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4.6 out of 5 stars2,071
4.6 out of 5 stars
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I absolutely loved Bared to You - in fact it was one of my favourite books of the year - so I couldn't wait to spend more time with Gideon and Eva in Reflected in You. I've had the paperback on order for months but when the release date was pushed back I couldn't wait and had to buy the Kindle version too. As soon as I got home yesterday I started reading and I literally devoured this book, Sylvia Day did it again and kept me up until 5am reading for the second time! I'm going to assume that anyone reading this review has already read Bared to You so this may contain slight spoilers for the first book - if you haven't started the series yet then you really need to!

This series isn't one you're going to enjoy if you don't like angst and drama in your relationships but for anyone who loves emotional upheaval and characters who are deeply flawed and psychologically damaged by their pasts then you're going to love Gideon and Eva. They both have serious hang ups about themselves and trust issues with each other and that doesn't make for smooth sailing in any relationship but it does make for gritty and realistic reading. The attraction between them is intense but it is about more than physical lust - they just both have difficulties explaining their feelings. Because they find it so hard to communicate they often use sex as a way of expressing themselves which can sometimes cause more problems than it resolves.

What I love most about them is that they both know they are messed up, they both admit to having issues and they are both determined to make a success of things. They understand that they are both going to have to compromise if they want to be together and they are both open to accepting the help of a couples counsellor to make things work. Because the story is told by Eva we get to see exactly what goes on inside her head, how her jealousy effects her and why she does the destructive things she sometimes does which allows us to relate to her and see her side of things. We know a lot less about Gideon's emotions and until quite near the end of the book we don't learn any more about his past than what Eva guesses from witnessing his nightmares. At times this makes him seem a bit closed off but although he finds it hard to express himself there are times when he manages to say exactly the right thing to make you fall for him. I'll be upfront and confess I am majorly crushing on Gideon right now, I didn't think I could like him more after Bared to You but I was proved wrong!

Reading Reflected in You is like going on an emotional roller coaster; there is drama and angst; there are secrets and misunderstandings; there are arguments and punishment screws but then you also have the hot sweaty make up sex and some incredibly sweet moments between them! Gideon swears he isn't romantic but he really, really can be. Eva sums it up herself when she says "The simple fact was, Gideon and I were the best and worst things that had ever happened to each other." They know how to push each others buttons in both a positive and negative way but they understand exactly what they are doing and are surprisingly insightful when it comes to their actions. This is one messed up couple who desperately deserve a happy ending and I can't wait to get my hands on Entwined in You to see if they get it!

I'm going to leave you with a couple of my favourite quotes:

"I'd rather argue with you, angel, than laugh with anyone else."

"People get over love. They can live without it, they can move on. Love can be lost and found again. But that won't happen for me. I won't survive you, Eva."

"I am obsessed with you, angel. Addicted to you. You're everything I've ever wanted or needed, everything I've dreamed of. You're everything. I live and breathe you. For you."
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on 1 January 2013
This was a really great read and I honestly couldn't put the book down! I can't wait for the next book and hope it is as good as this one. Fantastically written.
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on 27 November 2012
If you're looking to this as an example of how to conduct a D/s relationship; don't. Eva seems to delude herself into believing she should be submissive to an irresponsible Dominant who punishes whilst angry, clouding his judgement. Again, it reinforces the stereotype that you have to be damaged in some way to enjoy that sort of alternative lifestyle.
In terms of characters, there are some things that are promising; Eva seems to make an effort to have a circle of friends with their own issues, though sadly more often than not their talks revolve around Eva and Gideon's relationship issues. And boy, do those keep on happening...
There are far too many breakup/have sex/repeat ad nauseum for me, and a book shouldn't rely so much on it because as a reader you know that any dramatic break up scene is guaranteed to be rendered pointless in a few pages when they get back together. The main part that signed me off for good is a plot piece that is fully introduced near to the end, and twists right about in the last chapter. For me, it takes Gideon from 'damaged, dark and dangerous', to psychotic. The police woman's monologue about it as well as her motivation for what she does strikes me as grossly unrealistic and a complete disrespect to the duty of a police officer.

All in all, this book facilitates a seriously unhealthy relationship that is repetitive in storytelling and breaches onto the ludicrous in plot.
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on 26 February 2013
Although I wasn't overwhelmed by the first book, it held my interest enough to make me want to read the next one. I did enjoy reading this book, more so than Bared to You.
The story picks up right where the first one left off and it took me a while to settle back into it as I'd read the first one a couple of months ago.
Gideon and Eva are still learning to trust each other and while I do believe that they do, it's really hard for them to show it. Their relationship is certainly an emotional rollercoaster. It seems to be one thing after another. The back story of Corinne, the docotr and Nathan are all filled in with more detail which gives a better understanding of Eva and Gideon.
I wanted to see what happened to Gideon and although he's still secretive I feel like I know his character more now. Or understand him slightly better at least.

