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4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 15 May 1998
In his book, Col. Corso gives an interesting account of our government's possible involvement with UFO's, particularly with regard to the alleged Roswell incident. He relates his 1960's Pentagon assignment to "seed" industry with items found at the crash site, and the resulting development of various technologies including micro circuitry, night vision goggles, surgical and weapons grade lasers, fiber optics, etc. Col Corso offers tantalizing information suggesting that with this alien technology SDI was developed and deployed long ago as a defense against intrusions into our air space by extra terrestrials (as well as to deter the Soviets) and the purpose of our moon missions was to establish a defensive military presence on the moon. He does not tell us whether these things actually happened. He suggests these events occurred over 30 years ago, and this makes me wonder what else could have been happening in the interim? The book is extremely interesting but I am left wondering whether it could be an experienced counter intelligence officer's (Col. Corso) attempt to gived new life to the Roswell myth for the same unknown reasons the original storey was told.
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on 5 July 2004
Following the recent untimely demise of both the editor and the magazine itself,UFO mag.readers have had no real forum for discussion. Yet, when this astonishing book appeared, even UFO Magazine reviewers seemed to overlook the importance of Philip J. Corso's nicely crafted account of what really went on at the heart of the US military and intelligence departments, during the 'Cold War'years.
It is so full of facts, names, and incidents (most of which are surely verifiable)that I simply can't believe that this dedicated old soldier would invent such a fantastic tale as he neared 80 years of age. I have read a great number of books on this general subject and I believe that this is the one to make sense of it all. It contains so much to digest and think over that I've just read it for the second time!
Don't be put-off by the vehemence of some (anonymous) critics: buy a copy and make your own mind up. I do believe that the truth really is there to be uncovered, but many with vested interests would rather you didn't.
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on 10 August 2007
Col. Philip J. Corso's book is an excellent read.
One other reviewer stated it was a "hoax" according to an unidentified "abduction investigator" but provided no evidence to substantiate this claim.

Corso's Military credentials by contrast are impeccable and his evidence is detailed and compelling. Corso's service history is available online (released under Freedom of Information-Google it!) and confirms that Corso was indeed a highly decorated officer who headed up the "foreign technology" section of the US army at the times he specifies in his book. Corso claims in his book that "Foreign technology" was a cover-all for any technology that fel into US hands, including everything from captured MIG fighter jets to captured Alien craft!

In this context of his impeccable military credentials we have to ask ourselves why the Colonel would make this story up and thereby damage his reputation among many of the conservative, rigid-thinking people who would have previously respected him for his military career? The book is full of facts, figures, names, dates times and places. The Colonel describes in detail the construction of the crashed UFO craft and the biology of the alleged extraterrestrial occupants. His detailed descriptions of the technology which he claims was located in the Roswell crash and later "reverse engineered" by the US Army and civilian industrial complex is incredibly detailed and compelling.

Contemporaneous accounts at the time of the 1947 Roswell crash described wafer-like objects with strange metallic etchings on them. This was well before the development of printed circuits. Corso claims that it was these artifacts that led to the development of human printed circuit technology. Night vision goggles were developed from other technology gleaned from the Roswell crash, according to Corso, along with many other innovations now in daily use such as fibre-optics and kevlar.

It would be easy to dismiss the Colonel's book, written in 1997, as a post-retirement money making scheme or even as the ravings of a once-great man turned senile, were it not for the recent (2007) amazing "deathbed confession" of another well respected former US military officer, Liutenant Waler HAUT.

HAUT (not featured in Corso's book directly) was the army intelligence officer at Roswell who first released the news to the media that the army had captured a downed flying saucer, in 1947. Shortly after, HAUT released a second press release stating that the downed craft was nothing more than an experimental weather balloon. And there the controversy may have laid to rest, with only 'conspiracy theorists" believing there had been an army cover-up was it not for the recent "deathbed confession" of HAUT. HAUT recanted posthumously and stated that the original news report was actually true, a downed alien craft WAS captured at Roswell, and that he had personally seen the alien technology and alien bodies from the crash at Roswell! The artifacts described by HAUT sound very familiar when you read CORSO's book.

