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4.4 out of 5 stars97
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 20 June 1998
This book has changed my life. I have been on every high-carb low-fat diet on the planet- Twice! With each diet, I became fatter and more depressed. My most recent bout with Jenny Craig found me questioning why, if I followed the program perfectly, I gained weight, but if I "cheated" and ate the meat that I love, I would LOSE weight. I started looking for diet books which advocate protein and stumbled upon this gem. It makes complete sense. As I read it, I found out reasons for such questions I'd had as to why do I gain weight on a low-fat diet, why am I so tired, why is my skin and nails a mess, why am I constantly hungry, etc. After only ONE WEEK on the unbelievably easy Protein Power plan, I have lost 6 lbs. and an inch off my waist and an inch off my hips. I feel stronger, healthier, and mentally alert. I no longer NEED an afternoon nap each day. I feel as if I have my life back again!
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This book focuses on maintaining good health but tells you how to achieve weight loss as an additional side effect.

Phase 1 of the diet recommends that you eat less than 30 grams (net) of carbohydrate a day (plus lots of healthy fats and a 90 - 120 g or 3 - 4 oz serve of protein with at least 2 meals daily, depending on your weight/size).

Phase 2 of the diet allows up to 55 g of carbohydrates daily.

The Maintenance Phase allows 60 - 150 carbs a day, depending on what works best for you and your body.

This advice tallies very well with the information given in books such as The Schwarzbein Principle: The Truth About Losing Weight, Being Healthy, and Feeling Younger, Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats, The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy (Primal Blueprint Series) as well as Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It. Each of these books recommends cutting down to around 60 grams of carbs or so daily in order to lose weight, and then upping your carb intake when you're at the maintenance level.

As someone who has been spent significant time on the Atkins induction phase where carbs were limited to 20 grams daily, I feel this is too low for some of us to feel our best and so I would personally recommend skipping Phase 1 of the diet, and going straight to Phase 2 where you are allowed more grams of net carbs daily.

It is far less stressful on the body to lose weight and restrict carbs more slowly and there are so many benefits in eating huge amounts of (lower carb) vegetables daily plus a little fruit; including that they are enjoyable to eat!

For those of us battling serious illness and that have adrenal issues there may also be problems with going VERY low carb, as some articles I have read have explained. As far as healthy people maybe doing better avoiding the first Phase, this is just a completely unsubstantiated personal opinion! It is probably best to just do what feels right to you.

While I agree very much with the overall message of this book and find this type of diet makes me feel the best and helps me maintain my healthiest weight, I would have to say that I would probably choose any of the books I have listed above in preference to this one, if I had to pick just one of them.

(This book recommended some very unhealthy and junky foods, which really put me off. It also lacked some of the extra practical and scientific information contained in some of these other books. My reading also seems to suggest that a higher fat diet with moderate protein and controlled carbs is the best choice, rather than a similar diet which advises eating protein moreso than fat as this one does.)

If you are needing to lose weight as well as deal with any type of illness then the best pick of them is probably Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats by Sally Fallon.

If you're fairly healthy and all you want is to lose weight and learn more about why high carb and low fat diets don't work then I'd recommend The Schwarzbein Principle: The Truth About Losing Weight, Being Healthy, and Feeling Younger.

Don't believe the hype about low fat and low calorie diets being the best way to lose weight and be healthy. It turns out that 'calories in, calories out' is dead wrong! You can also lose weight without increasing your activity level at all. It also turns out that very low fat diets are dangerously unhealthy. For more on this the scrupulously referenced and brilliantly argued book Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health (Vintage) is essential reading.

