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on 26 February 2004
This was amongst the first star trek books that i had read featuring the Voyager crew. Jeri Taylor as she did in the Pathways novel, dosent just recite the main facts about a character, she shows how it helped mould them. Its akin to the story of throwing a rock in a lake, although you cant see the rock in the water, you know the lake has changed, even if its just a little and wont be the same again. This is true of Taylor's view of Janeway. Everything that happens in her life adds to what makes Janeway - hence the title Mosaic.
Janeway is painted a young girl who tries to set the trail and never follow the path, yet she takes comfort in knowing that she can always retreat back to what is familiar. This is shattered with the death of her father and fiance. Events such as Janeway's first visit to Mars as a child are successfully portrayed through the eyes of a child, not an adult writing in retrospect. Her first love and final days at home before joining Starfleet Academy give a real sense of her fear of letting go of those familiar things from childhood. Taylor successfully describes and communicates that feeling of Janeways last care free summer days of her youth. The feeling of growing up is something which all readers can easily relate to.
The continuing story of the Voyager crew in the rest of the book is of no real consequence but it dosent clash with the real story which is that about Janeway.
Its a thoroughly satisfying book, and one of those rare instances where you are actually sad to be finishing a story you enjoy so much.
I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.
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on 15 August 1999
In this great novel from Jeri Taylor, co-creator of the TV series, we read about the pivotal moments in Captain Janeway's life. The chapters of her life story alternate with chapters about the current crisis on the ship and both plots are compelling. Janeway's life story is a must-read for all fans, especially since it incorporates other elements of "Star Trek" - her father being involved in the Cardassian situation and her eventual involvement with it herself, her experiences with two members of the USS Enterprise D - Data, then a cadet, when the captain was 14, and Cadet William Riker whom she went out with . . . being so impressed with his ambition to be a captain, strange how she got to the captain's seat first . . .(and for all nit-pickers, in the TV episode "Death Wish" in which Riker appeared, there actually WAS some recognition between the two of them and they DID seem to know each other - so ha!) as well as Janeway serving with Tom Paris's father Admiral Paris, and her history with Tuvok before Voyager. Read this book. Also recommended: "Pathways" by the same author, the life stories of the rest of the crew.
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This book is brilliant, and I recommend it to any ST:VOY fan. Written by jeri Taylor, who was a writer for ST;TNG and ST:VOY, knows alot about the characters. The book tells us of Janeways past and the way she thinks. She expects the best from everyone, including herself. After the first 50 pages I couldn't put it down. Although if you do not watch Voyager regularly, you may not get alot of it, yet it is still a good book to read. Highly recommended!
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on 24 August 2002
Janeway's life is excellantly portrayed in this book which in flashbacks describes her life from a small child to her first Command to the pain of losing her father and partner in a freak accident. I was glued from the first page, perhaps not a book for readers who are not die-hard Voyager fans but for us who are- a fantastic read. I must congradulate Jeri Taylor who's writing is top-class.One of the best books ever about my fave captain!
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on 15 June 1999
This book is brilliant! Captain Janeway is one of my favourite "Star Trek" characters and I loved this book. As Jeri Taylor is the co-creator of the series "Voyager", I think she is the ideal person to write this novel and also the life stories of all the crew (see "Pathways"), because she knows so much about the "Star Trek" world that they have all contributed to, and this really comes through in the novel. It is so interesting, I guarantee you will not want to put it down. When you are old and grey and your eyesight is failing you will still be clutching your battered copy of "Mosaic"! I read it over and over again. The sub-plot is interesting as well, although I did prefer the chapters when Captain Janeway reviews the most important moments of her life. This were not all missions on starships by the way! It is not a monotonous book. It is simply fascinating and you must read it!
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on 5 July 1999
This book was amazing. The sub plot was good but i must admit i looked forward to the chapters that focussed on Janeway's past. My god this woman has been through a lot and if you call yourself a real Voyager fan you must read this. It is just amazing how this characters survives all of the heartache and decisions thrown her way. Jeri Taylor was the best person to write about Janeway as i feel i now know her a lot better (Janeway that is!) and when she does come to make an awkward decision i can fully understand the emotions she goes through to make the right choice.
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on 28 August 2010
I'm a massive fan of Star Trek Voyager and have previous read books based on the series. This book however stands out because as well as proving the reader with an exciting adventure story it also serves as a biography of Captain Janeway. Both stories are written extremely well by Jeri Taylor who on some occasion can go over the top in her worship of Kathryn Janeway. In this book however she is very much in her element and Janeway does not come across as some kind of Godlike figure that Jeri Taylor sometime presents. Instead we see Janeway in various moments of her life from her first trip off planet to her first love. What I thought was so striking by this book was that for one of the first times we got to see Janeway at her most vunerable. We see her grow throughout the book from a young child to a young women all the time eager to earn her father's affection and pride. The most touching scene in the novel for me was when Janeway properly broke down for the first time in front of her father after having an arguement with her sister about her fiancee. The arguement acted as a catalyst for all the hurt and disappointment she had taken from her father's absense and the fact that he had never told her that he was proud of her. That scene had me in tears because you could really feel her pain and hurt. Thats what makes this novel so great. For once we get to meet Kathyrn and not Captain Janeway. She is strong, very intelligent and very much human.
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on 5 November 2014
I love Kathryn Janeway. I have since I saw the first episode of Star Trek: Voyager earlier this year, and I probably always will. Therefore I had very high expectations of this book that is about her life. Added is the fact that I've only heard very good things about it. After reading it I can tell you that I'm not disappointed. I love this book!

This is a book where you truly get to know Kathryn from the very beginning. From when she was four years old sitting under her fathers desk waiting for him to finish working til' she became a captain and met Tuvok for the first time. It's a book where you really get under her skin. While reading it you get to understand what people, circumstances and moments that has made her into the person she was when Voyager got lost in the Delta Quadrant. It's a book that is very well written. It also has a good side story that I enjoyed reading even though, of course, the best part of the book was all the stories from Janeway's past. I feel that I got to know her so much better in this book, and that I loved...
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on 30 May 2008
Wow this was such a great book I have to admit that I read it twice. Jeri Taylor really knows and understands who the voyager crew are, she brings them to life like no other. Mosaic is basically about Captain Janeway life what made her the person we have grown to love. It really is a great book.
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on 24 January 2000
Jeri Taylor's obvious love for Voyager's protagonist is taken to a whole new level in an interesting and well-paced insight into Kathryn Janeway. The flashbacks and memories are not here at the expense of the typical filler 'present day' plot thread. Surprisingly well written (sorry Jeri) and paced the only danger here is that the actual show could ignore or completely rehash what was written in what should be the Janeway 'bible' from here on.
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