feng Shui there are books out there: Stephen Skinner, Eva Wong, Joseph Yu, and David Twicken are excellent, as is Joey Yap. These books are concerned with Feng Shui, the methods in this book are not.

I'm not making this up, if your'e reading this review and you don't own a Feng Shui book, buy one of the above, it's a fascinating and extremely satisfying life-changing understanding. If you already have the book, join the mug-club (I have a membership from years ago)
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on 2 July 2012
got this book when wy wife pissed off and left me, i done loads of stuff in it and really did work i kept my head above water with money then found new love, i cant compare it to any other feng shui book though, i moved back with my parents so cant really practise it anymore but will in the future i got my m8 the same book off here and he loves it too if your wanting to do it then get this book, its the vibraions off what you do what make it work hope this helps somone.
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