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4.7 out of 5 stars25
4.7 out of 5 stars
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I think this is my favourite Argeneau since Single White Vampire. I read this some time back, and I thought it really was one of Lynsay Sand's strongest efforts to date.

Leigh Gerard is going home from work late one night, when she is approached by a co-worker Danny. He is acting rather weird, but before she can decide to get far away, she ends up at a house with a rogue Vampire named Morgan. Morgan has started the process to turn Leigh. He has been turning people left and right to create his own vampire clan. Only the enforcer of the Argeneaus, Lucian, is on Morgan's trail and determined to put a stop to his nonsense. He comes in with his crew to wipe out the vampire nest, but discovers Leigh is not really a vampire...quiet yet. Instead of destroying her with the others, he takes her home and protects her. Neither Leigh nor Lucian (even more grumpy than Lucern is!!) are happy with the romance, especially since Leigh is learning she is a vampire in the makings, too.

A little darker than most of Lynsay's books, but I like that she steps outside of the box and delivers a book that is special unto itself. It's charming, witty, and an utter delight. Many series start to lag after the first three, then you see the writer struggling to keep making the series fresh. It's not an easy chore, because you have to remember that a reader new to the series will need explanations, while those already hooked don't want to hear a lot of repetition. It's walking a tight rope between the two that can kill a series. Sands proves she is a master and does each one in STYLE that promises to keep this series going and going....sure makes me happy!
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on 4 December 2007
Like many people i have been less than thrilled with Lynsay Sands recent efforts. A Quick Bite while still a good read failed to capture me as much as SWV and TDH. And Vincent's story the book before this one, i absolutely loved but for some reason thought lacked a little sparkle.

Maybe it was because both those books contained less of the humour that i loved so much in this series. I mean everyone remembers Lucern's frantic hunt for a condom or poor Bastien having to sort out all the wedding problems. Well i cant really say anything comes to mind from the last two books. I still love them but this one really did blow them out of the coffin.

Bite me if you can is certainly comparable to her earlier books and i can only hope that the next three (Victor, Thomas and Marguerite) are the same.

Lucian Argeneau is an enforcer for the vampire council and is one of the oldest vampires living, surviving the actual fall of Atlantis. Lucian is taciturn and very set in his ways, he has no problem doing whatever has to be done, its part of his job. At the beginning of the book a young woman named Leigh is attacked by a vampire. She is taken to a lair where the vampire in question intends to keep her prisoner by quoting the media's view of vampires. By telling her that she cant go out in sunlight, must bite to eat and sleep in a coffin, he intends to tie her to him forever as a dependent wraith.

But Lucian and his crew have been following this vampire and destroy the nest, unfortunately he and another vampire escape but Leigh is rescued. Lucian is of course reluctant to keep her but she is turning and in need of help. He vows to turn her over to his sister in law before returning to search for the rogue vampire. So he leaves his companions to handle that and takes her to Marguerite Argeneau's house.

But Marguerite is leaving the country for a short while and cant take the girl so Lucian has no one else to turn to (which pisses him off royally) and he reluctantly see's her through her turning.

The presence of Marguerites giant dog (i think its a mastiff or a great dane or something) a rubish bag and an inability to master modern technology makes this a truly enjoyable turning.

At first it may be difficult to like Lucian but as Leigh realises, he may be strong and independent, or at least as much as he can be but he is still very insecure in some regards. The purchase of some self help books is a really priceless addition. I actually groaned and said 'You idiot!' when i read that part. You just knew it would be a train reck, but it was so brilliantly written and even surprised me a little in what the stunt resulted in.

Anyway Lucian knows Leigh's his life mate fairly early on and he wants her but he's not used to showing emotion.

Lucian's past is touched on only briefly but that is a good thing as i am one of those people who hate really really long convoluted memory passages. and this thankfully didnt have any, as it would no doubt have spoilt a light hearted read with war and the difficulty of both medieval and ancient times. What is mentioned is enough for you to realise exactly what Lucian has gone through and what makes him such an aloof seemingly uncaring individual.

So to sum up... this book has vampires, romance, drama, an element of danger and a lot of laughs. What more do you need except believable and lovable characters...well it has them too. So what are you waiting for buy it!

I actually do think it is my favorite but maybe thats just because i fell head over heels for this particular vamp.
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on 22 July 2007
It's been a while since I picked up one of Sand's Argeneau family books. Once I opened the pages and devoured the first chapter I realized what a mistake I made by letting them go so long. With all the heavy hitting, punch-in-the-gut vamp romances available, this series is a blessed refuge when I need a little pick-me-up and a good dose of laughter. Much as I love the harder, more eerie vamp romances, I know I'll always come back to this series because of its humor and great characters.

