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3.6 out of 5 stars14
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2014
Bought as a gift for a teacher-friend who works in a very Chavy school. Should be a laugh!
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on 29 December 2004
You can look at this book two ways. Firstly you can look at it lightheartedly or as some people seem to, look at it as a serious social insight. Now personally if we're going to be serious i'm quite scared because i'm not a scal (scouse equivalent of a chav) yet this book seems to deem me, my family and most people I know as one and despite my appearance, etc I'm not a scal. That is why you can't take it seriously, it's over the top for a reason people! It's funny! Yes the book over generalises and stereotypes but another way it charms you is by being so ridiculous that it can be almost anti-anti scal in a way. What interests me however is how this book has been described as racist and to that I have two comments:
1. In modern Britain, can't any form of negative comment towards an individual or group be percieved as racist? And this is coming from someone who has suffered genuine racial abuse, yet anything can be described as racist today; political correctness gone mad!
2. What exactly is "black culture"? I mean isn't that stereotyping people of a skin colour to all be the same race of people? And how does mentioning the chav love of rap music an the such make this book racist against black people?
Finally growing up in Liverpool I would consider myself to be quite liberal and alot of my mates are scals but I'd reccomend this book to them. This is an essential read to all people from all backgrounds. You'll know at least one person who is perfectly described by the book which tends to make it all the funnier. It trueley is a great insight into modern culture. Just remember however that it IS NOT TO BE TAKEN TOO SERIOUSLY!!!
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on 9 November 2004
A lighthearted yet insightful look into the world of the gangs of spooty youths that intimidate you on the streets of new millenium Britian.
The authors are truly in touch with what is wrong with the nation, exposing the street culture of ignorance that is eating at the fabric of our society.
An ideal Xmas present for the youngsters in the family for sure!!!
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on 27 October 2004
The topic of this book is something I have been talking about for the past 10 years, I saw it coming but no one believed me, how wrong they were. It is now great to see this book and the website associated with it.
They don't truly have the term "chav" nailed down as they include people and settings that are not chav related or solely dedicated to the chav culture. For example the book says that drum and bass is the same as jungle, that is similar to saying Windows NT is the same as Windows 9X or Beta Max is the same as VHS. They may be based on similar things but they are different and are thusly two separate things.
The book also ridicules the Chav inability to spell or perfect English grammar and then proceeds to start sentences with BUT and AND, not something you do if you consider yourself to be in a position to ridicule someone for their bad Grammar, there is also one instance of IT'S being used instead of ITS.
Aside from those small proof reading oversights the book itself is a very pleasurable and an interesting read, especially if you spend most of your life around Oldham, Wakefield and Manchester town centres.....or CHAV LAND SUPREME as they are AKA (I am sure there are more town centres that are infested with drop outs too).
I would say buy this book if you are of the more intelligent ilk (I was served by a chav when I bought this) and see what an embarrassment they really are and if you are a chav (how did you get to this website, computers are for geeks and nerds) then buy the book and see how embarrassing you are to yourselves and everyone who knows you.
The book itself also looks bigger than it actually is. Some of the pages are padded with pictures and dont have much text in them or some pages are dedicated to a small review of everything that has been said in the previous paragraph again using a page that could be better used.
Aside from its faults i'd say get it, it's a great read!
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on 5 October 2004
This is the first book to document the rise of the new social underclass that is infesting British cities - namely the chav. The chav, for the uninitiated is essentially the nineteenth century lumpen proletariat transported to the present day. Chavs exist in a neo-Dickensian world of petty crime, shellsuits, longterm unemployment and gold plated jewellery.
The book provides a useful counterpoint to the standard theories on the underclass in UK society and as such is essential reading for sociology students everywhere.
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on 29 December 2004
Without a doubt one of the greatest books ever written! Filled with very accurate facts that all us non chavs should be aware of. Including a very fun chav spotting exercise which we can all play from the safety of our window. So funny, worth every penny. Hours of amusement!
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on 16 January 2006
Whilst others reviewers have picked up on its lack of depth I think that that point is irrelevant. Chav! is a funny, funny book that takes does indeed stereotype certain people in Britain but is nonetheless hilarious.
On days out:
“Whilst at the museum, however, little Keanu and Tracey are likely to meet for the first time in their lives Tarquin and Jemima, the posh kids. Chav kids and posh kids will only ever meet in such places, and will be utterly shocked by each other. Tarquin and Jemima will thoughtfully look at the exhibits and pull out notebooks from their smart rucksacks while and Keanu and Tracey will laugh at the nudes (making a special point of identifying all genitalia on display)….”
When England plays:
“One way or another they will ensure they ‘get it’. Kebab shop-owners are usually in the front line for this kind of treatment in the post-pub world and will usually suffer if England has been beaten. The exception to this rule is if the chav happens to live in a multicultural community in which they are likely to be confronted by a lot of non-Brits who are much bigger than they are. The blame will then conveniently be shifted to the team, the crap manager or both!”
Personally, though, the book is worth looking at for one image alone on p.130. Here is a quite scary-looking chav lady with the caption; ‘Noffink wrong wit’ a burgaa now and then!’ You have to see it!
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on 11 October 2012
When I see books or any other sneering class hatred of the ilk of this, I ask myself what if this was said about people of colour or a Muslims etc.. The same people who write books like these and sneer about their hatred of 'Chavs' i.e impoverished, undereducated white people, would splutter and turn purple with rage if the same things were said about Blacks or Pakistanis or homosexuals in Britain.
Take the title and substitute the last word for any racial term of abuse you feel like using for black or Brown or Muslim people and see how it would sit with the people who will find this book amusing..
You still cannot say these things about Jewish people (at least not liberal/left Jews) by the way unless you substitute the word 'Jews' for Zionist or if the Jews in question are Israelis and then 'you can say any vile thing you like. But that is another discussion altogether.

