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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best Otherworld books there are!
This is the 11th book in The Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. Overall I love this series and it's one of my favourites, but I don't love every narrator. This is the first book told by Savannah and I was looking forward to it. She first appeared in book #2, Stolen, as a 12 or 13 year old witch who's mom had just been murdered. Since then she's appeared on and off as...
Published on 23 July 2010 by Claire Mill

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2.0 out of 5 stars done in a hurry
I have read all Of Kelley Armstrong's books and have loved them all. Bar this one. The characters are not given any definition and I truely hate it when authors leave the books on a weak cliff hanger. It just seems a really cheap way to get you to buy the next book. The story was interesting but I spent the majority of the book waiting for "something" to happen, it never...
Published on 26 Aug. 2010 by Mrs. E. Green

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3.0 out of 5 stars Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live, 1 Feb. 2012
If you followed the Women of the Otherworld series, you will be familiar with the witch Savannah Levine, daughter of a dark witch and ruthless sorcerer. Now at 21 she is eager to prove herself as a supernatural PI, qualified to operate solo. With her bosses (and guardians) Paige and Lucas on vacation, the new job falls to her. Savannah roars into the small, rundown town of Columbas, Washington on her motorcycle, immediately attracting attention. She's there to find out who murdered Claire Kennedy, a young college student who was in town a mere two weeks before her untimely demise. Armed with photographs of the crime scene that hint at a supernatural cause, Savannah sets out to find the killer, putting herself and everyone around her in jeopardy.

Savannah is a bold and confident young woman, brimming with self-assurance that borders on arrogance at times. She has been in love with Adam, her cute, half-demon co-worker since she was 12. There is a bit of an age gap, a little over a decade and this is perhaps why Adam hasn't made a move though it's clear he is crazy about her. This whodunit is skilfully written and I pegged everyone from town and beyond as a suspect. I liked Savannah but I thought her brazen and self-possessed demeanour was over the top. I also found her difficult to relate to and I'm sure a lot of other female readers would too.

Being familiar with Armstrong's other books in the series I was expecting a lot more romance but it didn't happen and this came as something as a disappointment. Savannah goes on a date with Claire's brother Michael and believes there may be something between them but Adam is never far from her mind. This runs the other way too as Adam is constantly checking in on her, just typical concern for a younger co-worker or something more?

Even if you haven't read the other books in the series, Waking the Witch can be enjoyed as a standalone novel but it will spoil storylines and character developments from previous books. Fast-paced and fun, and with an ending that sends the reader (me) out to the local bookshop to pick up the next book in the series, I can easily recommend this to fans of the supernatural genre.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Lacks Sparkle & Guts., 7 Aug. 2011
Overall : For me, there is something very special about Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series. I have enjoyed each and every one and i did enjoy this but it was a snack when i wanted a hearty meal!

Savannah made her debut in book 2, Stolen. As the daughter of Eve Levine, a 'Black Magic' Witch, and Kristof Nash, Sorcerer and heir to the Nast Cabal, (both deceased), she is gifted with powerful natural magic. Savannah then comes under the guardianship of Paige Winterbourne (Witch, and main Otherworld character) and later, Paige's new husband Lucas Cortez (Sorcerer, Lawyer, Human Rights advocator & illegitimate but much loved son of the head of the Cortez Cabal).

Oh, did i mention she is also under the protection of the Stonehaven werewolves and good friends with a famous necromancer, Jamie Vegas.

In previous books Savannah's personality, though not yet developed, has hinted at her strength of character & powerful magical abilities with suggestions of a certain wayward, unconventional streak.

In Waking the Witch i anticipated great things for Savannah which for me, sadly, didn't happen.

The book begins with Savannah being given her longed for chance to 'go it alone' on an investigation, previously being given supervised only legwork for the Supernatural PI business she works for (run by her guardians). She jumps at the chance to prove her abilities.

In Waking the Witch we have a small town, several murders, a love interest or two, some supernatural inclined story lines and Savannah's attempts to unravel the clues and uncover the murderer(s).

I won't reveal the story as i do believe that if you are an Otherworld fan then you will no doubt get around to reading this addition to the series but i will say don't expect too much.

