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4.4 out of 5 stars55
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2005
Ali, without doubt is one of the greatest sportsmen of our world, and this book tells you why. This book is not just about the man's fighting ability, but about his kind and loving nature. How he overcame racism and personal trials through steadfast faith and superhuman will.
Ali is completely honest throughout the book, he reveals his regrets and achievements through humbling accounts
I would highly recommend this to fans of Ali and fans of human achievements.
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on 3 February 2010
In the past I had read a few books on Ali, I remember around the time I was 11 I just started highschool and I came across a book about Muhammed Ali and I was hooked right there and then, I was amazed by his courage in and out of the ring... Over the years since then I have read other books about Ali written by outsiders and they were great, they gave me an idea of what kind of man Ali was during his early boxing years.

But since then I always wondered; if Ali could talk the way he could, what would he be saying? what are his thoughts? what are his feelings? I just thought it was a shame that we had a man with so much god given wisdom and wit to be reduced to less than a shadow of his former loud opinionated self.

This book however fufilled my wish to know what Ali has become post his boxing years, his condition was physical and not mental and I think what the book offers is summed up by Ali himself(very nicely I think) when he says that in his youth he begun a journey in boxing to develop himself physically and that since he retired he began a journey to develop himself spiritually.

I was hooked and I finnished reading it all in one go, its full of poems by Ali and stories of Ali's journey in life, his regrets, his victories, his losses and more importantly his faith, faith which I feel after reading the book is what gave him the ability to reach greatness.

Because if it wasn't for his faith he wouldnt of had found the strength to to go on when he was stripped away from the title, if it wasnt for his faith he wouldn't be able to go on with his current condition... at the end of the day faith in god is what ultimately gave Ali the will & courage to do what he did...

in conclusion I'd say that this book clears up some misconceptions about Ali as a person and it reveals the compassionate nature of the man who helped pave the way for equality, a man who lost everything to uphold his faith and a man whos faith helped him to regain everything, a man who encourages people to have faith no matter which god they chose to follow.

Ali is the greatest of all time...
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on 29 November 2006
A very thought-provoking book from a man who is much more than a great boxing champion.

Behind all the bravado and loud talking, all the power and grace in the ring, is a mind and a belief that is truly refreshing.

I found this book to be enlightening, and i will certainly be reading it again, and again, and probably again!
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on 6 February 2007
This book is not just about the greatest heavy weight champ of all time. It's about the boy who took up boxing, the man who defeated liston, the man who became a muslim, stood up for his rights and the rights of every african american. This book will show you a differnt way of life.

A brilliant book for anyone, boxing fan or not.
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on 1 July 2010
Firstly, let me point out that this is not a book about boxing. Obviously, various bouts are mentioned but only to set the scene and mark the various points in the life of this great man. The book is titled "The Soul of a Butterfly: Reflections on life's journey" and this is exactly what the book achieves. It is a poignant and deeply moving collection of memories and interpretations that show Ali not only as a great champion in the ring, but also a great champion out of it to. Every emotion is portrayed in this book as it takes the reader through a journey of injustice, personal sadness, self discovery and eventually triumph and worldwide adoration. Ali is probably the most famous living person on the planet today and to many he is the number one role model and hero. The book has a strong feminine perspective which is deeply moving and thought provoking and obviously entirely due to Ali's daughter and co author Hana Yasmeen Ali . Her input is very personal and deeply touching as she shares her own personal thoughts and memories of dad. The scattering of poems throughout also contributes to making this book feel more like a personal journal or diary rather than just another biography. After reading this book, the reader will go away with a great understanding of this proud and heroic warrior. He is my hero and reading this has only solidified my deep admiration for him. Muhammad Ali is MUCH MUCH more than boxing. Please read this book.
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on 20 December 2012
I had been using my amazon mastercard anywhere and everywhere, which resulted in a nice £10 voucher for anything off amazon. I have always wanted to read Muhammad Ali's autobiography but I think I may have been somewhat distracted when I searched and found this.
It is a beautifully written summary of what I think would be Ali's autobiography or even biography but more focused on his belief of his purpose. Why he was put on Earth, to bring peace and love to everyone who merely hears the mention of his name Muhammad Ali.
It is not meant to be a detailed account of his life, his victories in and out of the ring but the reason behind all of it his goal of peace to all and I think it achieves that. Being the only book I have ever read about this charismatic athlete I am probably more impressed than someone who has exhausted all literature about him but that nonetheless, takes away from this being a great read, even if it is to merely whet your appetite for more detailed books about Ali and his inspiring life.
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on 16 November 2009
It is easy to understand how a man becomes a living legend when the often grim realities of the world are overcome by the cherished combination of courage and conviction borne from within. The real champion is the man.
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on 23 August 2011
Muhammad Ali has always been a hero and an inspiration to me, not only through his courage as a boxer but by the glowing example he sets as a human being.
He was instrumental in " waking me up " to mans often inhumanity and intolerance to his fellow beings, during my informative years growing up.
This book pays tribute to, and is a perfect testament to, a messanger of truth who will always truly be THE GREATEST.
It paints a wonderful picture of the character of a man, a father and a compassionate human being, who's daughter obviously shares his qualities.
The short chapters make it a very easy book to read.
It will appeal to everyone who is travelling the path of truth and enlightenment.
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on 7 April 2013
I selected this book specifically because it was written by his daughter Hana Ali. It's a mixture of poems from both Hana and Muhammad Ali, as well as numerous pieces on Ali talking about everything from growing up, boxing, religion, the things he most aspires to and the things he regrets the most in his life. It's heart felt, inspiring and it has an innocence about it which is refreshing.

It made me think more about Muhammad Ali as a person than a legendary sportsman, and after reading it my opinion of him has just shot through the stratosphere. It's impossible not to love the guy.
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on 21 August 2014
A bit preachy in places. His whole mantra on religion is flawed and his argument is based on "go on, what have you got to loose??" Regardless of the facts. Highlights his probably, most overlooked achievement as a father and in particular the inspiration he is to his daughter Hanna. Her poetry at times is breathtaking in her ability to verbalise muhammed Ali as the legend he is.
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