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on 17 May 2006
I ordered this book from amazon at the same time I bought my breadmaker (a Panasonic SD252), and did so based upon the reviews of other breadmaker purchasers. I'd developed (very suddenly) a wheat intolerance not long before, and was scrambling rapidly to learn to bake without wheat, find some decent bread that didn't require a mortgage to buy a loaf (if you're wheat intolerant or coeliac, you know what I mean), and bought a number of books on w-f/g-f baking during those first few months of re-education. 9 months later, I can highly recommend Humphries' book: the "Multigrain loaf" & pizza crust recipes alone make the book worth every penny, but other recipes I've tried in it are good, too. It's become one of the wheat-free/gluten-free cookbooks I've come to rely upon the most, & can only imagine that others would, too!

About the pizza crust (just in case you're looking for a good one): It has fooled friends who can eat wheat and didn't realise it was wf till they saw me eat it; it freezes well before it's baked, in every form from a ball of dough to completely made up and topped with whatever you like -- I've done this many times so that I'd have a ready-meal waiting for me when returning from a long trip or long day at work, and just popped it in the oven (still frozen) and it came out beautifully. And the final proof (so far as I'm concerned) that it's a good recipe? Once you've baked it, the leftovers taste good cold the next day!

***************************5 Years Later*************************

Since I wrote my first review, several things have changed:

1) the breads available in supermarkets for gf/wf diets have improved drastically.

2) I've developed a milk allergy

3) I've developed a soya allergy

I still make the pizza crust from time to time (& use soya-free/dairy-free cheese), but not the breads, mainly because so many of them rely on milk powder as an ingredient &/or call for soya flour. Since both of these are high-protein ingredients and therefore (I'm assuming) would affect the recipe's success greatly, I've just stopped using the recipes which call for them. As time has passed, I've found that I use this recipe book less and less. It was great when I first began living wheat-free, but as the "free from" market has improved, as my dietary needs have changed, and as my skills for cooking & baking "without" have improved, I find myself relying more on my own recipes. For some, undoubtedly, this book might well be just the thing, especially for specialty breads or if they're particularly keen to make their own breads at home in a machine. For me, however, this book has ceased to be a favourite.
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on 26 February 2006
This book is excellent. Alot of shop-bought gluten-free bread is plain horrid, commercial gluten-free bread mixes are OK but just don't hit the spot. These recipes for breadmaking machines are really good. OK - a bit of a hassle buying all the different flours to begin with - but there are internet sites you can buy from if you can't get them locally. And once you have stocked up on them you are away and, if my experience is anything to go by, protecting your bread from the rest of the family!
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on 28 May 2007
I bought this book as a companion for the Panasonic SD253 Breadmaker, which it lists as a suitable breadmaker for the recipies in the book, I have now been using it ( and the breadmaker) for about a month. The recipe for the bread mix I have found one of the most useful things,it gives a flour mix that is stable and well behaved, holds a good rise and -most importantly, makes bread that tastes like bread, and not some weird experiment in a chemical lab, which is what most commercial bred tastes like! I started off with the basic everyday white bread mix, which worked well, gave a good, well flavoured loaf, which lasted well, and was moist enough to toast when it went a bit stale. The milk loaf recipie just doesn't work, I think there must be a typo for the ammount of liquid in the mix, I ended up with a craggy bowling ball, not a loaf of bread and had to bin it and start again. The pain de chocolat sounded wonderfull, and are one of the things my partner misses most since being diagnosed gluten free, they took forever, and i'm sorry, but there are things that gluten free flour just will not do, and making puff pastry is one it was a big disapointment. The one thing that I did find worked superbly well was the focaccia bread. If you buy this book, just try this one, i promise you it will become a staple. it works well as a whole loaf on a baking tray, or split into four and made into four rolls on a yorkshire pudding tray, it freezes well,reheats well, and toasts well when a bit stale. The bread tastes and smells wonderful, and uing the pizza dough programme on the machine, makes really fast fresh bread - 15 mins to knead, 45 mins to prove in a fan oven at 50C and 15 mins to bake at 190C. Try it, you won't regret it.

