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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars376
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 1 May 2012
So I have read it in less than a day, which implies that there is at least some galvinising prompt to keep turning the pages - However, I am left feeling strangely unsatisfied.

It is as if I have bought myself a family sized aero and because I left it out in the sun it has melted to half it's size, frankly a bit of a disappointment.

The frustrating part is that the premise was there for a really strong mystery, but the conclusion felt forced and inadequate, a means in which to reach book 13.

There are some fantastic premises, but sadly I feel that the characters we have grown to love simply "phoned in" their parts in the story. There was very little Eric, not much Bill, a fleeting Sam and a literal phone call from Quinn. Sookie was more homespun than usual and although it echoes the original incarnation of the character, her growth seems thwarted.

This is the first book in which I have felt let down. It is not 'bad' in comparison to some vamp lit, it's just not as good as usual. I'm viewing this as the " tie up" book so that the final can be explosive, all encompassing and a fitting finale... Please Ms Harris?
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on 3 May 2012
I excitedly pre-ordered the 12th Sookie Stackhouse and couldn't wait to recieve it, and I finished it on the same day as I was so eager to see what happened to Sookie and her collection of friends and lovers!

I wasn't disappointed although you could tell there was a lot of wrapping up of more minor characters that appear in the stories, but aren't overly signifcant, ready for what I now know to be the last book. This book does flit between the differing Supe groups and it focuses on Sookie and her inner turmoil particularly being pushed and pulled between them all, lost loves and her future happiness - although as normal there is a mystery to solve.

I wish that somewhere before I had read this that it had mentioned that there had been the short story small town wedding as I didn't realise this and I will now have to go back and read this to understanding some of the back story for the odd comments about Quinn and Sam and Jannalynn, which I have also had to do in the past with the other short stories having been a late comer to the Sookie Stackhouse Series.

Otherwise a great book perhaps not as strong as other books in the series as it obviously is building for the finale but you can guarantee that it won't be disappointing - can't wait!
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on 2 May 2012
I have become engrossed in this series of books a have read the 11 previous books in the last 3 weeks conveniently timed for the release of the 12th book, which after the conclusion of the 11th book I was excitedly, eagerly awaiting.

I read this in around 6 hours all told, so it certainly kept me turning the page, and while part of that was due to the good storytelling, part of it was also because I wanted to get to the part of the story which I was waiting to progress, namely Sookie & Eric's relationship, but I have to admit that though he is mentioned earlier Eric does not make his first apperance in the book until approx 67 pages in to the book, which I found a bit disappointing.

Call me an old romantic but I've been wanting and wishing for a happy ending for Sookie & Eric and I was hoping that their relationship would be explored a lot in this book, but it's not. I hate to say it but there is lot more character background, description and (I'm sorry) waffling then there is mention of their relationship and although I know that is only one part/element of the story, that is the part that I personally wanted to know more about, be revealed, concluded, but once again this part of the story is left hanging in the balance to be revealed/concluded in the next book (which I have to wait a year for! :-( )

A few other storylines are finalised in this book, which did make up for my disappointment in other areas a bit, but there was also a lot of what I considered filler, things that could have been left out and not made a difference to the story.

I did enjoy this book, and it certainly left me wanting for the next book (if only to find out how Sookie & Eric's relationship actually turns out!) but if I'm honest it wasn't my favourite and it was a bit disappointing compared to others in the series.
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on 2 May 2012
I have to agree with some of these reviews written here. I too read this book over two days and at the end it just left me feeling a bit disappointed. There was a lot of Sookie's foundering around on her own, a lot of pointless conversations and a really predictable plot line. This book just felt like a filler before the Grand Finale.

There was no depth around Sookie's relationships (and not that there is a whole lot of it in the whole series but even so...) and there were a lot of very predictable situations... at some points I guessed what was going to happen before the 2 page description of Sookie mentally coming to the same conclusion. The whole element of surprise and mystery was sadly lacking in this book. There was also A LOT of characters (along with a paragraph of history back filling, which means nothing to you if you haven't read the book previously and too much if you have) and I was struggling to stay connected to all of them.

Nevertheless I always enjoy the plots in these books and the the mystery story telling is great to follow. The best bit was the last 10% (Kindle terms) where there was a bit of action and finally something happened which meant I didn't feel completely disappointed. I will buy the next book - just for completeness and pray that Ms Harris really finishes it off with a "bang" and explains all the unexplained.
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on 10 May 2012
If truth be told, though I am a massive Sookie fan, I think Charlaine Harris is struggling to keep the series going and probably should have stopped it a few books back. I read this book, despite the reviews being horrendous because I've read all the other books that spans the series. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed...

All of Sookie's past and present love interests were mentioned in the book, making them all a possibility of who she will choose to eventually settle down with. I had an inclination that it wouldn't be a vampire as Sookie doesn't want to become one and there have been scattered hints throughout the series that she wants to get married and have children one day. By the end of the book it's abundantly clear who Charlaine is plumping for but to be honest I have kind of suspected this from a third of the way in to the book as he was getting much more attention than any other potential suitor.

The story contains fae issues; problems with werewolf hierarchy and touches on Sookie's relationship woes with Eric. Although I have always been a massive Eric fan, I felt a complete change of heart this book for his character and feel as though Charlaine has done him an injustice. The former issues have also been touched on in previous books and I felt a little bored with the concept and as though Charlaine is struggling to find anything fresh to write about.

