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3.9 out of 5 stars140
3.9 out of 5 stars
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88 of 95 people found the following review helpful
on 15 September 2007
It's really refreshing to read a book on this subject that is directed at an English rather than an American readership. The book contains much less hype and nonsense for a start and it also connects better with our own culture than the usual American offering, this is important because the book is directed mainly at de-programming our negative cultural conditioning around money and installing a new and more positive set of beliefs and behaviours.

The techniques that McKenna uses to install these new behaviours are neither new nor original and are drawn from standard NLP and TFT methods but they are simple for the average person to implement and do give excellent results.

All in all, this book is easily read, easily understood (not always true of NLP books), full of life changing thoughts and techniques and after buying it you won't need need to spend hundreds of pounds buying books by the many other guru's in this field.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 8 February 2011
This is the second of Mr McKenna's books that I've now read and worked through and I'm just setting out on my second major life change since I started, the first life change having happened around the time I read Change Your Life in 7 Days.

The first life change resulted in my going self employed and running my own Business, for the first time ever.

The second life change surrounds running a scaleable Business - the research for which I am currently undertaking as a direct result of having read and worked through I Can Make You Rich.

Like many of us, particularly in the UK, I too had the shutters down when it came to things in life that I either felt I didn't deserve or could not handle. Following Paul's book has changed all that and I don't believe that I can now go back to how I felt and thought before.

If you purchase the book with an open mind, read it, work through the exercises and listen to the CD, I don't really see how you and your life cannot be positively impacted in some way, more than making up for the relatively small purchase price.

Sometimes we need a little helping hand to overcome our internal limiting attitudes, viewpoints and feelings and Paul's clever but common sense approach does work.

So, onwards and upwards avid reader!
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71 of 77 people found the following review helpful
on 30 November 2008
I bought this book in June 2008 with the intention of trying to help come up with ideas to help the company I was working for increase revenue.

In a strange co-incidence within a few weeks of starting this book I kept winning the lotto (seriously - 6 weeks on the trott!)

However, the biggest change which I'm assuming the book helped with was the fact that in August, the company I was working for went into administration. This left me in a difficult position and didn't know what to do.

However, after being offered a job I decided to start my own business. With no savings behind me to support my new venture - it was quite literally a moment whereby I had to get money in as quickly as possible. I started the business on the 19 August and by the end of August I had made over 9k in a few weeks.

In September I did the same thing and October was my best month. I had initially set a yearly target of 50k and within 3 months I am only 2k short of this target.

What does this have to do with the book I hear you say? The phrase "out of adversity comes diversity" - this applies to me. I had always wanted to run my own business and with the confidence and enlightenment that this book provides - quite frankly inspired me to setup my business.

My favourite part of the book is identifying your 'Wealth Team'.

A must read - but you also have to be motivated for it to work.

Highly recommended.
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57 of 62 people found the following review helpful
on 6 April 2010
A very well written book. Full of really good tips and exercises. The book & CD basically conditions you into a wealthier mindset. Listening to the CD you don't realise what is happening until you stand back from it. I am now far more confident and happier in my outlook on life in general. The CD alone is well worth the purchase price.
Money "problems" are gradually going away and my business is actually starting to make a profit.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 28 December 2012
A very well written for anyone thinking of starting up their business, has started their own business and those that want to have a better business. Saying that, it is not all about business, but rather what you value in life.
Using this book as a reference guide throughout business will help you keep focus on the business that you want.
Filled with exercises that make you really think hard about how to pitch your business, help others understand what you offer whilst ensuring that you are offering something of real value that is worth your clients paying for.
Many negative reviews say how this book contains nothing new - yet common sense is nothing new but most people need a reminder of what common sense is. In the same way, I come across many that have no clue about how to introduce their business even when it is actually a great business.
Yes much of it is NLP based and many have a problem with this. Not really sure why but all I can say is, keep an open mind and take what is best for you from this. The questions in it may seem basic - but honestly, many people in the working world really need this to move forward in their lives.
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55 of 61 people found the following review helpful
on 25 September 2007
This book is really well written and easy to follow. It explains successful NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) techniques clearly and was a pleasant read all the way through!