So what are we to believe? That both these respected military men were mad? That CORSO lied in this book and swore Affidavits after his retirement, writing a tissue of lies to make money and gain fame on retirement? If so, how do we also explain HAUT, who remained loyal to the US military to the end, denied the UFO story until after his death but effectively arranged coroboration of the facts referred to by CORSO in his book...AFTER his (HAUT's) death? HAUT obviously would gain nothing from his "deathbed confession." Certainly neither HAUT or his family would have benefitted financially. Had HAUT also written a book in his lifetime he could have written another best seller. SO what was his motivation? We have to accept that HAUT's only credible motivation could have been that he truly believed in what he saw and that there had been a "cover-up." Troubled by guilt over his part in the "cover-up" and perhaps about to "meet his maker", HAUT felt the public should know the truth as he saw it, at least once he had died.

In this context I believe that we need to re-evaluate CORSO's book.
On the balance of probabilities, bizarre as that sounds given the incredible nature of CORSO's claims, I believe that CORSO and HAUT are probably telling the truth about their parts in the Roswell cover-up and what they saw. These men in my opinion truly believed that the craft at Roswell was a downed extra-terrestrial saucer-shaped craft containing a technology far superior to our own at that time.

Once we accept this possibility, CORSO's clams do not appear so outrageous after all. I believe that Phillip CORSO was most probably a hero, not only an American hero but a hero to the entire human race. His Service to humanity included helping us to use the Extra-Terrestrial's own technology to build a credible defence against them (CORSO believed that the extra-terrestrials were not "friendly", he cites evidence to substantiate this opinion and whilst he could not be sure of their intentions he basically considered the "Extraterrestrial biological entities" as he caled them, hostile. He also believed they were genetically engineered beings, more like androids adapted for space flight - more like the artificial creatures featured in the movie 'Blade Runner' than naturally evolved life forms.)

CORSO's work, if this book is to be believed, also gave us a massive technological boost enabling the tapid development of the hightechnology we are using today, including the computers and internet that we are using right here and now. If CORSO is right, his work changed the world and this was all due to the Roswell crash and what was recovered from it. Even Amazon wouldn't exist without CORSO. If CORSO is right, this truly is "the Day after Roswell" and we partly have CORSO to thank.

If this book is viewed as a work of fiction it is a well thought out science fiction story of the highest order, reflecting scientific theories that would only be matched in fiction by the likes of the greatest Scientists to ever write Sci-Fi, such as Arthur C CLARKE or Isaac ASIMOV. If this book is factual, it surely qualifies as the most paradigm-shifting and explosive book in human history.

In either case, I highly recommend this book. 5 Stars.
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on 8 February 1998
I've read several sections of this book, and I have serious doubts about the claims he is making. Being involved in the publication of archaeological textbooks, I have some knowledge about the care and forethought taken in preserving relics from the past. But, according to this story, very little care, respect, and preservation is shown towards Corso's "alien" artifacts. Consider this for a moment: Suppose you are a major world power, with numerous scientific and military resources at hand, and you have found objects that are some of most significant and valuable ever: actual technology from an alien world. Now what would you do with it? Store it in a box in a Colonel's office, without any climatic, chemical, biological, or atmospheric controls? Very, very unlikely!! First, scientists would want to preserve these artifacts from reaction to the atmosphere, so they would be stored in inert gas or a vacuum. Secondly, they would control temperature and humidity for the same reasons. And thirdly, they would quickly isolate any truly alien artifact out of fear of spreading some foreign contagion. Objects of such compelling evidence, undoubtedly great treasures for mankind, would be under the highest security, and the best methods of preservation for the time. Why is that so different from Corso's story?
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on 13 June 2012
I have read a number of books on and about the Roswell incident and must agree with many of the reviews on here regarding how good this book is.

Phillip Corso calmly and matter of factly explains how many things we take for granted such as the laser, transistor, etc, were seeded from what was recovered in New Mexico in 1947 from a craft or crafts that fell to earth.

With reference to Walter Haut, in other reviews on this book, we must not forget that Corso and Haut were 'old school' military personnel and the enormity of what they saw for themselves has to be taken into consideration, they did not want to betray the secrets that they were privy too. They came from a different age and of course in 1947 the Cold War was a hot potato, technology as came from the Roswell craft was literally the Holy Grail, and whoever managed to understand it and manufacture and use it would be the king of the heap.

However, with time, Philip Corso has put his thoughts on paper, I would say now when he wrote the book, he believed that our race can comprehend and deal with the ramifications of what he has known of since 1947.