While we do get the opportunity to know Savannah a little better, by the end of the book her personality still seems to be undeveloped to me, perhaps in the next book; Spellbound we will see her personality develop into someone more rounded. She clearly has powerful magic, it is hinted at, but bar one desperate situation her magic seems limited to opening locked doors and knock back spells. Her love life is banal, with nothing of the spark that was ignited between the main characters in previous books (Elena & Clayton in particular), although this is set to improve as her main love interest, Adam, looks likely to see her as an adult in the next book. And while the main story is solved it happens more by accident than design.

All in all, Waking the Witch is a much shorter and more diluted book than others in the series and seems to me to be not much more than a forerunner for the next book in the series, Spellbound. It left me a little miffed that i paid full price for it, as it felt more like a Part One, or perhaps a book more suitable for teenagers (with a little editing). Having said that, i have enjoyed the Otherworld series immensely and i really do hope Spellbound relights my fire because i would hate for this amazing series to fizzle out rather than go out with a bang.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Fifth installment of the series, 24 Mar. 2011
Whether you like the Women of the Otherworld series or not, one thing is certain; the books all have something that makes them unique. The most intriguing aspect of this book was our new narrator: Eve Levine.

What makes Eve so special is that she's dead, and has been dead quite a while now. She's a ghost, living in the supernatural plane. She can visit the world of the living, but she is unable to actually influence anything there. She is ripped from her obsessing over her 15-year-old still living daughter by divine influence, and sent on a not so divine mission to catch a rampaging demonic serial killer.

What I liked about this book is how it adds to the series. I found it very interesting to read about a world after this life. It was new and something I had never read before. Even though there are a lot of angel and half-angel stories out there, none of them really show what happens after someone dies. There were a lot of imaginative solutions to keep the supernatural system running smoothly and I loved reading about the structure of this worlds afterlife.

As we are used to, this book is one action-packed hunt to capture the bad guy. This keeps the pacing high, but at some point the constant running around gets a bit tiresome. There was some space for character development but at times I wished there was some more, to get a bit diversity in the story.

Which brings me to the major problem I had with this book. As much as I like Eve, and as much as I like her voice and overall character, I just don't feel for her. For some reason I don't see her as a narrator. This book seemed a bit like a sidestep from the running plotline. There was some of the usual cast present but at the end of the book I and I looked back, I didn't see it really change anything.

Still, an exiting read that doesn't bore at all. There were quite a lot moments that had me giggling which is always good. Does contain some pretty gruesome serial killing fantasies, but nothing extreme. Maybe not the strongest part of this series, but I would still certainly recommend the Women of the Otherworld books.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Savannah's time to shine, 17 Aug. 2011
It's been a while since I last read one of Armstrong's books - but this has been on my "To Read" pile for a while and I figured since Spellbound has just been released it's time I caught up!

For some reason I had it in my head that Savannah was part of the YA series, Kelley wrote - The Darkest Powers - and because of this, I had myself convinced that there were situations being referred to that I was missing since I haven't read that series. The realisation finally dawned that I was confusing myself and Savannah wasn't the lead in those books at all! Once that was sorted out, I settled in to the story quite happily.

I really enjoyed Savannah's story, and the twists and turns her investigation takes. The characters are well-developed and bring depth to the story. Her non-relationship with Adam is done well, being a definite part of the story but not taking over to the point where you forget what the plot is. Kelley does a great job in keeping the investigation as the foremost reason for the story.

The ending made me very happy that I have Spellbound queued up ready to read next!

Another excellent offering from Kelley with a nice build up for the next book in the series. If you're a fan of the Otherworld series, then this is a must. If you have yet to experience this series, then this is NOT the book to start with as many characters from previous books are mentioned and knowledge of them is really required reading.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!, 20 Sept. 2010
As per usual, Kelley Armstrong has surpassed herself in this latest book in her Otherworld Series. This time, the story is focused on Savannah - a young witch - who finds herself embroiled in a serial witch-hunt murder. She has the help of her friend Adam (a half demon who can incinerate anything)and a human detective, Michael. The plot is fast, but paced extremely well and is incredibly readable. Anyone who enjoys Modern Fantasy, will enjoy this story. The ending has a big twist, and I can't wait for the next one to come out!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 1 Jun. 2012
Tali (Wales, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This series, so far, has been a little hit and miss for me with some of the books being truly addictive whilst others fell a little flat, so I cam to that point where i expected good things from certain character sets in the series but not much more, yet I found this book to be brilliant. This is Savannahs first staring role in a book and I admit that I was excited simply upon seeing that. So far Savannah has never failed to make things interesting and truly, that theme continues through this book. Her enetire personality just shouts 'trouble waiting to happen'.

