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on 14 September 2004
If you automatically agree with Ms Iovine and what she chose to do and believe during her 4 pregnancies, then you will find this book a great, funny read. BUT, if you have your own mind, ideas about what is best for you, your life and pregnancy that don't concur -- you will be laughed at, dismissed and lambasted in this book.
Ms Iovine pulls no punches is making it clear that any woman mad enough to exercise during pregnancy is putting her baby at risk and will, ultimately, be responsible for her own miscarriage. Such a woman is characterized as selfish and vain, supposedly thinking more of herself than her child; in other words, she is a bad 'girlfriend' -- what century is the author writing in?!
She also has no patience and many ironic jibes to hurl at any woman who would choose to have anything but an ultra-medicated in-hospital birth attended by a male (poss female) obstetrician.
If you don't book your epidural and c-sec before your 1st trimester is done, or you think that breastfeeding is really worth all the trouble and discomfort, then you are characterized as some latter-day hippy nutter who needs to get with her program.
Also, even as an American living in the UK looking for an back-home perspective, this book is far too steeped in the US medical system for me. It is very dismissive of midwife care (which is the norm in the UK, but still illegal in many US states) and homebirth (which is a woman's right in the UK and encouraged as a healthy option for healthy women). If you have ever even contemplated such things for just a few minutes -- let alone if it is the norm where you live -- you are laughed at in good detail.
I was not impressed with this book. I'm sure I cannot be the only one.
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on 26 September 2010
YIKES! To read this you'd think that pregnancy and childbirth are the most unnatural things in the world. I can't believe it sells itself as a fun book on pregnancy when it is so depressing. It's written from an outdated and negative viewpoint and should not be taken as the normal perspective on having children. If this is your first time and you want to enjoy the process, find another book and don't freak yourself out. Luckily I'm on my second pregnancy.

The author's lighthearted writing style can be a nice break from the standard preganancy bibles, but a lot of her jokes are disturbing. The anti-exercise comments pointed out by other reviewers seem like harmless fun to those of us who just want to put our feet up... until she claims that you could hurt your unborn child by exercising. What kind of exercise does she think gym-goers are contemplating doing while pregnant?!! Frankly I wish I had exercised more during my last pregnancy so I'd have felt healthier when the baby arrived.

Worse is how she jokes that c-sections keep your pelvic floor "like a teenager's." We WISH. Why doesn't the "straight-talking" author tell the truth about that? Because it's funnier to make a joke? My friend who's soon to be having a hysterectomy at 39 after c-section complications was up in arms when I let her read that section. I know it's not a medical manual, but that sort of flippancy is unconscionable.

I could go on but there are too many problems to list. As others have commented, this book does not have a British edition here so expect all medical system references to be inapplicable in the UK.
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on 24 January 2008
There are just so many pregnancy books out there that are full of serious information about the rights and wrongs of pregnancy: what to eat, how to birth, decisions about genetic testing... I think the Girlfriend's Guide is a great break from all the seriousness. She WILL have you laughing about pregnancy. It's a simple and very light read that I enjoyed having beside my bed when I wanted a break from all the "information" coming at me.

