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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been a fan of Hamlyn cookery books since I was given their "All Colour Cook Book" as a wedding present umpteen years ago (still in use). The recipes in that book as well as the current '200' series are nearly always quick and simple while generally reliable and often original.

A basic knowledge of cookery tends to be assumed but there's rarely anything to present great difficulty for beginners. Text is kept to a minimum and experienced cooks will be pleased not to be treated as novices. It really would be helpful if they warned you up-front when a recipe required an element of advance preparation such as marinating, but that's a complaint I have about most cookery books.

This particular book is wide-ranging and well-illustrated. Don't expect big, glossy, mouth-watering images, but you'll always get a good idea of what you're aiming for. If your efforts don't match the photo, blame yourself, not the recipe! The layout, with a full-page photo on every right-hand page, lends itself to flicking through for inspiration.

There are some terrific recipes here, including accompaniments such as salads and desserts, and plenty of general advice. At the price, the book represents great value for barbecue-meisters.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 21 October 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Whether this book is going to be worthwhile for you very much depends how you use the barbeque and if you are prepared to put a little time and effort into doing something a bit different. By this I mean that many, and perhaps even the majority of users are content to chuck on the sausages, chicken wings or whatever and are very happy with the outcome. There is really little that any book is going to add to that experience.

However, if you are prepared to put a little more time in it is relatively easy to produce something which is a bit above the basic offering. In our family, we have often marinated chicken breasts for an hour or two before cooking on the barbeque so we are somewhat receptive to new recipes along these lines and there are plenty here. Most of these recipes are very straight forward and, if you have the ingredients to hand, should not be time consuming. The suggestions here also run to salads and desserts. There is even a recipe for making the basic corn on the cob more interesting. This is certainly a very worthwhile little book if you are prepared to try something different on the barbeque.
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The book starts with a basic introduction to barbecues including a little history and some basics of buying, lighting and cleaning your grill. This is not very innovative and the advice to use firelighters will likely upset purists (they can taint the flavour) but it is a good section for total beginners. There are a good mix of recipes from salads, dips and marinades, through traditional burgers and skewers to `sweet treats.' There are twelve vegetarian recipes and a number of the other rubs, sauces and basic recipes can be meat free if you want.

Recipes are divided into chapters and are straightforward, easy to follow and broken down into steps; they begin with preparation and cooking times, a list of ingredients and the number of servings. The recipes don't follow any skill level or theme so, unlike some recipe collections, you're not stuck with all ideas from a particular region and can move between American, Thai and who-knows-were-it-originated as you like. There is no focus on cost or budget in recipes so you get everything from monkfish, fillet steak and buffalo mozzarella to minced pork and grilled fruit. This eclectic mix means everyone should be able to find something suitable to their budget, skill, available time and taste.

Even if you don't have a barbecue, or it rains when you're attempting one, there are still many recipes in here that you could manage perfectly well in a pan or under a domestic grill. Though perhaps they will not be quite so nice. On the same note, not everything involves the barbecue and some require the use of a hob, oven or fridge-freezer in their preparation so when planning a barbecue at campsite or park remember to check your recipe's requirements first!

The book is small at about five inches square and three quarters of an inch thick, and is quite flexible and springy making it something to read in your hand rather than a book that will lie open on a table, so reading while cooking may be tricky if you hands are covered in marinade! Thankfully the pages are fairly smooth so while its not waterproof it should be easy to wipe most things off. In terms of quality, if you think of a high-end magazine or brochure you'll not be far wrong; pages are of an eggshell appearance, being partially reflective rather than fully glossy and mirror-like, seem text is sharp and photographs are on every other page. Presentation is good, quite varied in style and background and it makes you want to cook.