Jodi Bassett, The Hummingbirds' Foundation for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
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on 22 February 1999
I'm 29 and am 5'5 I have always stuggled with my weight even when I was exercising almost 2 hours a day. I tried everything to lose weight even quit eating for a few months at a time. Thank God I never became anorexic but easily could have. My weight ever since I was about 20 has fluctuated from 135 - 180 like a yo yo. Finally one day I received a call from my aunt telling me about this book and all of her success and also friends and family that have been on it. It went totally against everything I was taught about low fat and eat plenty of bread rice and cereal. my whole life I avoided things like peanut butter, eggs, cheese, and hamburgers which I really love. I was a little nervous about trying this cause I didn't want to gain more weight ,but i thought i would give it a try if i gained i would just go off of it. In the first 2 weeks I lost 7 pounds and i even splurged a little and ate ice cream and drank alcohol. I am now so excited with the results of this "diet". I am never hungry and don't even find myself eating out of boredom like i used to. I haven't gotten back to exercising again yet but plan on starting today (monday)as a matter of fact. I have been so pleased with this program that i have told everyone that I know about it. It may not work for everyone but if you have been a yo yo dieter all your life i bet it will work for you. I think from all of my yo yo dieting that I messed up my metabolism and this has regulated it to an even keel. I am also taking potassium as recommended by the book and also chromium picolinate which they didn't mention in the book. I drink lots of fluids and now eat all the food I used to avoid. Thank you Drs. Eades!!! As a bonus too it lowers cholesterol!! My grandmother and aunt have always had naturally high cholesterol and it lowered it amazingly to a normal count. Happy Eating and email me if you would like to talk about this plan I would love to share meal ideas.
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on 20 August 1999
Ten years ago I hired a personal trainer to help me with my weight. With steady exercise and a high protein, moderate fat and low carbo diet, I went from 32% body fat to 19% body fat in about 10 months. I looked and felt fantastic. I then made the mistake of listening to health experts who told me my diet was too high in fat and to switch to high carbs. So here I sit 10 years later: 65 pounds overweight, constantly hungry and feeling more and more lethargic. I recently noticed when my stepchildren were visiting that my hubby and I ate a lot more "high-fat" food: bacon and eggs for breakfast, hamburgers for dinner, tuna or turkey sandwiches at lunch. I noticed that when I ate these high fat foods, I felt satisfied and full more quickly and lost my constant craving to stuff my face. I lightbulb came on in my head so I decided to switch my diet back ten years - high protein, moderate fat, low carbs. To refresh my memory, I bought this book, "The Zone" and "Dr. Atkin's Diet Revolution". They are all good books and made sense to me - they confirmed what I apparently have known all along. I have been back on a protein diet (as recommended by this book) now for three weeks, have lost 10 pounds, sleep wonderfully, have no more acid reflux, feel more alert and already look younger. I highly recommend it or the other two books mentioned. I'll update you in a couple of months on my progress. Good Luck!
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on 2 September 1999
A friend lent me this book on July 28th. I returned her book on July 29th and ran out to buy my very own copy. Its September 2nd and I'm down 14 lbs with 15 more to go. I also lost about 10 inches in the waist/hips/stomach/leg areas. I exercise 3-5 x's a week (treadmill and strength resistance) for about an hour each session. Prior to the Protein Power Plan I was on a low fat plan for what seems like years and also exercising .... but the weight loss was hardly noticable. Now, that I have cut back on my carbos the fat is melting off...I am of Oriental descent and rice was a daily food item for me - now I fill up on veggies with my meat. I love cheese and eat a one ounce portion about 5 x's a week.. mmmmm. Once I hit my goal weight I'll increase my carbos and include a bit more rice but for now I'll limit my rice and noodle intake. My co-workers have noticed the new slimmer me and one of them just started the plan recently and after only a week she's noticed her pants felt looser already. I occasionally cheat... after all I'm only human. I cheated on the low fat plan at times as well...and the results were weight gain, but on the Power Plan a bit of cheating and it didn't hurt. 5+ STARS to Power Plan!!!
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on 16 July 1999
I purchased this book just over 1 month ago and not only have I lost weight and a belt notch but have lost other minor ills as well. After shutting down the insane amount of carbohydrates that I was consuming every day to a reasonable 35 grams or so, I have noticed that my usual companions- my lower back discomfort and the ganglians that ache in my wrists- have inexplicably left. We don't have a weight scale at home but occasional checking at my friend's house confirms that I have lost 10-12 lbs. in this 4 week period- all without the gnawing hunger that accompanied my previous low fat diet efforts! Try this diet/lifestyle change and feel the difference that going back to what your body was designed to eat really feels like. Somehow, all through the mis-information that we've been bombarded with by well meaning nutritionists and "health food experts" I knew all along that eating lots of heavy grains, pasta and the like was not good for me. I now truly believe that eating fat doesn't make you fat but eating a load of carbo-choked pasta, rice, bread and sweets certainly does!