There are still lots of things I haven't tried in the book, and I look forward to doing so, but it is important not to follow the recipies blindly, you need to have a basic understanding of baking, and if a recipe looks like it shouldn't work, it probably won't. All in all, not the Holy Grail of gluten free baking, but a good attempt at it, and one written in a non prescriptive, friendly acessible everyday style.
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on 11 March 2007
I was dianosed as a Coeliac very recently and having tried the store bought stuff I thought I'd try my own. I got the breadmaker (panasonic SD253) and, based on the reviews for this book, bought it.

I've had very mixed results. Some may think it's because of my novice bread-making skills, but I had my mother try some of the recipes I did and she got similar results (with a great deal of both machine and handmade bread making).

The milk loaf is a disaster, don't bother. The sandwich loaf is okay but I'm not keen on the taste of rice flour. I've just tried the everyday loaf and found the dough is really too dry (though I admit it tastes great).

In general I'm not hugely impressed with the recipes as is, but the basic idea is good and I think I'll be able to modify these recipes to my own taste.
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on 16 January 2005
Six months ago I bought this book Very useful details about cooking gf flour in a breadmaker, and loads of delicious-looking recipes. So I had to buy a breadmaker. Seems the wrong way round, but there you go: I always read newspapers back to front. I tried the brown rice flour recipe first, and it was very good. I'm looking forward to trying other recipes. Clear instructions and trouble-shooting section. Quantities are given in 3 modes: metric, lbs&oz, and cups.
The breadmaker I bought was a Panasonic SD 252. It copes very well with gf flour, and I have made the most delicious bread I have tasted for 25 years.
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on 16 February 2007
I bought this book after being diagnosed with a wheat intolerance and being unable to find good wheat free bread in stores. I managed to get all the flours needed from my local supermarket but was quite expensive when you compare to wheat/gluten flours. But the results were very good. Especially the blueberry muffins, they are lovely!

I would recommend this book to all those who are wheat/gluten intolerant, have Coeliac disease, etc. Being able to have bread & cakes that actually taste like bread & cakes is now a reality!
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on 23 March 2009
I'm so very glad I bought this book. I orginally bought my Panasonic breadmaker to make gluten free bread but had had no consistent success in doing so, so my husband would use it occasionally for glutinous bread and otherwise it languished while I'd eat what I could buy and get frustrated with the crumbliness of the products available commercially. Then I decided to gamble on this book, and I've been eating the most delicious bread which keeps well for a few days and doesn't disintegrate into crumbs as soon as it sees a knife. I'm so grateful.
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on 24 November 2008
Confession: I've only tried the first recipe - for basic bread.
But it's SO good I don't want to venture further just yet!
I've had hits and misses before with my Panasonic breadmaker and gluten-free bread flour, so I decided to try this book.

The first thing is that the recipes do NOT use *bread* flour - instead they use gluten-free flour to which you add xanthum gum (which is easy to buy, eg Tesco's). Maybe this is what makes the difference, or maybe I'm just being more careful with measuring. Probably it's both.

Anyway the net result is that the bread really is good. I'm sufficiently encouraged now to attempt some of the other recipes soon.
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on 22 January 2009
Edited 02/10/2010
I have been gluten free baking now for several years and whilst the basic recipes in this book are good, improvements on flours and flour mixes have been many and varied over the last couple of years with so many more now available. Therefore, it would be my recommendation to use potato STARCH where the flour mix in this book calls for potato flour. You may find that the recipes will produce a much better result with the potato starch as it is not as heavy as the potato flour. However, this is still my favourite gluten free baking book (it was after all my first) and Ive made many of the recipes and found them all to work very well (by changing the ingredient as mentioned above). My absolute top favourite is the Focaccia. Its excellent! I usually take the basic recipes and make them by hand rather than going to all the trouble of loading up the breadmaker and they still work very well. If you want to use the breadmaker the results are definitely better because the machine gives the dough a more thorough 'kneading'. The other alternative is to make up the dough in a food mixer. This way you can make any shape or size loaves etc. you wish!
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VINE VOICEon 15 January 2009
I was a little unsure when I saw this book, the cover isn't very exciting and considering my experience of cakey gluten free breads I wasn't hopeful, but every recipe I've made has been fine, I've made gluten free vegan stollen and it was lovely, and the foccacia is a regular on our table. I need anything that makes being grain intolerant easier and this does the job so well.
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