Leigh has finally built a decent life for herself. She's a businesswoman, independent and she's finally starting to feel a bit safe. After getting over a recent bad marriage, a girl's got a right to such things, so when a vampire comes along and turns her pleasant world inside out--again--she's not going down without a fight. Too bad the wrong place at the wrong time ends her up in the sights of Lucian Argeneau. Notorious hunter of evil vampires, he's not inclined to give Leigh the benefit of the doubt. He's lived for two thousand years and seen and done too much to have any sympathy. Much as he wants to wash his hands of the troublesome woman though, he's hard pressed to see her dead. A mutual enemy still wants her though and suddenly Lucian becomes the protector when all he's known is killing. Can he remain aloof enough to finish what he started, the killing of a devious master vampire, or will their emerging relationship impede his quest? For the first time, Lucian's got a tad more on his hands then he knows what to do with and it's all woman!

What a great installment to reintroduce myself to the series with! I'll be up front and say that I did not like Lucian one bit for the first few chapters. He's so hardened after thousands of years of killing and I was amazed that this was to be the hero of the book, a comedy at that. But Leigh now, neither he nor I really saw her coming. What an effect she had on him! It's not an easy transition from centuries old killer to vamp-in-love, but to watch Lucian take that journey was very exciting. Everything from their desperate attempts to foil Morgan, to Lucian's small team of vamp exterminators ties so well together. Here's seriously hoping that his two cohorts, Mortimer and Bricker get their own stories one day or at least more cameos--they're very interesting! As usual, Sand's splices up the story with plenty of wit and laughter, but reserves plenty of sweet, suspenseful and doubtful moments for us to keep turning the pages. Sands writes yet another vamp comedy with enormous style that can only be admired and envied. Five very big stars and more!
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on 10 February 2010
I've read most of this series now and found this one really good. We all know Lucian as being the oldest and most moodiest of the Argeneaus and why not! he's had one hell of a life. Life turns upside down when he is pretty much abandoned by his family to care for the newly turned Leigh.
After a while you find it hard not to fall for Lucian yourself. He has a few sticky moments where he is standing in nothing but jeans and a flower apron and when he turns an expert in womens clothing!!! I like the humanity of the man and how kind he really is. Leigh is a fiesty woman and is scared of the relationship because of her past. Can Lucian convince her that he is nothing like her husband?
I also liked that there was more of a threat in this story and that Leigh can take care of herself too.
Good luck to them.
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on 12 December 2012
Leigh Gerard is walking home from work in the early hours when she is suddenly attacked by a vampire. Turns out it was a rogue vampire marked for termination but that doesn't help Leigh because she's already becoming a vampire. Lucian Argeneau is over two thousand years old and the only pleasure remaining in his life is hunting down rogues, but when he ends up forced to care for Leigh through her transition and welcome her into her new life he finds himself torn between the hunt and his heart.

This is the sixth book in the awesome Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series (after A Quick Bite,Love Bites,Single White Vampire,Tall, Dark and Hungry and A Bite to Remember) and features the grumpy Uncle Lucian. He's always been very brusque and bad-tempered in the previous books, but occasionally he has shown glimmers of being a nice guy underneath it all so it was interesting to find out more about him.

The plot is as densely plotted as usual with a good mix of tension and humour that kept me glued to the page. Whenever I pick up a Lynsay Sands book I know I'm in for a fun action-packed read and this is no exception. This follows in the slightly darker tone of the previous book and shows the reader for the first time what it's like to hunt rogue vampires. Lucian and Leigh's romance is also distinct from the previous ones, building on each of their lives.

Rogue vampires have been mentioned a few times, particularly in the most recent installments but there hasn't been a huge focus on why vampires go rogue or what happens after they do. This book changes that. It manages to show the reasons why some vampires go rogue while others don't and it gives insight into how and why they are hunted. Having someone like Lucian who has been hunting rogues for a long time to guide the reader through means info-dumping doesn't occur at all.

Lucian is the oldest character featured so far and at over two thousand years he definitely shows his age at times. He also hasn't eaten in decades so it is hilarious to see him trying various types of food. It's great to see why he's been such a jerk in the past (a certain scene with Greg in A Quick Bite comes to mind) and get to understand him better. Leigh is a brilliant match for Lucian. She's mature enough to be confident her relationship with Lucian, but young enough to make him realise that life can be really fun. Leigh very much has her own life that she's worked hard to build so becoming a vampire is a massive adjustment for her as it means losing a lot.

