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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 1999
This is an easy to read book, with carefully explained examples. It was the perfect book for me, since I appraoched ASP with no previous experiece. The examples covered all relate to common uses of ASP - database access, creating a 'shoping cart', tracking user sessions etc. I used this book to get me going, and ASP In A Nutshell once I was more at home with ASP.
The one possible drawback is that ASP in 24 hours charges through the basics of VB script - some sort more extensive reference of components and operators would have been helpful, esspecially for those of you like me with no Visual Basic experience.
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on 5 November 1999
I looked around for a book to give an introduction to Active Server Pages, and this fitted the bill precisely. No assumptions are made (apart from VBScript - see below) and the text is pitched at just the right level. Each chapter/hour introduced a new topic, explained it, gave examples (which can be downloaded from SAMS site) and a summary. I thought that the quizzes at the end of each chapter were a little silly, though.
You could argue that the book did not go into enough depth in some places, but if the depth had been added it would not have been a 24 hours book. This is an introduction only, so look elsewhere (e.g. WROX books) if you want a fully blown, albeit more expensive, exposure to the subject.
A word of caution - all of the examples are in VBScript. This seems reasonable as it is relatively easy to translate between VBScipt and JScript. There is a quick quide to VBScript which I made use of (I'm a C++/Java developer), and I did not have any problems at all.
All in all, though, it completely fulfilled the promise of the title in that I learned a great deal about ASP in the alloted 24 hours, and deployed some of them on the web in the next 48 hours (e.g. automatic email responses to client queries, which is courteous and expected in the current eBusiness climate). Hence the full five crowns (or stars if you're on the U.S. site).
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on 30 June 1999
In the past, I have not been that impressed with books published by SAMS; however, this is an exception. I almost canceled my order because they missed the initial publication date, but I am so glad I didn't.
I have quite a bit of experience with HTML and DHTML, but have avoided ASP technology. While this book is rated for beginners, it covers everything I needed and a whole lot more... stuff like XML, configuring IIS, security blah blah blah... it exceeded my expectations by a lot. I plan to use it as reference material for ASP, IIS and security features.
If you are a beginner, or a little more advanced, and want to know everything about ASP++, but don't want to read thousands of pages... get this book!
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on 14 September 1999
Reasonably good read. Don't know how it compares to other beginner's books on the subject, but I think I would buy it again with foresight. However, some very annoying parts 1)It should warn you that you need ought to buy a book on VBScript to accompany it 2)JScript is avoided like the plague 3)Why does it bother mentioning XML? Has the author written a book on XML and is hoping you're gonna go and buy it because of the tiny little taster he gives you? and 4)Hour 24: Foundations for a Web Store should be renamed Hour 24: Annoying the reader. This hour is another little taster, that just aggravates.
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on 16 July 2004
In spite of the many positive reviews this book has received I would agree with those reviewers who said the book is not for beginners. The Introduction to Hour 12 is a case in point, promising to be "a breather after the difficult hour" on sending e-mail. In fact it turns out to be turgid in the extreme and full of irritating, hip computerese. A MUCH better introduction in my opinion in the same series is 'Teach Yourself Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 days' where the emphasis is on the code and not self-congratulatory, "look, aren't I clever" use of technical language. This book's a raspberry. .... sorry!
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on 12 May 2000
I have found that this book has consistently failed to provide what I need, when I need it. Even simple features are made cryptic. I am on a strict timetable, and cannot afford to waste a lot of time learning this. As a result I have found everything I need from other sources. It is absolutely useless as a reference book.
The logo says 'for when you only have time for the answers'- If thats true I suggest you look elsewhere, it's quicker.
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on 3 July 2003
This is an excellent book. 3 years ago I used this to get into the ASP buisness and I refer to it even now. Clear cut examples in a concise yet explanatory style and at a good price (for copmputer books). I am training my someone in ASP and this is the book I got for them. Its one of those books you would recommend to a person and stump up the money up fornt because you know they will find it valuable.
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on 1 March 2000
I brought this book to help me get a brief understanding of using ASP pages with databases. This is to help me with my final project for my degree. I think that the book is great for beginners. But what I really would like to know is how you go about setting up an ODBC connection or any connection to a database on my ISP's web space? Anybody with any thoughts please e-mail me. Cheers
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on 6 March 2000
Nice easy introduction into taking advantage of ASP. Shows you how to, get Windows 95 or NT to run your ASP, start accessing and manipulating databases (Access, SQLServer), personalising pages, and processing forms within hours.
Proffessional ASP 2.0 by Wrox will consolidate the knowledge base you gain from this book and start pointing you in ways to expand on them.
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on 14 July 1999
An excellent guide for the beginner! Very good step-by-step setup instructions for setting up a web server on Windoze 95/98/NT. Good introduction to VBScript and excellent examples. And the publisher saves you money by NOT including a CD-ROM, which is most often useless with other books.
Very highly recommended to beginners.
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