While anyone can get a few decent recipes and ideas from this book it is really just a list of recipes with pretty pictures: I believe it is therefore better suited for people fairly new to barbecue and learning how to move beyond burgers and sausages. More experienced cooks are likely to prefer something a little more specialised with deeper explanations and more varied techniques, but this might still give them a few ideas.
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Part of the extensive Hamlyn 200 Recipe series, this is one for barbecuers. It includes many of the fairly obvious recipe ideas about steaks, sausages and various fish and many which may be less obvious and not needing to be cooked at all or not essentially on the barbecue. The latter mostly comprise salads, sauces and a few flavoured oils. Also included are dessert ideas and not just the expected pineapple and bananas (they are there) but several others, too.

As with the others of the series, 200 is an approximation and most will have a few extra recipes. However the number is made up of a main recipe and a variant where the main ingredient is replaced with another, for example substituting chicken with tuna, or one sauce or oil is exchanged by another. Each main recipe is accompanied by a full-page illustration. Most of the books from the series include an introductory section which contains relevant advice and in this instance it includes equipment, fuels and safety precautions which are specific to this style of cooking and which might not apply to other titles.

If you have other titles from the series, which variously cover starters, soups, meat courses, vegetarian and desserts including cakes, pies and tarts amongst many others and sometimes two or more titles on the one subject, this would be a logical addition. Even if not, there is something for just about everyone and at an affordable price. The books are of a uniform size and have a similar number of pages. They can be placed in any kitchen library ready and available for use whenever needed. The books are always fully indexed and tend to be broken down into related chapters, so the fish recipes are in one place, meat in another and vegetarian in a third. There are seven chapters each covering one type of dish, excluding the Introduction, Index etc. It may not be the book for experienced barbecue cooks but it will certainly suit those just starting out or who have recently started and need further ideas.

Having previously used other titles from the series, all the recipes offer metric and Imperial measurements rather than the less familiar US cup system and ingredients that are likely to be readily available and appear always to work out as intended if instructions are correctly followed.

A smashing little book and definitely a worthwhile purchase.
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm late sending this review because I like to dabble with the recipes and bits and bobs before I review cookery books. Having seen how many reviews are already on Amason for this little book I don't have a lot more to add. However; here's my review and apologies if you feel you've read most of it already!

I have a whole series of these small Hamlyn cookbooks Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook 200 More Slow Cooker Recipes for example, and they're all functional, usable books though perhaps a little basic for experienced cooks.

Recipes and methods are incredibly simple to follow and clearly laid out with a colour photo for each dish. That's always important to me. I prefer to know what a finished dish should look like before I cook the food. There's a useful introduction to the barbie including equipment, fuels and barbecue types.

There are 200 recipes divided into the following sections:

Taste Tempters.
Steak & ribs.
Kebabs, burgers & hot dogs.
Vegetarian dishes.
Salads, sauces & marinades.
Sweet treats.

You could argue that nobody needs a recipe for a hot dog. It's basically a sausage in a bread roll but; they do give cooking times and the type of plate/rack you need to use if you're not too confident. If you can get yourself past some of the more basic ideas there's a lovely recipe for Sicilian Burgers. I made them last week and cooked them in a normal oven, too cold for the barbie, and everyone wanted another. I'd also recommend the many different sauces and marinades. There's a decent recipe for pesto and the balsamic marinade for prawns is possibly the nicest I've had.

If you want to impress there's a recipe to serve up to 8; 2 x beef eye fillets wrapped in prosciutto but the usual portion size is for 4 or 4-6.

My criticism has to be aimed at the sweet section. The majority of the desert recipes are for basic sweets you make in the kitchen and serve after a barbecue. OK, you can follow the barbecued fruit recipes, or toast a slice of Brioche at the side of the barbie, but you're not going to mess around assembling and whisking the likes of souffle and cheesecake outdoors!! I don't need those recipes, I already have them in a dozen or more different books and I thought that was just a way of filling paper, padding out the book, and was disappointed. That's why I've given a 3 star review.
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If your idea of barbecue food is sooty burgers still raw in the middle then this little cookbook is for you. The range of ideas and recipes here is wide and although it includes the classic steaks, kebabs and burgers it also manages to put an original spin on them with recipes - like Sicilian Burgers which add olives, sun-dried tomatoes and oregano to the mix. There are recipes for a range of marinades and dressings to liven up simple faire and salads to accompany them (or to serve as a main course). The recipes cover starters, seafood and vegetarian options and even and sweets for afters.

