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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 May 2013
I have been reading "If Only" by Geri Halliwell I didn't know it was about the Spice Girls until I was about third of way in. It's best Autobiography I have ever read. I'm on Chapter 17 at the moment. It's such a brilliant book. I have it on CD Audio Book from the RNIB, I'm not sure who the reader is but is excellent at putting herself in place of the writer, unless of course it is Halliwell reading it.(I wrote that part good while ago, this now is new part) I have today bought hardback copy of "If Only" I'm very excited to have my very own copy.
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on 7 July 2001
How can i describe how normall Geri is. after reading this book you feel as if you are Geri's sister or brother you know her so well. It is a must read for all you girls out there. I found it a book that you can open at any time or place and found you would be stuck there for hours! Read It
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on 5 October 2000
If you were in any doubt how manipulative the media really is, then you need to read this. Young music fans are little more than fodder on which the fat-cat show-business agents and newspaper tycoons grow fatter; and so it seems are the stars. Never a great reader of autobiographies, I'm a cynical individual and always expect "I survived hardship because I'm so great", but some form of intuition that I can't explain made me buy this book. And I'm glad it did.
'If only' is a thoughtful and honest account of how the dreams and aspirations we all had in our youths can get so out-of-control, lifting the lid on a world where trust is a much-abused commodity. Behind the lack of self-confidence which many of us experienced as we progressed through those tortured teenage years, Geri demonstrates an extraordinary perceptiveness; always in her own mind one step ahead of the sharks who run the entertainment industry, even though her heart was so desperate to join that world that she went so willingly along with the flow.
What made the book such a good read for me is that she and I are the same age, and so I could identify with many of her observations and attitudes on world events as she (and I) grew up. Most people who achieve Geri's level of fame and fortune become conceited to the point of considering themselves above the rest of us, so it's refreshing to have a celebrity who's still a member of the human race and not afraid to admit it. Now much more in control of her own life and career, she has used her new-found freedom of choice wisely and to worthy effect. Ignore the knockers, Geri, you've done more a few short years than they'll manage in their lifetimes; and they're just jealous.
A complex combination of strength and vulnerability, optimism and cynicism, certainty and doubt; Geri Halliwell serves as a warning to those who might follow in her footsteps that there is no easy route, but that with determination all is possible. She's an icon that people from all walks of life can look up to. Whether you love or loathe her, I recommend that you hear her story. Despite the comparison of Europe's finest automobile with a lawnmower, she can have her five stars!
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on 28 September 2000
Anyone who has ever thought Geri a ego-maniac, a slut, etc will be shocked to read what she is really like and what she has really gone through. This story is something you can not put down. As we go through her life you feel as if you are there, you experience the events and truly worry about her bulimia and when it will come back. Anyone who loves a good book that keeps you interested will love this book. It shows you what really happened with the Spice Girls and how much Geri was apart of it (helping with music video ideas, and Spice World) She is a great buisness women and has a big heart. You understand why she left the girls - and figure out that she WAS the Spice Girls.You laugh, you cry, you smile. Geri recalls small details - but they give you a good idea of who she is. Its something all Spice and Geri fans should have. Never talk badly about Geri, or judge her untill you have read the whole story. This is one strong women - who has helped me to know i can get through my problems and that i should never give up my dream.The story is filled with photos (including some nudes form her modeling days) You also get to see some early Spice Girls pics (Posh not lokking so posh) and some post-Spice pics as well as her zeb-card (for modeling) You go with Geri to audtions (one in which she meets Posh Spice before the band was formed) and you feel her pain when she is about to give up. You love to be apart of stories which tell you what happened in the Maidenhead house when the band was being formed and the girls were forced to live together. You get to know the original spice girl who was later replaced by Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) And you have a great time when she grabs Jerry Judge (security guard) and goes dancing at a tacky club in Africa."He didn't understand that i'd been independent. At six years old i was getting myself off to school. I left home at sixteen. I had survived by myself. Suddenly, i was in a band and had to thikn about everybody else. I found it very difficult to lean on the others. 'You're in a group now.' said Simon (manager). 'Let me deal with things.'"