In the book Paige and Lucas are on holiday and Savannah is left to babysit the office, so when one of Lucas's contacts brings news of a series of murders in need of investigating Savannah jumps at the chance to prove herself a real P.I. Savannah finds herself in a small town with a number of hostile residents, including but not limited to a potential drug deal, convent leader not to mention the local cops.

This book is not especially long yet it seems as though a lot happens and it keeps the story on a constant roll, exciting, fast paced and addictive. The only big difference in this book is the romance - theres not much her but there are hints and nudges which i'm sure will work out in the next book.

So, another great book in what is a good series. Definitely worth the read!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant addition to the story, 2 Oct. 2010
The story seems straight forward. Savannah take advantage of Paige and Lucas's absence to prove her worth as an investigator.

But things go everywhich way and savannah thrown into new murders, apparent suicides and cult dealing - aswell as investigating the 3 older murders.

I won't give to much away but as usual Kelley Armstrong gives a brilliant telling of Savannah (one I've been waiting for). Savannah is as good as I expected.

Reading the previous books helps but it's not neccessary in this case. 5 Stars
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome author, 8 July 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is book 11 of the Otherworld series and, quite possibly, one of the most anticipated. Savannah Levine was introduced in Stolen (book 2) and has been involved in every book since (at least a little, to my knowledge). We've seen her grow up and now we get to see her kick ass on her own.
Paige and Lucas are on holiday when a case comes in that Savannah wants to investigate, to prove she's old enough and can handle her own responsibilities.

It's good to see Savannah has grown out of her bratty stage. We discover in this book that she is perfectly aware of the fact that she killed her own father, despite Paige trying to hide it from her and telling her it was an accident.

I thought Savannah was getting a love interest in this book as well but that didn't end too well! Although there is a nice thing happening between Adam and Savannah which most readers were hoping for, unfortunately Kelley is making us wait to find out what's happening.
There was also the start of what could be a good story about a young girl who's mother is killed, Savannah obviously feels a connection to her so decides to help her and it leads to a very open ending that had me growling (literally) in frustration. Luckily the next book is Savannah's as well.

Brilliant read as usual from Kelley Armstrong and can't wait for more.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Hard going, difficult to get into., 18 Aug. 2013
I am really disappointed in this book. After two months of struggling to get into the story, I am still no further than page 70. I absolutely loved the other books in the series, and was determined to read this one, despite having been told how difficult it was to read.

It's the story of Eve, Savannah's mother, who is dead. That's about all I've got out of it so far. It's utterly confusing as to what is going on, with the fates, Kris, Jaime, a nix, a headless ghost who isn't actually headless, and a group of ghosts in a hospital. I'm not sure what the plotline is, other than Eve is trying to find the nix and keeps being side-tracked. Unfortunately the side-tracking has taken away from the storyline and made it very difficult to follow.

I really wanted to give this book between 3 and 5 stars since the others have all been so great, but feel that this is the worst book in the series. However, I've given it 2 stars and not 1 since it hasn't taken away from the fact that I will be reading "Broken", and it is well-written, it's just too confusing and hard-going to give it anything more.

I don't usually give up on a book, and maybe one day I will come back to this and one and re-read it. But for now, I think I will have to put it aside.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Book 5 in the otherworld series, 19 Jun. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Apparently being dead doesn't stop you from getting into trouble and having dangerous adventures. Eve Levine is the mother of Savannah and she has been dead a few years now. However she hasn't accepted that and insists on keeping surveillance on Savannah despite not being able to do anything to protect her. Unfortunately she made a deal with the fates to save Lucas and Paige and now they are calling in the favour. With the help of Kristof (Savannahs father) and Trsiel (an angel with identity issues) she is an now an afterworld bounty hunter. An evil demi-demon has escaped from Hell and it's Eves job to bring her in, which proves to be a little more difficult than anticipated. She can't die because she is already dead but Eve learns there are worse things that can happen. She is also unwittingly being tested by the fates and needs to make a decision that will change her afterlife forever.

I love Eve as a character; a devoted mother but someone who is really not to be messed with. The book is full of action and full of humour but also sad because sometimes the way to show you love someone is to let them go. Another amazing book by Kelley.
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