So what makes it hip to hate poor whites? What makes it socially acceptable whether in books like these, on internet forums and social networking sites, faculty lounges etc to sneer at the same people who the hero of many of the sneerers championed-Yes folks Marx championed the European working classes NOT third world people in Asia or Africa.
so-called Chavs are a section of British society, with thoughts, feelings, and sensitivities like everyone else.
What happened to the ideals of a classless society that existed among the old left in the 50s' 60s and 70s. I know the elites can now dub the British working class as 'white working class' and as 'racist', and 'fascist; and can actually feel good about their snobbery and prejudice. The descendants of the people who exploited the working class in Britain that we read about in Charles Dickens are now noble and politically correct in perpetuating the same class persecution as they are protecting the new protected classes i.e third world immigrants against the now unworthy poor. In other words it just shows the shallowness and moral rottenness of the liberal/left elites. Conscience and conscientiousness is now decided by what is fashionable and you it is progressive , politically correct and 'taking a stand against racism' to sneer at and hurl abuse at the white lumpen-proletariat.

Who could forget the deprivations suffered by the British working classes who won World War II for Britain between 1939 and 1945. The golden age of the white working classes was no doubt the 50's (when Labour began the social reforms such as NHS and social welfare and the conservatives became more compassionate and reformist, a processed reversed in 1979 when Margaret Thatcher revived the cruel war on the British poor) The goal of the British left in the 1960 was classlessness, laudable and noble goal, and has today been replaced by multiculturalism and 'anti-racism' who have replaced the British white working class despicably with the ethnic immigrants as those to champion and justify their snobbery as they label the white working class as 'racist chavs' to justify their newly restored snobbery.

The basic problem is that the privileged left and liberal elite are no longer interested in class equity or the basic rights of the British working class but only in 'non racism' which is a farcical label for favoring the third world exotic brown immigrants and persecuting and demonizing the local white working class who they label as chavs-not worthy in the eyes of the left/liberal toffs of having their suffering, feelings or rights considered. The British working class suffered as much in the Industrial Revolution as the Blacks did under slavery but are still suffering with the privileged elite classes using pc propaganda and favouring of the third world exotic browns against them.
Britain's indigenous working classes are put last in line for employment, council housing, health care, education and bank loans in favour of the exotic Third world immigrants (especially Muslims) favoured by the pc left elites.
. Those who are flabbergasted at discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality of religion (unless of course you attack Jews for being 'Zionists' or attack Israelis-that is acceptable among the chattering classes) think nothing of attacking the British working class and lumpenproletriat as chavs. This also translates to a politically correct anti-white racism. White British young people who suffer as a result of social problems such as juvenile crime, drug addiction , and teenage pregnancy, as well as child prostitution, and come from broken homes no longer elicit sympathy from the liberal and left elites who consider the white underclass the lowest of the low, not worth saving or empathizing with, whereas they would have the utmost sympathy and support for Third world immigrant youth under the same circumstances.
The liberal and left elites now use the race card against he white under classes and point out since the latter are supposedly 'racist' and 'bigoted' they must be punished for this and are the unworthy poor as compared to the impoverished people of colour who are deemed worthy of empathy and upliftment.
This amounts to an inverse racism whereby the classes that have so long suffered since the Industrial Revolution and who came under sustained attack under Thatcher are now being made victims again at the hands of the leftist and liberal elites now in charge of Britain, including the media, local councils and the courts.

so the middle class elites of the trendy left can hate the white poor and not be regarded as prejudiced but as pc, 'non racist' 'non sexist' etc. while they play their disgusting and shallow trendy mind games and sneer at anyone who does not fit into their narrow world view.
This is NOT humour. If you regard it as humour, then ask yourself if you would regard the same sneering at racial or religious minorities or homosexuals as 'humour'.
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on 25 February 2011
All you ever wanted to know about Chavs and their lives, an eye opener and very good/funny. Cant decide whether its a p.. take or a serious study of the phenomena...
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on 12 January 2005
This book was a quick and simple read, for light humour it fits the bill. It is not something you would shout about, it dosnt go into a real depth which is a shame as there is a whole world of further chav humour that could have been explored.
The book shows it has been quickly thrown together which is a great shame. If more time had been spent on the book it would have been a much funnier read.
There is plenty of material online they could have found and used as a great addition.
2 out 5 for effort.
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