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on 9 August 2000
Okay, basically i bought this book because i wanted to know why geri had left the spice girls, i didn't find that answer and that was quite dissapointing. I was secretly hoping that in someway if i read her book she would return to the group, now that i write it it sounds so stupid, but hey that's what i hoped! Personally i think geri would make a much better writer that a pop singer. She really writes beautifully, while i was reading her book i totally forgot i was readig about some mega millionare. Her writing flows so flowingly (! ). Geri Halliwell sings greatly but she also has a really good writers touch. I honestly only bought the book because i knew it was GERI, my ultimate heroine, if i had seen a book lying randomly on the floor in a book shop called if only i don't honestly think i would pick it up. But now i am getting carried away. I think everyone in the nation bought this book because it was written by HER (the biggest superstar in the world that caught the planets attention when she decided to quit the spice girls! ) But i think that we were all touched by her amazing talent! Now i am sounding a bit like a bossy old, snotty nose teacher, but i am only a 13 year old! i dought anyone is ever going to read this report so basically i have waisted my time, Geri, if you ever read this, you are an amazing woman!
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on 29 January 2001
This book is The BEST book i have ever read in terms of biography. It is one of those books that once you start to read it you just cannot stop! it is so hard to put it down. People may think that it is just another rags to riches story, butits better than any other i have read. It is an emotional roller coaster with may ups and downs. It starts from a little terraced house in Watford and we meet a young and determined Geri, we end up finding this women whom battles against Weight problems, Family dificulties and many, many brush offs. She proves everyone wrong and ends up the person we know today, it hasnt been easy - but she did it! WELL DONE GERRI!
I was never a big fan of the Spice Girls, but i bought the book at the Airport on the way to Magaluf, only to find out Gerri had spent much of her time in the same resort! She Danced and spent many good times there and I visted BCM (Night Club) where she tells us she was a dancer. Once you start this book i promise you will not want to put it down! Truly Magnificent!!!
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on 24 January 2000
After having watched Molly Dineen's compulsive documentary on Geri last year I was really looking forward to reading this autobiography. Even after all the money, all the world-wide exposure and all the disappointments Geri has maintained a unique down-to-earth charm and this is shown in her writing. She's not afraid to expose her weaknesses so the reader can identify and empathise with many of the situations. Unlike her ex band members Geri doesn't dish the dirt on the infamous split but talks fondly of her time spent with the girls. Even if you're not a fan this book is a fascinating insight into the effects of fame. Of the many who have gone through it, Geri Halliwell seems to have kept her feet firmly on the ground and it is this that has made her so enduring. The book is immensely readable, funny and very honest, you feel as if she'd make a wonderful friend to have. I for one hope there's a follow up on its way - get writing Geri!
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on 1 July 2001
Geri Halliwell's autobiography is one of the best book I have ever read in a long time. It gives a good insight into the pop business and what's it really like being a pop star. Halliwell truly is a good narrator. The book is interesting from the first line to the very end. What I really appreciated was that she didn't try to diss other people, but instead she concentrated on her own story and emphasized her own feelings and emotions on leaving the Spice Girls. She still speaks good about the other girls. I have to say Inever liked the Spice Girls and never liked Geri Halliwell. hen I saw Halliwell doing a German TV interview and she happened to be one of the most interesting and quirly persons I have ever seen. By chance I foudn this book on Amazon and knew I had to read this story. Now I am a fan of hers. She is witty, intelligent, funny and extra-ordinary. This book is a must-read!
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on 26 November 1999
Geri's book is a book that people can look at and see themselfs in her place. It deals with a little girl who had nothing but a dream and she went with that dream, and look what she found, STARDOM!! "If Only" is a book that everybody who has ever had a dream should read, it will lift u up and tell u hang on to your dreams because one day with enough work u will get there, Geri is living proof that with work u will be able to accomplish your dream. I am a 21 year old frat boy and i think that GERI has so much to offer that she should become a motavational speaker, she just isnt for LITTLE GIRLS, she is for EVERYBODY, she speaks with and openess to her heart, that is what makes her the best. Thank your Geri, u have helped me with alot of issues that have come up in my life and for that, i am forever in your debt! Love Bill,,,
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on 20 November 2000
I am only about half way through this book, but so far, the only word I can use is "wow"!! Seriously, everything that Geri writes could be stolen from my own brain! Except I haven't actually got to the topless modelling bit yet! - and after reading this book, I have a very strong feeling that it's something I am NOT going to be doing in a hurry!!! This book shows Geri's deeper side. Long gone are the days of repressing it until exploding point, Geri shares her inner self in this book! Okay, there is a little downside, and that is that she was helped with this book. Some of the phrases and sayings she uses are obviously scripted, which....well, I would have preferred to hear it all from Geri's heart! Okay, I AM a massive fan of Geri's, but I think that this book could easily be enjoyed by anyone, Geri fan or not!!
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