Now having said this, please beware that this woman is talking from a layperson's perspective and she doesn't pretend otherwise. I found myself irritated at her outdated views and her major lean toward medicated birthing. She also has very random views about what you should and shouldn't do with regards to exercising, eating, drinking and dying your hair. The key is just to take the book for what it is: a laugh about the discomforts and peculiarities of pregnancy. It is chatty and humourous. It is NOT a book to help you make decisions or get advice from experts. If you can completely let go of that expectation, you will find this book refreshing and fun.
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on 12 September 2012
I have read most of Vicki`s books. I have also just finished reading most of the reviews here. My opinion - of anyone with 3 stars or less is simply: lighten up! Yes, preganncy is a beautiful, spiritual, emotional experience. It`s also flipping GROSS! Vicki is not an expert, nor does she pretend to be. If you want expertise, there are ample pregnancy and childrearing books to choose from (my personal favourites are the "What to Expect" series.) But if you want to have an out and out laugh and not take yourself and the "condition" you find yourself in too seriously - this book and all her others are fabulous. They don`t pull any punches, and are a little "nineties" - I mean no disrespect by that, but as anyone who has ever had children will know, opinions and fashions in obstetrics, early childhood, childrearing and teenage angst change by the year. But if you want the god-honest truth from a "best friend" - she will absolutely give it to you. Of course, whether or not you choose to take it is entirely up to you. Summed up in 3 words: intellectual chick-lit. Once you wind up pregnant, what more could you possibly need? Except perhaps an epidural......
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on 11 November 2011
I might just not be in the "girlfriend club"- which did make me feel a bit distant from the book. After all I'm pregnant and sensitive :-) There are some funny passages in it and good descriptions but nothing I didn't really know before that was useful. It's well written but I just got annoyed after a while. I suppose what I didn't like is the whole opinion on painkillers and hospital births. I don't actually want to hear "take all you can that's what it's there for"- I prefer cheering on for options and encouragement to find my own style. You don't have to be a hippy to opt for home birth or waterbirth. I'm not a "let's have a cesarian because it's plannable"- sorry! Anyway that's her point of view, fair enough, but alienating.
As this is an American book it applies more to the US medical system and as a UK citizen I would like some more local tips- we seem to have more focus on midwives over here- but there aren't many UK based fun pregnancy books. Well, there will be soon when mine is finished.
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on 9 March 2010
This is a surprising book. I expected it to be superficial and unbearable, but it turned out to be funny and oh so useful. Vicky is sassy, really entertaining, and well informed. She is like one of those great friends I love to disagree with at times. And I do disagree with many things she says (I'm one of those people she would call "organic". No pain relief during birth, breastfeeding, of course, and some yoga thrown in for fun), but I still want to hear what she has to say. The exercise issue? She rants on and on about how you should relax and give up exercising during pregnancy, but you know what? She then tells you to swim, walk and do some stretching, and lots and lots of Kegels. This is what highly active women do during pregnancy anyway. And that chapter on prenatal fashion? Worth the price of the book. If you have a sense of humor, do yourself a favor and get this book.
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on 8 February 2013
This book is great the polar opposite to "What to expect" but provides refreshing honesty from someone whos been through it all a big sis or a mom telling you how it really is.....because I dont have either it was the first book I read and it really made me laugh. However its a book written by someone whos been there before not by a doctor, midwife , psychologist etc so while its light and easy you will upgrade to a book written by an expert in the field and there isnt really anything in there that you wont be told along the line anyway.
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on 4 September 2004
I really loved the first 1/3 of this book. I felt normal; she spoke of incidents, feelings, aches and pains -- and a slew of embarrassing details -- that no one was willing to discuss.
But it was very middle American in point of view and presumptions about the reader and her pregnancy. I say this as an American living in the UK, who thought this book would be a good bridge. BUT -- I was frankly insulted by her tone and her suggestions (her "rants" as she calls them) in the last 2/3 of the book.
Basically, if you choose to have a completely medicalized birth attended by a male obstetrician, then you are a normal woman on the road to being a great, normal mother. You must then join her in her relentless ridicule of any woman who would think of using the services of a midwife, having a home birth, using pain relief other than an epidural, or even exercising during pregnancy. Such women are blatantly laughed at as foolish and dangerous to their children.
The WORST MOMENT of the book is when she describes women who exercise during pregnancy, and the doctors who recommend such exercise, as deliberately being selfish, vain, and causing their own miscarriages. I was completely shocked by this. But she was unabashed in her abuse of such women and welcomed people to criticize her. She stands by her rant fully.
In short it's a book that does some things well, but ultimately leaves a very sad taste in my mouth. Cannot recommend it beyond page 15.
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on 9 February 2001
After reading only the 'nice' sections of the medical pregnancy books it was great to be able to sit back and enjoy reading that I'm not going mad and my pregnancy is normal. Although American and funny I found this book also educational and read about things that even close friends who are mothers had never experienced. My husband particularly liked the statement about what have you done with my wife, and took great pleasure from reading that section out loud to me to prove that in his eyes I have definitely become less patient and more argumentative. In summary it was great to read about pregancy, that at times is so worrying, exciting and scary at the same time, in a friendly, gossipy, if you don't laugh you'll cry, way. I've already passed my copy on to my next pregnant friend.
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on 5 June 2013
This book made me laugh a lot when I was pregnant. It was nice to laugh when there were so many hormones running wild. The information is also very useful and written in a funny manner. Would definitely recommend:)
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