Will read the third book as I need the story to reach a conclusion.
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on 24 November 2012
Having enjoyed the first installment of the Crossfire series I couldn't wait to download this to my kindle. However, I wish I hadn't bothered. I found it alot of hard work keeping up with Eva and Gideon's emotions and how much in love they were and their jealous possessiveness etc. Their relationship was so unhealthy from the word go and I just found it all just abit too much. Yes, its fiction and its a good job because if anyone had a relationship based on theirs (which was basically tit for tat) then any woman in their right mind would kick Gideon Cross to kerb surely! I was exhausted towards the end of reading this book..not 4 me at all!
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on 2 October 2012
Even better than the first, the chemistry between Gideon and Eva is spell binding! I love how the books end with no cliff hangers but leave you wanting more.
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on 24 February 2013
Of course, the author got inspired by 50 Shades but I don't care, is was real pleasure to read, very much looking forward to reading the 3rd book
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The Crossfire series continually takes me by surprise. One, because it belongs in a genre that has never really appealed to me. Two, because of the sheer passion it contains that you can't help but get swept up by it. I adored Bared to You, so I was excited to see what Reflected in You had to offer. While it was more of a mixed bag than its predecessor with plenty of (unnecessary) theatrics, overall it was another winner.
RIY picks up immediately after the events of BTY. Eva and Gideon are in a good place although predictably this doesn’t last too long as Gideon once again retreats from Eva and refuses to tell her why. As expected, there is a lot of back and forth between the couple, with plenty of misunderstandings and obstinate behaviour from both. Throw in a couple of exes determined to cause trouble, a sinister figure from the past lurking in the shadows and a whole mess of emotional issues and you’ve got yourself some drama!
In spite of all this, Reflected in You is a compulsive read not least because of Sylvia Day’s exceptional writing. Her use of language is stunning and her ability to inject emotion into her words really makes it easy for the reader to connect with the storyline and characters. Her talent at writing the steamiest, blush inducing sex scenes is unparalleled without ever reverting to unnecessary gratuity which is astounding considering the characters only real connection at times comes through sex so they are *always* at it!
The plot twists were second book predictable but I still thoroughly enjoyed them especially as they helped Eva really come into her own, stand apart from Gideon and help (try) to make him realise she can take ownership of her own life.
The ending was all kinds of effed up, it proved this couple need hourly therapy sessions if they have a hope of being any ways functional and healthy as a couple. That would be sensible though and who wants that?!
Steamy, ridiculous and unputdownable, bring on book three!
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on 15 August 2013
I was somewhat disappointed with the second installment of the Crossfire series. It was a pleasant enough read but nothing much happened. In fact it was very much a mirror image of the first book - Gideon & Eva have happy fun times, bad dreams, go to work & the gym, they fight, they make up, repeat by ten. Countless times Eva has an epiphany when she decides she 'gets' Gideon so there'll be no more fighting and insecurity...until the next day when it's all drama again.

And here's the kicker - something actually does happen, something huge, but it happens behind the scenes and is barely dealt with.The reader is only aware that 'something' is happening because Gideon is being more secretive than usual and Eva more hysterical. What happens is also bizarrely lacking in consequences and I found the whole episode rather unsatisfying.

I was intending to read Entwined With You straight after this but by the time I came to the end of Reflected In You I really needed a break from Gideon and Eva. Because they are both so damaged, the constant level of insecurity, hysterical overreaction and borderline psychosis all gets a bit wearing. Both Gideon and Eva seem to have only one setting in their dealings with each other - overwrought. Even the minor characters are all dealing with more baggage than a 747 and what these books lack is a stable protagonist with a healthy background who the reader can identify with and who would provide a balance that is seriously lacking.

I'll probably read book three and see how that goes but unless there's some significant development I won't be persevering on to books 4 and 5, certainly not if it's just going to be once, twice more around the houses.
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on 6 June 2013
*takes calming breath* I have never been so mentally and physically exhausted after reading a book. I have used the term roller coaster in the past with other reviews, but that just goes to show I had no idea what I was talking about back then. This. Book. Will. Exhaust. You.

"I'd rather argue with you, angel, then laugh with anyone else."

Reflected in You, starts off exactly where Bared to You ended. We find Eva and Gideon desperately trying to find an even level footing in their relationship. But, not only do they have both of their pasts to get over, they also have every possible outside force coming at them full steam ahead. Every time they had a calm moment, everything seems peaceful and you start to think that this could be it... maybe things will calm down. BAM! Something else gets thrown at them.

"You're the greatest risk I've ever taken." His pressed his lips gently to mine. "And the greatest reward."

If you read my review for Bared to You then you will know that I am not Eva's biggest fan, unfortunately that really hasn't changed. She has continued to make some of the stupidest decisions I have ever seen. Her insecurity and hypocrisy truly knows no bounds. However, she did make me chuckle a few times. Eva has a thing where she flips people the bird when she doesn't have a smooth comeback. This honestly made me laugh out loud several times. I actually liked seeing a fun side of Eva.

"I flipped the good doctor the bird.
Snorting, Gideon caught my hand and pulled me back down the hall.
"What is it with you and giving people the finger?"
"What? It's a classic."

Gideon as always is the star of the show for me. He is the reason I love these books. He is also a saint for putting up with Eva. However, there were a couple of times that I wanted to yell at him this go around. But in the end his grand plan all came together, and I understood why he was acting the way he was. He is as always, sex on legs. There is no other way to describe this man, he is the ultimate.

"His kisses were gifts. He kissed with everything he had, with power and passion and hunger and love. He held nothing back, giving everything, exposing everything."

The sex is well and truly on fire in Reflected in You. Even with the constant up and down roller coaster ride of emotions, you can always count on Gideon and Eva to have good sex. That will never change. There is also true emotion, I mean how could there not be between these two? Everything is amped to the highest degree with them.

"Are you hurting anywhere else?" I asked, feeling so emotionally raw after the long night we'd had.

He caught my wrist and pulled my hand down to press flat over his heart. "Here."

So, I am now ready to tackle the third book in the Crossfire series, Entwined With You. I will again end this review with a prayer that Eva grows up. Granted, I didn't find myself wanting to kill her quite as often as I did in Bared to You, but I can easily say we are still not BFFs.

"I'll kill for you, give up everything I own for you... but I won't give you up."

Rainy Day Reads
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