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on 25 December 1998
I am a certified personal trainer and also certified as a fitness and nutrition consultant and I can't recommend this book highly enough to my clients. I also work at a sports supplement store and before they even buy any supplements I ask about their diet. Most people take in far too many carbohydrates. I then recommend the Protein Power book and they come back to me later thanking me and how much this diet has helped them. It is the most informative book I have ever read on nutrition. The only shame is that few doctors and nutritionists recommend this diet to their patients, instead they dictate the high carb, low fat diet that is actually causing more problems than solving.
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on 22 November 1999
I had read about the high protein low carbohydrate diet in a women's magazine and started the diet on my own with the very sketchy outline in the magazine. In a few short days, I noticed that I felt energized, less lethargic and generally better. Inspired, I went out and bought Protein Power to learn to do it properly. My husband was sceptical at first, thinking it came from a women's magazine, but having read Protein Power and starting on the diet, he is a huge fan. Every review so far has highlighted weight loss but it really isn't just about weight loss but better health generally. I would like to share my experience - I am 165 cm and weigh 105lbs and have not had a weight problem. Since going on the diet, I have not lost any weight but have generally felt better and fitter and believe whole-heartedly in the benefits of an insulin reduced lifestyle . On the otherhand, my husband who could benefit from a little weight loss,has started loosing the weight and is noticeably lighter after only 3 weeks and has been very pleased with the compliments he has been receiving. Perhaps, to prove a point - I realised that I have, to an extent been on the Protein Power diet as I am naturally not a rice, pasta or bread eater nor do I have a sweet tooth and am more inclined to meat and vegetables while my husband has always been a pasta and bread eater and loves his sweets and pudding but now have no craving for sweets. Since being on the much hyped about low fat, high carbohydrate diet, he has been trying unsuccessfully for the last 4 years to lose weight. Clearly, we fall into the stereotypes of the Protein Power and know it really works.
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on 20 May 1998
I went on The Protein Power Plan out of pure despiration. I read it in one sitting and thought,"What the heck! I'll give it a try!". Well, four weeks later and four less inches in my waist and 15lbs. overall less, I am a believer! I have lost inches everywhere. Just as the book said, with the redistribution of fat and muscle ratio we actually need to measure inches lost more than weight in that muscle weighs more than fat. This food plan is so, so, so easy to follow both at home and in all types of restaurants. The body chemistry Drs. Eades provides is so simple and makes so much sense I just want to know why NO ONE had ever published this miracle before. The Dr. Atkins plan of the 70's was similar but no where as complete with immediate and longterm simple explanations and directions for new health, body chemistry and the how to simply maintain this new found health and body! Many miserable and sick people could have been made happy and healthy with this simple message of proper eating. I truly believe that I could "Preach the Gospel of the Protein Power Plan" simply because of what it has done for me in my life already. May we all reach out to those around us who we see suffering just as we have. The new body size and shape is a great advertisement as well as the new zest for living and feeling good. DRS. EADES, I CAN NEVER THANK YOU BOTH ENOUGH FOR SHARING WITH ME THIS SECRET OF NEW FOUND HEALTH, PROPER EATING AND BRING ABLE TO RECAPTURE THE YOUTHFUL VIGOR THAT I THOUGHT WAS GONE FOREVER!!!! God Bless You Both!
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on 30 October 1997
Both my husband and I have read the book and followed the program for the last six months. After three months his blood pressure dropped fifteen points(diastolic). He hopes to be weaned from blood pressure pills eventually. His cardiac risk went from above average to below average risk by inceasing his HDL and decreasing is LDL. He lost fifteen pounds and has remained at his"right weight" now for the last four months with no effort.
My cholesterol dropped 55 points in eight weeks. I have lost only five pounds but five percent body fat. I too am at my "right" weight.
The ease of the program is simply that food is always there but hunger is not. It is easy to order in a restaurant.
We do weights three times a week for an hour each time and walk two to three times a week. Exercise is part of the program.
The book is a gift of new life for both of us. We hope it will be for you.
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