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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 October 2001
my first encounter with computer programming was in 1990 when i somehow purchased a book about C++; c was almost synonumous to me with computers at that time and i remember making the assumption that ++ "probably means it is twice as good"! needless to say that other than impressing my dad with a huge book, it literally put me off computer languages for nearly a decade. i had a brief fling with java in 1998, but before i got through all the marketing hype time was up when my gf started calling me a nerd. i recently realized that i desperately need to do the simple things that i want, rather than adapt my needs to what is commercially availabe, and pay hundreds for the 95% of features i'd never use. i encountered scripting languages, python and perl, during my transitional conversion to linux, and the promise of something easier was thrilling, i got larry's (programming perl) and though having it for a couple of weeks i was unable to write any perl scripts, he seemed to go on and on and his "witty" remarks and "culture" stuff became irritating as i realized i was not going to benefit much from reading the huge book. i encountered this book - learning perl - in the local bookstore and the impulse was too strong to resist, i started browsing it on the toilet seat and found myself comfortably staying there for almost an hour, the book seemed quite engaging and the simplicity of it readlly made me happy; i simply felt "i can do it" regarding all the things that i wanted my computer to do. it strikes me now that i can adapt my machine to my needs rather than adapt my needs to what my machine can do through the applications i have. also the potential for an infinite amount of fun! (if u ever needed to spend time wondering which language to choose, choose perl; it took me a few weeks to find out, python is simply not mature enough, perl has CPAN and lots of source code samples on the web, python seems a bit simpler but to actually reinvent things is not at all convenient when there is aleady a perl module on cpan or some source code in a cgi repository site somewhere).. i hope this helps, it cost me some time to reach this conslusion so i hope it'll save u that.
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2003
This is how introductions to programming languages should be written. A friendly, easy-to-follow, sequential chapter-based approach takes the beginner through the basics of Perl, building up to incredibly complex tasks. A great deal of detail on regular expressions and their use has helped me understand them completely where other books (and a course at university) have failed. The examples are thorough and well-documented with model solutions, and the index is comprehensive if you want to use this book as a reference. It doesn't go into detail on CGI or object-oriented Perl, which the book "Programming Perl" covers in more detail, so if you have specific tasks to do then "Programming Perl" may be more up your street. If you're interested in learning Perl for Unix system administration or web services (or virus writing!) then tackle this book first - it's a brilliant helping hand to guide the unwary newbie through an absolute minefield.
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on 20 October 2003
Learning Perl is one of many O'Reilly masterpieces.

The chapter will explain to you a concept, or a few concepts, and then the excercises at the end of the chapter allow you to test this knowledge out and check with the back of the book.

Combining just the right amounts of information and humour, this book is a godsend to someone who wants to learn perl.

This book is only a tutorial, and therefore a book such as Programming Perl is a wonderful companion.
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on 30 January 2003
As with most of the o'reilly books this was easy to read and informative too. This book covers enough to get one started with perl.
Perl is a great language and I wish I used it more often. The only trouble with "learning Perl" is that it makes you want to buy it's big brother "programming Perl" (the classic Camel book)!
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on 29 May 2013
Got the book for 1p + £2 posting or something, only indication that it had ever been used was a slight curve in the front cover that I've since flattened back out. Exactly the resource I was looking for.
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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2002
This is a great learning book. It has many good examples. However, I was in two classes that tried to expand on the examples. It took excessively long to find small syntax problems. If you are used to "c" you can make one-liners with out using those curly brackets (braces), in perl you do not find out that this does not work until you try to run the program. Keeping with that thought this book is of very little help to anyone that does not already know UNIX scripting and concepts. In addition, if you are doing CGI and want pictures, there are some here.

On the positive side the book shows several good sites you can go to for detailed help. And maybe I am hoping for too much as the description of the purpose of perl is:
"Perl is designed to assist the programmer with common tasks that are probably too heavy or too portability-sensitive for the shell, and yet too weird or short-lived or complicated to code in C or some other UNIX glue language."
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on 26 August 2009
I went all the way through this book and actually managed to commit to memory how to approach some problems with Perl, no internet, no book needed. To me, that says, pretty damn good book, although the teaching that went along with it was also good. This gave me a strong basis for programming as a whole, which I approached more fully later in the course.
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on 27 January 2005
This book will get you started with not only perl but programing in general. Up untill I read this book starting on the programing road seemed a little tricky but once I had finished this book programing seemed so much simpler and I was able to right programs that worked.
It does not teach you everything there is to know about perl in fact it only teaches you anoth to get started but it walks you throw each stage teaching you in a logical maner from very simple -programs to throws that are usefull. After you have finished this book I recomend that you read Programming Perl witch teaches you the bulk of perl but does not hold your hand so much but once you have read Learning Perl you will be able to use the information from Programing Perl as you go throw to build up your knolidge.
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on 28 December 2013
reasonable condition book and did not expect it much better: I still have to read it but expect it to be good!
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on 20 April 2004
Perl sucks as a language, Python is much, much better! However, if likeme, you are forced to learn it, I do not think there is any betterstarting place than this book. It is ideal for competent programmers whoare beginners to Perl. If you are a complete beginner to programing, thenI suggest you stear well clear of Perl full stop.
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