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4.5 out of 5 stars108
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 August 2010
Although this book had a solid start--and definitely had an interesting premise: angel-centric novels are rare, and I've never before seen the likes of the specifics of this series (wherein angels are the creators and masters of vampires)--at around page 65, it took a sharp turn toward the realm of soft-core porn. I was uncertain about continuing, not wanting to read simple porn when I'd been promised urban fantasy, but I kept with it, and was rewarded for such.

The storyline ebbed and flowed, occasionally buried under sex (and tension around it), but that was made up for enough by the strong mythologies created within the novel. The concept of angel dust--no, not the drug--was highly interesting, and executed well, as was the majority of the novel.

Of the broad range of characters, I felt only one of the archangels (Michaela) and the protagonist's (Elena's) human friends to be flat and awkward. Elena spends barely any time with her friends, and the time she does spend with them is generally overshadowed by her (rightful) fears and desires in regards to the supernatural world around them. Michaela, on the other hand, is presented as just another petty, shallow and vindictive woman, adhering to the apparent general trend. Michaela's actions, though, can be somewhat excused: she is not human, and therefore not bound by human social customs and conventions.

One thing that struck me especially was the presentation of the supernatural-imbued world as fact. Although Singh did spend some time going over the details of the world, this could be forgiven due to the need for back-story, and for the fact that the novel is not written in direct first-person, but in the more removed third-person. The mythologies of this series, as previously stated, were strong, and quite gripping; now that I've finished the novel, I look eagerly forward to the next in the series, to sate my desire to know what happens next.
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on 18 December 2014
I was browsing my kindle store looking a new series, and in a comment on a book, someone recommended to try this series. Wise advice. I am so happy my curiosity won and lead me to this book. It was so intriguing and such a great read. Some unexpected twists, great characters and a sense of underlining mystery. I can't wait to carry on and find out what is going on. So many unanswered questions and I have no idea how the story may develop but I'm looking forward to it.
Recommend this book completly.
The sex scenes didn't drag. The romance was more reslisitc, with no 'cringe' worthy speaxhes. It was a mature read that was Moe about the relationship and story development. This is my favourite thing about this couple, I do hate reading cheesy lines. Not to spoil it, but most of the story both main characters accept that he will be killing her in the end.

Great read.
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on 14 October 2013
what a great story line! most needed a fresh look at archangels and vampires. i found myself glued to this book a must read for fantasy readers. im off to buy the next installment.
from Sharon of London
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on 4 September 2014
When I read the synopsis of this book and saw it was about Angels, I had to give it a try and I am so glad that I did. This is the first book I have read by Nalini Singh and I am hooked.

The depiction of the Angels, Vampires and Guild Hunters were so different and the story flowed so well that there was never a dull moment. Raphael is the best Archangel, I have come across (in books) and Dmitri, the vampire is such an interesting character, I couldn't help but love him. Ellie, the Guild Hunter is such a natural and strong character too. Loved this book and am now a fan of Nalini Sighn. Really looking forward to her next book.
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on 8 November 2012
I'm not the type of person to read, I would usually rather play on the Xbox 360 or watch a film, but I was recommend this by my fiancé and I couldn't put it down on holiday (other then when my phone died lol). I love all things supernatural, so adding vampires, power wielding arch angels, and bad ass hunters.. I'm in!! Would recommend this to anyone else who has similar interests. The descriptions of the arch angels are amazing!!
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on 5 November 2013
Dark and violent but incredibly romantic. I devoured this book in a day! Wish the love story between Raphael and Elena would have been stretched out more and developed further in the first book but that does not detract massively. On to the second!!!
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on 17 February 2014
A fantastic new series for me to get sunk into - one that is a little bit different. I've never read anything of Nalini Singh's before, but I will certainly be checking out her other series once I'm through with this one.

Angel's Blood took me a day to tear through. I literally could not put it down and I quickly ordered the next two books. The female lead is spunky and strong and the male lead is well balanced. Raphael's character stays true all the way through to the end. He's certainly no cherub, but he does grow a slightly softer side without him doing a complete 360 and turning into some mushy lapdog. I don't know about anyone else, but it really irritates me in books when an author takes a very dominant male character and turns him into Fido all in the name of luuuurve. Ick! By the end of the book, you know Raphael's still a hard ass. He's still a very dominant, very dangerous being despite his growing feelings for Elena. Fab job, Nalini.

I'm not going to give away any of the plot, I'll just say that if you're looking for a new urban fantasy with some steamy times and a bit of gore, definitely give the Guild Hunter series a go. It lost a star simply because of the authors writing style. I found it a little difficult to read at times and would need to go back and reread several lines to make sure I was understanding what was written and whose POV it was coming from, etc. Where a lot of authors take the time to explain things, I found Singh just...stated them? It's hard to explain. For example, instead of her writing something like: 'Elena felt his hot breath of her neck', what would actually be written was: 'Hot breath on her neck.' I just found it a somewhat lazy way to write at times, I guess. It made me need to work too hard as a reader and it became frustrating. Having said that, I can imagine you getting used to it the more you read of the series.

