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4.8 out of 5 stars38
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 31 July 2005
If you are the sort of faintly unhinged and nonsensical person who likes their comedy equally unhinged and nonsensical, a la Reeves and Mortimer, buy this now, but don't expect to get your life back. You'll wander around, muttering about the Spirit of Jazz leaping from a minim, or Uncle Pedro the fisherman who only fishes "in my miiiind", or Tommy the back-of-the-spoon pigmy. You'll answer "It is written" to everything. You'll sing about Mr Rogers the Drum 'n' Bass Cobra, or "blackbird's head on a raven's torso - can't really tell with that one, it's a subtle one". This is screamingly funny comedy. Unfortunately, it is also highly addictive, so if you are the sort of weak person who succumbs easily to obsessive, whey-faced quoting, best steer clear and go back to your humdrum existence, coward.
The interview with Danny Wallace is cracking too: "That dog had the longest snout in the world. It was like a leg." "Maybe that's why he died." "Maybe he was an anteater, and we were giving him dog food when we should have been giving him ants."
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on 23 August 2007
I bought this CD years ago and listened to it on a regular basis.
I already loved the Boosh and did'nt think they could get any funnier but then I discovered this CD and soon I looked forward to my 2 hours each way train journey each day just so I could listen to it again.
I'm now buying it again for the third time as everytime I lend it to someone I just end up never getting it back!

You don't need to be a fan of the Boosh to appreciate the genius of this CD so I'd recommend to any comedy fan to give it a go. You don't know what you're missing.
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VINE VOICEon 1 March 2010
The Boosh is like ... Sardines - you either love them or you hate them. I'm afraid I'm the former, so if you really don't like them, then this format probably won't convert you.

However, if you're into wordplay, verbal imagery & surreal comedy, then this is still the best place to hear them at their zenith.

Why? Several reasons.

First is that this is the First Boosh release. Hence it is fresh, creative & had not been done before. You may recognise some parts of it from the TV episodes (e.g. Howard Moon having one leg shorter than the other), but this is where they FIRST used this stuff, so it lacks the tongue-in-cheek nature of later repeats.

Second is that this format allows your imagination to go wild! Though the TV show is great, there is something even better when you concentrate on the words.
For instance, the line "What is this voodoo? Black Milk? The Wet Jigsaw?" would be ignorable on TV, but here your brain generates an image which puts a different spin on it.

Third, and best of all, is Bob Fossil! Bob Fossil didn't do much in TV Series one and was killed off. But here he is fantastic! There's even a song about him, which is inexplicably missed out on TV (despite the fact that it is arguably the Boosh's greatest song).
And, some of his lines are amazing. When I'm stressed at work, I find one of his lines (said at exceedingly high volume) can always crack people up.
Which one? "I need some drugs!"

Anyhow, my apologies if I seem over-enthusiastic, but I'm genuinely yet to find anything (on Amazon) as compelling & brilliant as the Mighty Boosh. And of all that they've done, this easily ranks as the best.

That said, feel free to take in other reviews for a balanced perspective.
If you still feel drawn to it afterwards then I promise you: you won't regret it.
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on 22 May 2009
Absolute Tour de Force
I have watched all the TV and live shows and but the best work done by the Boosh has to be found on the CD. I drive a lot for work and have had it in my car for over a month. The comedy is similar to the show (radio was done first) but the comedy is still fresh.

The CD is made up of 3 CD's with 2 shows on each that last for around 40 minutes each. Possible the best moments from the shows are the banter and adlib between Julian and Noel. Most of it is just silly nonsense that needs to be listened to several times to appreciate it.

If you are a true Boosh fan then you have to get this, as you will not be disappointed.
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on 1 July 2007
Having listened to this CD probably about a hundred times I practically know most of it off by heart but yet it is still funny and gets funnier. When you just know that the line "ooooh he's drawing the line at mocha" is coming it's great. Or the bit when they talk for ages about how a movie about a grain of rice is played by Jimmy Lazars or "where do you hide from a polar bear? In a kiosk". Bob Fossil is disgustingly horrible and funny. The spirit of jazz (played by Jools Holland) makes an interesting cameo. Buy this - then you can know what on earth everyone is on about. Even if you've seen the TV show, nothing can prepare you for Tony the prawn who has to wear patches on his eyes because he looks right through you into your soul.......
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on 11 July 2007
If you like the 2 series' and the live DVD, it is a MUST HAVE.

Even if you don't, you should absolutely get this.
It's like watching the mighty boosh, but without looking at the tv... if you know what i mean. The sounds created are amazing. You can picture the whole thing in your head.

You may recognise some of the episodes. Jungle and Tundra are 2 of them. But the stories are slightly different. The tundra rap and the hitcher song feature on it also.

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on 15 May 2008
I got this to keep myself entertained while walking home from work. It's also become a favourite when doing the dishes. It's as good or maybe better as the first TV series and like the TV series is set in the Zoo. I love it because I've listened to it a couple of times in quick succession and there was stuff in the second listening that I'd missed in the first. Would unreservedly recommend.
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on 6 February 2008
This is definatley the best investment i have ever made. I read a few reviews and thought it'd be a sure thing...and you know what it friggin well is!

Most of my working life has been dull and relentless quickly remedied when i return home to get my fill of the Boosh (the DVDs have been in circulation of my DVD player for the past year and half), until i bought this masterpiece.

Now, i sit in work a changed person, quite, focussed (on what im listening too) and chuckling to myself non stop. I love fact it would probably be likely that a few hard core Boosh fans will elect to marry the blinking with that i am not going to recommend that you buy it...Im will force you to buy it...or saboo will send you to the crunch!
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on 25 June 2005
I can say without hyperbole that the Mighty Boosh is best thing to be commisioned by the BBC in the last year. The dialogue between our two main heroes, Howard and Vince, brings a totally surreal approach and view of the world, within the Zooinverse! Similarities can be drawn with the Mighty Boosh and the early works of Syd Barret. The arguments between Howard and Vince about Jazz and 80's popular music are wonderfull in their delivery. Have a smoke, relax, and allow your self to be transported on a journey through time and space, to the world of the mighty boosh.
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This was one of the best discoveries I ever made.

I listened to this on the bus and it was like a comedy revelation! This is so fantastic that I can't stress enough how much you need to listen to this.

The word Genius doesn't do it justice!

5 stars aplenty for this - the most original, laugh out loud, creative comedy of the last decade.
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