You can tell the series is coming to an end as the characters are all getting tied off and loose ends are being wrapped up. It was an easy read but I can only hope the final book is much more creative and inspiring than the penultimate one.
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on 24 July 2012
(3.5 stars)

This, to me, felt very much like a book an author writes when beginning to wrap up a long running series. There are so many loose ends in this series that I'm not sure Harris could have tied them all up in a finale anyway. If that means a book like this, one which was entirely readable and with a lot going on but one which maybe sacrificed some action and the progression of the main plots, then that's absolutely okay with me. I don't want a final book that feels rushed with too much going on, I'd rather have the story come to an end over several books.

Harris is just an easy author to read. She doesn't scrimp on plot or dark themes but she does have a lightness to her writing that most other authors of the genre don't. I think that's partly down to the fact that we get these stories from Sookie's POV and I've yet to meet a character as sunny or one who looks on the bright side quite as much. For some, this is too cloying, but for me it's comfort reading in the best possible way.

For all it has a sunny personality on the outside, it has some bittersweet going's on inside. I think this one drove home the fact, more than others, that Sookie is a changed woman from when we first met her.

While not a classic instalment of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, I do feel that it is a suitable and satisfying penultimate book - it certainly feels like it is building up to something big, whatever that may be.
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on 24 June 2012
i have to say i was so excited about this book, i read the books before the tv series came out and i am feeling that the writing of the books has gone downhill since the release of the tv series.
it was all a bit i did this, then i did that very boring, i felt i had to force myself to read this.
the ending was very dissapointing to say the least not what i was hoping for.
Here is hoping the last book will be better
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Aww, this book made me sad and slightly nostalgic, but at the same time I was feeling good reading it and enjoying Bon Temps. It was like visiting old friends...

It's all coming to an end, folks. Next book is the last one, and it feels right. Charlaine Harris finishes it on a high note and that's how it should be with any good series.

Deadlocked is slowly tying loose ends at a very leisured pace. You get to spend time with Sookie feeling bittersweet about all her friends and family and melancholic about her own life.

Her mood is resolved, she is feeling in her gut that Eric and herself are not meant to be, and she is deeply upset that she can't have a normal life. She is fragile, slightly unhinged, and doesn't trust people easily. Even her closest and dearest seem to betray her in the end...

I was feeling deeply sorry for her, surrounded by greed and ambition of supernaturals and losing her patience for their crap, and at the same time I'm very much afraid that Sookie won't have her happy ending. I just don't see how?..

Despite plenty of lacklustre reviews, this is a very good book, it's not dramatic, but emotional and grown up. I love Miss Stackhouse, poor sweet Sam and even Eric who lost most of his wicked charm since the beginning of his relationship with Sookie, and I'll be profoundly sorry to say my goodbyes to them all.

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on 8 May 2012
Like many other reviewers, I was eagerly awaiting this book after reading all 11 other books. The last book (book 11 and to some extent book 10 too) didn't do it for me, they felt very much like a filler books so I had high hopes for this with the series being near to it's end. I was left a bit disappointed throughout the whole book really. There was an awful lot of waffle in the book, perhaps just to bump up the word count, but there were whole paragraphs that could have been taken out without any real detriment to the book.
It was very disappointing to see very little of Eric, Bill or Pam. Those charachters make for great reading, but instead we were left listening to Sookie think aloud and come to conclusions that we as the reader had already come to several paragraphs before.

I'm sad to say that I think this series should have ended a few books ago. The author seems to have gotten bored of the charachters and has run out of any decent ideas. She seems to be firing these books out without much thought to just get her paycheque and fulfil her contract. The plot lines and charachters are becoming so long winded (for example how sookie is related to all those damn fairies) that it's hard to keep up with what is actually happening (which isn't an awful lot!).

I'd have like to have seen something more concrete come of the sookie/eric relationship too. The book started with her feeling a bit down about their relationship and the threat of him having to marry Freyda hanging over their heads, and it ended the exact same way!! Very little progress made in this book, which I feel was yet another filler/tie up loose ends book.

I will certainly buy the last book as I am so fond of these charachters and the series in general, and I have invested my time and money in these books so I want to see how it all ends. But I think if I have the time I need to go back and read books 1-10 to try and remember why I loved these books so much to start with, because after deadlocked I can't really see why now!!
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on 6 May 2012
First off let me say I love the sookie stackhouse series, my friend got me into it and I bought the collection of books and read it in a week. They were impossible to put down and completely absorbed me into their world, fabulous writing. I felt with the last book a little sad at the end because of sookie's situation and it just made me desperate for the next installments, however after reading this book I was left totally gutted and no further forward than I was initially. I found the writer lost her way, it was a pointless book - I get leaving the Eric relationship unconcluded but he was actually barely in it! As for the claude, dermot, Niall story didn't really see the point in spending so much time in it. The inclusion of Freyda I thought there would be more- I'm guessing it's an attempt to set it up for the last book.

When I think back to previous books she always left something unresolved at the end, but the majority of lose ends we're tied up - this time I don't feel I moved very far at all, I felt like I paid a lot of money for a roller coaster ride and ended up on the tea cups. However with all my moaning I will by the next book!

Although this is negative review if you haven't read any of the previous books, do it because they are amazing! I guess she out did herself before and it's hard to keep up the pace.
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