Many of these recipes and serving suggestions really need a nearby kitchen because although they feature barbecued ingredients they're not all designed to be cooked and served entirely on your garden BBQ - the barbecue is used to cook or sear the meat (or some other ingredient) before it's combined into the final dish. So it's a great little cookbook for impressing your friends or family at the next open-air get-together, but not so good if you're trying to make quick meals on a remote beach somewhere - unless you pack a very well-equipped picnic hamper to take with you.
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on 19 April 2011
I'm a very basic Barbecue user, generally putting it into the boot of the car along with charcoal etc and then stopping somewhere we regard as nice and setting up the BBQ to make something tasty.

This book, whilst full of excellent recipes and great photos of the finished product well supported by a detailed ingredients list and How to Cook it data did rather disappoint me because so many of the recipes required a food processor or food blender and sometimes an oven to pre-prepare the food for cooking on the BBQ.

That's fine and well if you plan only to BBQ at home but that's not how I use a BBQ and I had hoped that I'd have found an extensive range of menus for which could pre-buy the food then follow the instructions on how to cook it when at a remote location. That unfortunately wasn't the case although I have added some new menus to my rather short list, it isn't as many as I'd hoped for.

Maybe my expectations were set too high as we here in the UK do tend to be back garden Barbecue users whereas my prior experience with BBQ's was in Australia where setting up the BBQ in the back of beyond was very much the norm.

If you are a back garden BBQ user who is comfortable with several hours work in the kitchen preparing the food for cooking on your BBQ then this book is an excellent source of menus.
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Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have previously reviewed a number of these Hamlyn cookbooks and all are very similar in style and presentation. This is a small, almost pocket size book. It contains as the title suggests 200 recipes for the BBQ. Whilst this is a good book, it does go a bit off subject and has recopies that require food processors and some pre cooking in an oven. Each recipe takes two pages. On one side is a picture of the finished dish and on the other is the list of ingredients and simplified cooking instructions. Some of the recipes are so overly simplified, certain stages of the process are left out...needing some guess work, but this does not really detract from the quality of the recipes.

This is a great little book, but I do think to get it to the smaller page format, they have sacrificed some of the preparation/cooking stage explanations and have overly simplified some of the recipes. This is a good little book but with a bit more of an explanation to some of the recipes it could have gained 5 stars.

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VINE VOICEon 23 October 2012
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Don't be put off by the compact and unusal size of this small volume - if you like to barbecue then this is going to tickle your taste buds and stimulate you with good ideas.

The format of the book is effectively a photo of the finished product with a recipe 'card' opposite. The recipes are divided into sections, including salads and other items that you need to enhance the singed meat.

There are some great ideas for marinating your food and guidance for making your own burgers from scratch.

Particular creativity is found in the vegetarian section which is full of mouthwatering ideas, and if you like fish on the barbie then again you will not be short of new ideas here.

If you want the man in your life to produce something more than sizzled sausages then why not make this a stocking filler for him. On the other hand if you are that man, then why not shock your other half by keeping one step ahead?
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VINE VOICEon 29 June 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Hamlyn series is a great set of cookbooks covering every type of cooking a person could think of. Every page has a recipie and a full color photo, all of which look delicious and easy to follow. I don't think many of these recipies will greatly challenge most BBQ chefs, and anyone with a strong culinary background may find these books too simplistic to be of much use, but they do offer some good ideas on which to develop. It is a shame that there is little mention of the American "Low and Slow" style of BBQ, ideal for ribs adn pulled pork and beef, among many other dishes, but for a book on the art of the grill, this is a very worthwhile purchase.
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