The book is a very informative read and certainly is a good argument for release of more information on this subject.
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on 5 December 2012
The uniform of Colonel Corso has a medal patch a size of A5 sheet of paper. He fought at Anzio, Monte Casino and in Rome. During the Cold War he was a commander of an anti-aircraft brigade stationed 5 miles from the East Germany border. Later in his carrier he served in White House and he was intelligence adviser to MacArthur, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy. His credentials are highest so far, out of all UFO witness.

By reading this book you'll actually get a complete picture of what happened with saucer after Roswell and what policy was formulated by US government. That policy is still in place today. Everything I read so far about Roswell, all the disparate rumors and documents, now fall in together to create a big picture. Most importantly I now understand a government's policy on saucers and what to expect in future.

An unexpected bonus is a detailed explanation of the inner working of a government's machine. Actually, at least 2/3s of the book is about how policy makers make national policies. One can immediately recognize that Corso is not a very technical person, but a sort off a skillful political animal who spent carrier in corridors of White House and Pentagon.
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on 29 August 1997
I've been reading some of the above reviews and I'm suprised at many of the elementary questions and suspicions you have of Colonel Corso. IF YOU PEOPLE WOULD WAKE UP AND LISTEN TO ART BELL'S ([...]) INTERVIEWS WITH CORSO THAT OCCURED THIS JULY YOUR QUESTIONS WOULD BE ANSWERED! The interviews were excellent! And you can listen to them in their entirety over the internet. I'm suprised that more people aren't aware of these incredible interviews. IF YOU READ THE BOOK, LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEWS AND STOP ASKING THESE SIMPLE QUESTIONS THAT WERE ANSWERED IN THE 3 HOUR AND 5 HOUR INTERVIEWS. In fact, in the second interview an investigator (I forget his name) confirms on air that Corso did in fact take part in all of the military operations that he claims in his book. This investigator spent a month in Washinton D.C. investigating Corso and found him to be telling the entire truth. You won't be dissapointed with these interviews, trust me. They will answer so many questions that went unanswered in the book. Thanks.
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on 27 August 1997
I truely believe Col. Corsos story. I am completely open minded about the unknown. Why shouldn't we believe him. Our government hides things from the general public every day. If people would just think about it for awhile they would relize that we had no major inventions or discoveries since this stuff was introduced. We have improved on some things but nothing really new. I am not a good critic and I do not claim to be. All I know is that it is damn selfish of the human race to think that we are the only ones in this whole area that we call space. If God could put us here..(if he did)..then why couldn't he have put other intelligent species millions and millions of light years away? There are too many mysteries of the unknown. We should stay open minded until otherwise proven different.
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on 18 July 1998
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on 22 June 2011
I cannot Stress this enough, this book is not a HOAX! This idea was perpetuated by the CIA. The book was initially intercepted in some States and was originally published with a forward stating that it was all entirely fictitious. Obviously the cover up still continues. I have heard an Interview with Colonel Philip Corso on ART Bell Radio show ( check it out on YouTube, highly recommended ) he explains all this. Also he initially started writing the book as a memoir for his Grandchildren so they would have something to remember him by. He wonted to write about what he was involved in during the Cold War. Therefore I doubt he would make a mockery of them or his memory. Those who say there's too much history and other stuff and the like should get a reality check. This man had a long history in the Military and was actually highly respected. If we can't take disclosure seriously from respected Military Personnel whom are approaching the end of their days then who can we trust? Too many high ranking people from all walks of life are now coming forward to say all this stuff is true. I hardly think by the way that Corso would have testified in front of congress for America Computer Company ACC, stating under oath that he was responsible for shipping out of Extraterrestrial artifacts to Bell Labs and IBM ( biggest giants of computer software and hardware in the US ) which they could then back Engineer. This has huge implications for Bell Labs, IBM etc, if this really is true? After the Transistor was first discovered in 1947 ( same year of Roswell crash? ) Nobel Prizes were awarded, Billions of Dollars have been made by Patents therefore fraudulently obtained. Anyone interested in this should google ACC, Jack Shulman, Lab Shop Keepers Notebook. "The Lab Shop keepers note book" is positive proof. It contains detailed information by someone who recorded a lot of information regarding the back engineering of the Transistor from Alien Artifacts back in 47. There are a lot of other exotic Technologies that ACC wont's to patent hence the law suite. The book by the way has been authenticated beyond doubt and is authentic. The Day after Roswell has it faults like any other book, but for a man of 82 at the time I think it's highly interesting and well written with a bit of poetic License. It's a great read for the open minded, skeptics don't bother. Back this book up by reading Witness to Roswell.
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