As a qualified hypnotherapist, I have to say how pleased I was with the CD. Paul uses multiple induction techniques together with various NLP, and time-line therapy ideas and together with the relaxing music sends me away every time!

I'm currently self-employed and have been working on my own in my own business office for 6 months now, but since reading this book have been heavily motivated to take it to the next level and start employing some people! Paul's material helps keeps my goals at the forefront of my mind and I am sure over the coming months I will continue to see my life grow.

I would particularly make a point of considering what Paul says about your perception of "wealthy" people. I found myself reassessing my ideals of success and really did find myself with views that were ultimately holding me back. Maybe you will find similar insight? Well worth the read, and if you decide to do it - go for it, and all the best!
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 1 December 2012
I have been reading the book and really enjoying it, not because I wanted to become super rich, but because I wanted to change the circumstance of my life where money was an issue.
Since reading the book, I have begun to notice changes, for the better and I can't wait to finish it and share with others.

Thanks Paul, especially reading most of your other books, you've help change my life
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101 of 118 people found the following review helpful
I have read 100's of very poor books on the Success Principles, Self Esteem, Laws of Attraction, Planning, Time Management, Wealth creation etc, in the last few years. I started reading books about goal setting, mind control and success principles in 1985. I have used what I learnt from my extensive reading, coupled with academic qualifications, business and psychology experience, to create a consulting company, teaching seminars to corporations in strategic thinking, leadership, marketing, goal setting and business development. I also use the principles to help individuals, by guiding them as a Peak Performance Coach, teaching people cognitive methods to help goal set and enhance their lives beyond what they could do on their own. As such, I read as many books as I can, on a variety of subjects to enhance my knowledge.

This is the first book I have read by Mr McKenna and must admit I have always tried to avoid his books, given his TV persona. Before reading this book, I had estimated McKenna as a bit of a rip off merchant, riding on the backs of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. I bought this book, as I had read so much on the subjects McKenna writes about, without reading McKenna, as I felt I should be a bit more open minded and read his ideas.

There is no doubt that many of the ideas in the book are based upon Bandlers work. In the first half of the book, I found very few new principles. What I did like were the application of the principles for Wealth Generation. McKenna has taken NLP principles and used them to create a wealth conciousness in the reader. Brilliant and simple and easy to understand. The smug pomposity that McKenna exudes on TV does not come across in the book. I was impressed.

The second half of the book gives you ideas of how to create wealth. Again there are some clever ideas.

So the book is split in 2 halves, 1st half creating the mind set using NLP techniques, 2nd half looking at ways of creating wealth.

The book is very well written with lots of drawings, making the application of the principles very easy to understand. The CD that comes with the book contains NLP suggestions and is not a gimic, as I thought before buying the book.

I therefore recommend this book without any reservations at all. I have bought all the other books that McKenna has written to see if they are as good.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 26 July 2008
Once again, Paul McKenna gets it right.

His writing is fluid and very understandable; his way of seeing things is very practical and down to earth; he gives you a comprehensive view of being "rich", which includes all the ways you "prosper" in your daily life.

This book has "MeKenna" written all over it: it is like a friend talking to you at the pub, someone able to command your attention without being overly complicated or boring or too general.

I much prefer to read a book like this from a person who knows how to right and packages his information well, than the books of people who tell themselves expert and then cannot properly communicate with their readers.

The included CD is also nice and refreshing to hear, and beautifully complements the message of the book.

This is the third McKenna book I buy and I always had the impression of money very well spent.
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41 of 49 people found the following review helpful
on 9 January 2008
In the first six weeks since reading this book I am richer in these ways:
- There is hope of a happy marriage
- I enjoy my time with the children so much more and am not stressed and bored with them
- I am teaching my children to be positive about money
- I now enjoy the job I have hated for 3 years
- I now have no issues that would make me unsuccessful with money
- I am now relaxed about how successful I will be in life
- I now enjoy the company of friends so much more
- My thoughts revolve around the good things in life

Oh, and within the first six weeks, I miracleously have received £5,500 from various places and am earning £6,000 more a year, going up another £2,500 in April.
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