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3.8 out of 5 stars69
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 5 April 2005
The Other Woman is a fantastic character driven novel. All of the main and supporting characters are convincing - Ellie Black is a superb focus character. There have been a lot of strong female leads in novels this year ( Jo Jo Harvey; Marian Keyes - The Other Side Of The Story: Emma Corrigan; Sophie Kinsella - Irrespressible Spirit: Elsie Roundbottom; Steve Horsfall - You Are Here). Add Ellie to the growing list - long may it continue
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on 15 December 2010
This is chick lit at its laziest and really below the usual standard from Jane Green. The idea was ok but the plot was weak, the dialogue really poor, and as the main character, Ellie just came across as incredibly spoiled and immature throughout.I found it really difficult to empathise with her.

The total lack of communication between Ellie and Dan became really frustrating, and the whole plot conveniently skipped about to avoid explaining anything difficult.

I hated the patronising attitude about routines creating angel babies (was this book sponsored by Gina Ford??) and the horrible, cliched way single mums were portrayed as incompetents or maneaters.

This was one of those reads where you feel that the author had a deadline, and quickly churned something out to meet it. Read others by Jane Green, especially her earlier works which are great (except Spellbound!) but avoid this one. Instantly forgettable.
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on 24 June 2006
After I have heard so much praise about Jane Green i was seriously disapointed with this book! It just lacked excitment! The characters had no personality & i got to the point where i didnt care what happened to them! By the last few chapters i just ended up skimming through to get the general (predictable) idea of the ending. I always swap book with my sister but really couldnt put her through the pain of this one!
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on 14 July 2005
Ah what a lovely story; it is predicable to some extent, but the way Green draws you in and makes you care about the lead characters is quite amazing. There were points throughout the book that made me giggle, some that sent a shiver down my spine and some that brought a tear to my eye. It is an easy read, but a worthwhile one. This is the second of her books i've read and i've just started the third, a nice way to unwind at the end of the day.
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on 17 October 2005
Long gone are the single girl adventures of trying to find Mr. Right or at the very least Mr. Right-now. Green's characters of late have traded in girl's nights out for early nights in front of the television. No longer are they worried about first dates, changing diapers has taken their place. And while I can relate to all of that and may even enjoy reading about a life similar to my own by another author I have to admit that I miss the Jane Green of old. When I pick up a book by Green I want to laugh out loud at the antics of the single girl, as no one writes about single life in London better and while `THE OTHER WOMAN' was enjoyable I did not laugh out loud once.
When Ellie Black turns to Ellie Cooper she thinks that she has gotten everything she's ever dreamed of. The wonderful and doting husband and the family she always wanted but never had. Ever since Ellie's mother died when she was thirteen she has always yearned for a mother figure in her life and when she meets Dan's mother Linda she is sure that Linda will be it. However, slowly but surely Linda begins to immerse herself in all aspects of Ellie's life which only serves to push Ellie away. Soon after the birth on Ellie and Dan's first child Linda becomes more than Ellie can bear and rather than either of these women being mature enough to take a step back from the situation and maybe even try to talk it out Linda just becomes more overbearing and Ellie becomes a horror to both Linda and her husband Dan. From here the book takes various turns, a tragic accident, a separation, an affair and the loss of some friendships and a rekindling of others.
Green's last two books have not quite hit the mark for me. However, I do still enjoy her writing style, which is always fun and easy to read. And while I found `THE OTHER WOMAN' to be a bit predictable and boring at parts I did enjoy how acurately Green portrayed Ellie's transition from the single career driven woman to the wife and mother. Overall I give `THE OTHER WOMAN' 3 ½ stars.
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on 2 April 2007
not that i was expecting a mother in law rant book to be anything but predictable, to be honest. and this didn't disappoint in that respect...

but, unfortunately, the heroine was so throughly unpleasant to her actually not that bad at all mother in law, that the book was totally frustrating. combined with the fact she never stopped moaning and complaining throughout (it is written in the first person), i couldn't have cared less what became of her and her family

irritating and tedious beyond measure
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on 7 May 2008
I've read Bookends which I really enjoyed, Second Chance which I liked well enough, and I started this--The Other Woman. I couldn't finish it. I read to page 100 and my discomfort with the characters just kept building. I couldn't go on. I know you're not supposed to like the mother, Linda, but by 100, I wasn't even that fond of Dan. The tone struck me as whiney--even though the narrator had things to be unhappy about. The story felt like it was building to a train wreck I just didn't want to see.

In the two other books by Green that I've read she introduces more interesting characters earlier in the book. This one just kept me waiting too long.

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on 14 May 2012
Having read a slow and depressing book about the war I was looking forward to reading this book as it promised to be a good romcom with exceptional ratings. Further to the fact that I have read Life Swap by Jane Green and enjoyed it. However, this pointlessness and utter boringness of this book is understated. It is merely a description of how an individual can react to having a loving and over protective mother in law after growing up basically orphaned. Also the issues and details of the friendships they definitely gave the book a bit more interest but was enough of a story of reason to read the book. I don't even mind predictable books, like i enjoyed Any man of mine - Rachel Gibson, but I just don't understand the book it was so hard finding motivation to read it. Even the man character dan he wasn't described the slightest bit attractive or someone you cared about. Overall so BORING DO NOT BUY OR WASTE YOUR TIME.
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on 13 August 2004
I found this book extremely disappointing. The 'heroine' Ellie is possibly the mosty moany, self-engrossed and spoilt character I have ever come across. The 'hero' Dan was so wet I wanted to wring him out! There is no plot, the novel is a rambling story akin to one your drunken mate might relate in a pub on Saturday night. As a single mum I was outraged by the patronising portrayal of single mums.Apparently we are either man-eating , selfish vamps (believe me Jane, we don't have the time) or "failures". I think this book is smug, artifical and insulting to readers intelligence. Don't waste your money.
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on 8 December 2005
I seem to have 'grown up' with Jane Green's novels: her chick-lit offerings (such as 'Bookends' and 'Mr Maybe') seeing me through the horror of dating; Spellbound and Babyville as I got remarried and fell pregnant. I was eight months preganant when I bought this book, after being advised to get a book to read in early labour. I ended up reading it well before labour started (and, by the way, labour was far too painful for even this great read to distract me!)!IThis is not what the title might suggest. The other woman is, in fact, the narrator's mother-in-law, but even then, this book is not simply about a difficult relationship with one's partner's mother, but about human relationships and our expectations of other people. Jane Green does not write books which offer deep and meaningful thoughts on the human condition, she simply writes about people - other people. This offers pure escapism at its best, if you like your escape to be into other people's beliveable lives. My mother-in-law is great, by the way!
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