All in all, this was a great read and I'm looking forward to The Accidental Vampire.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Cover: 9/10

Overall: 49/50
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on 14 March 2011
My thoughts:

Another good and light Argeneau vampire novel. I truly like that about this series. And once again, this one can easily be read as a standalone novel. I have only read 3 out of 6, but it works. There is a new couple in each, and the whole vampire thing is explained to the newbies. Trust me on this.

In this one a woman, Leigh is out walking and gets attacked. Luckily for her Lucian comes to the rescue as he is hunting down her attacker. Since she is bitt...moreMy thoughts:

Another good and light Argeneau vampire novel. I truly like that about this series. And once again, this one can easily be read as a standalone novel. I have only read 3 out of 6, but it works. There is a new couple in each, and the whole vampire thing is explained to the newbies. Trust me on this.

In this one a woman, Leigh is out walking and gets attacked. Luckily for her Lucian comes to the rescue as he is hunting down her attacker. Since she is bitten he explains things to her *coughs*, ok he tries, he calls in help, and he is pretty bad at the whole thing. That is what I liked most about him, for someone among the oldest in the world (talking BC here), he is pretty bad at certain things. He is the grumpy grandpa that has given up on sex and food, since why bother at all. What can I say, I liked him, especially in one scene where he buys books about how to talk to woman. Leigh then, well she comes to term with the whole vampire/nano thing pretty fast. But she has been hurt by a man in the past so she is not that keen on falling in love, or lust with anyone.

These books are light, there is some humour, and there is some passion. I just sat down and read it fast, and I do like books like that. You can just relax, sit back and read a cute story about a couple falling in love. Though as always there is some danger in them too, here it's the guy that bit her and he will be back at the end.

What next, well I would really like to see Marguerite's book. That would be fun (nr 9 it seems ;)


The whole vampire thing is still interesting, I do like the story of Atlantis and how "vampires" were created. The lightness and humour in the books make them fun reads. Cute and fast.


They are enjoyable
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on 10 February 2011
This is the 6th book in the Argeneau series and is brilliant. It follows the oldest and coldest immortal we have met so far - Lucian. It begins with bar-owner Leigh walking home late from work and being attacked and turned by rogue vampire Morgan. Leigh has only begun to turn and manages to escape Morgan's clutches only to run straight into Lucians - he and his men are there to destroy Morgan and his army of newly turned vampires. Leigh is spared and now in Lucians care as she completes the turning and learns about how to live as an immortal (only because he can't find anyone to dump her on!).

This book was very funny. Lucian is cold and tough and completely useless for the most basic of tasks needed to look after Leigh and therefore his family (from the previous books) feel they must step in to help him teach her and convince her to be his life mate. Heated dog food and self help books add to the hilarity and Lucian is quite adorable in his stupidity with Leigh. The hardcore hunter is no more and it's doubtful if anyone in the family will fear him after this! The plot was great and the ending sneaks up on you and was less abrupt than others have been which was good.

A triumph for Lynsay Sands, 6 books in and still amazing. This one must be read it is fantastic and incredibly funny - definitely a keeper.
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on 27 March 2014
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on 1 June 2010
I've read the entire Argeneau series but this is the first one I read and my favorite. I'm not real fond of vampire stories usually but the vampires here are not the undead kind so okay.

Another reason I went ahead and read it the first time is that it starts out in the Kansas City area where I live. Even though the KC geography is pretty wonky and full of mistakes it still gives me an affection for the book. For example if you just say Kansas City then you mean Kansas City, Missouri not Kansas City, Kansas. The major city is in MO. If you're talking about the smaller spill over city in Kansas, locals say Kansas City, Kansas or KCK to differentiate. And if you're walking from downtown KC (and downtown is always assumed to mean the Missouri city unless another city is specifically specified) then you're not going to walk to Kansas since you'd have a long walk across the Kaw river on one of the interstate bridges. There are a few other geographical mistakes but enough about that.

I really liked Lucien. I found his character to be charming since I always like alpha guys who are unsure of themselves around the woman they fall for. He wants very much to do right by her. The heroine, Leigh, is a very strong character who takes her new situation in stride rather than freaking out. Great secondary characters and solid plot. Funny in places. Light hearted in most. Not full of angst and anguish. Well written.

Very good series that I recommend to all.
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on 4 June 2011
as the title suggests this is a vampire book.the family of vampires are the good guysand there is usually some romance somewhere in the story. still makes a pleasant read if this is what you like.lets your imagination work.
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