All in all, I'd definitely recommend :)
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on 28 October 2013
Elena Deveraux is one of the best guild hunters, a group of people who hunt down rogue vampire for their angel bosses but she has a dark past. Everything changes when she is hired by the Archangel Raphael for her most dangerous job to date, to hunt down an Archangel who has crossed a line and is going on a killing spree. Raphael is fascinated by Elena and wants her as his, but can he risk being with her as it makes him weaker and more human. Elena cannot deny her attraction to Raphael but she does not want to be his play thing to be pushed aside when he is done with her, plus she has to focus on hunting the Archangel that if not stopped could change the world forever.

Angel's Blood is the first book in the Guild Hunter series and the first book I have read by Singh. It is an enjoyable paranormal romance book but I felt it was not as good as Sherrilyn Kenyon or Jeaniene Frost novels as I could not connect to the story or characters that much. The plot was a bit slow especially in the middle of the book as even though there is a killer on the loose they did not seem to focus much on that and more on the relationship between Elena and Raphael.

Elena is a good paranormal romance heroine as she is feisty and loyal but also vulnerable, but apart from her cool scenting powers I could not connect with her as she seemed very similar to other females in the genre. I had a similar problem with Raphael, as I am getting bored with the very possessive alpha male and even though he is meant to be sexy I just did not find his personality appealing. Also I found the sex scenes a bit dull as the flirtation between Elena and Raphael was much more interesting and had more chemistry.

Angel's Blood is an enjoyable read and I would recommend to fans of paranormal romance novels.
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on 15 July 2012
I put off reading this book for ages and now i'm not sure why because i truly loved it.
I'll start with a summarising of the plot just incase your reading this with no idea what it's about.
Elena is a guild hunter liscensed to hunt vampires and return them to their angel masters. On returning one vampire to an angel she is given her next assignment which happens to be for the Archangel Raphael, a dangerous, terrifying and very gorgeous angel.
He needs Elena's abilities to help him track an archangel gone bad, but it becomes clear that things aren't that straight forward and to make things more complicated she finds herself falling for Raphael.

This may sound like your usual romance/fantasy story but you'd be wrong by a long shot. The characters are much more complicated and there are so many barriers between them i started to lose count, not to mention the fact that Raphael is an arrogant twit and Elena is as stubborn as they come, it makes for an interesting story.

As raphael and Elena track the archangel the plot unfolds nicely, with information being revealed at just the right pace to entice the reader to read on but not slow enough to infuriate, and i found all my questions answered by the end (which is rare in most cases!)
The fight scenes were extraordinary and i gasped on several occasions, i could almost see that final battle in front of my eyes it seemed to real, it would make an excellent movie!

The characters themselves simply came alive and shone for me. Elena was fiesty, stubborn and more than a match for Raphaels arrogance and the pair complimented each other perfectly. I also found their softening emotions for each other rather beautiful, and by the scene after the final battle i shed a few tears, it was one of those scenes that just got to me in a rather emotional way.
Other stand out characters for me, were Sara, who i totally loved, her kick-ass loyal friend nature was brilliant and i wish i had a friend that loyal. I also loved illium (i hope i spelt that right!) or 'bluebell' as Elena names him. He was so cute and the bit with the 'fluffy duck' feathers had me laughing :-)

Simply put i can't praise this book enough, it's romantic, riviting, sexy, intelligent and adventurous. Nalinis risk at writing a completely different novel as paid off and i love the world she's created.
I will definately be reading Archangels Kiss!
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on 26 May 2011
I don't read romance novels as a general rule, but when I do I prefer those with a paranormal twist to them. I also like romance novels to have a strong story to backup the relationships developed. Angels' Blood checks both boxes.

I'm in two minds about the cover art used for this edition of Angels' Blood. Part of me feels that the designers could have done more with it - perhaps using artwork instead of a photograph. But another part of me has to admit that the image of the model with those gorgeous angel wing tattoos works. I do like the splatters and droplets of blood that are part of the text used for the title - it's simple but quite effective.

I'm just going to leap in and say that I loved the idea behind Nalini Singh's world in Angels' Blood. The story is set in the modern world, but where angels and vampires are an accepted part of day-to-day life. The great aspect for me was the idea that angels create and control vampires - it puts a new spin on two quite popular supernatural groups. Added to this mix are the Guild Hunters. They are humans who track and capture rogue vampires. It makes for an interesting mix and provides a ripe foundation for a series.

The fear and respect which angels and, to a lesser extent, vampires inspire is easy to accept because Singh takes the reader straight into her world. There's no sitting back and studying it, it's visceral and immediate and it helps to bring the book to life.

My one problem with the book was that I would have liked to see more of the rogue archangel or at least his actions. The hunt for him drives the story and does a good job of keeping the suspense raised, but the terror he inspires didn't really mean much once the hunt was over.

Elena is a born Hunter, meaning she has the natural ability to sense and hunt vampires. She's good at what she does and she knows it. She is pushy and tough, but Singh has given her a good backstory that rounds her out as a character. Her attraction to Raphael is well handled and I liked that their relationship was part of the larger story.

Nalini Singh has created an intriguing paranormal world in Angels' Blood populated by a cast of interesting characters and I look forward to seeing what happens next in the series.
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