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3.9 out of 5 stars10
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 7 July 2003
I don't normally buy new books, especially hardback ones, but I got this after going to a reading by the author and haven't regretted it. Maybe it's just that I haven't read much funny or romantic fiction for a while, but I had a wonderful time with it. I can't remember the last time I looked forward to coming home from work to a book (rather than a TV programme, or even a person!) in the same way (didn't take it with me during the day as it's quite heavy, and besides, there's that attention-seeking title).
You can look elsewhere on this site for the plot, which is completely mad, and probably as a result fantastically entertaining. There are loads of giggles to be had, especially if you're into silly word puns. If you're a cynic about love like me, a lot of the conspiracy part is scarily convincing. If you're a deep-down softie, also like me, then the love story is pretty gorgeous too. And the whole thing has the same effect on the way you see books as the film Toy Story had on dolls. Loved it, what more can I say?
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on 4 March 2006
Did you ever feel inadequate because you couldn't get past Page 1 of Ulysses by James Joyce? Fear not - Making Love has all the same fantastic use and abuse of the English language while being eminently readable! Brill manages to insert some type of humour in every line, whether it is irony, wit, punning or pure slapstick. His command of the English language is extraordinary and his ability to manipulate it astounding. An amazing-ly enjoyable book!
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on 26 March 2010
I really, really wanted to like this, as it's such an interesting and fun idea - but I just didn't. So many other reviewers loved it that I am reluctant to put anyone who is thinking of buying it off in case it's just my personal taste.

I can tell you why I did not like it: I agree with the other negative reviewer - this book is not really kind to it's central characters. It mocks them quite a bit, and they are all stereotypical and two-dimensional. I didn't feel we really got close to them, as we were buffered from them by the quite 'heavy' voice of the narrator, which overshadows everything.

In fact, I think the 'book' narrator was a big part of the problem for me. I found it really pretentious and overly verbose in places. Its ramblings often take you away from the action of the story, and not really in a good way, unless you like congratulating yourself about your ability to appreciate endless puns. The writer is very creative, I'll give him that, and comes up with some great analogies - but sometimes you wish he would stop showing off and get on with the story. I would have preferred a switched narrator - i.e. sometimes the book, sometimes the characters. That would have made it more enjoyable for me.

I liked the old book itself, the one by the fictional author, and I thought it made some interesting and though-provoking points...but you only get the odd page now and then in a slightly jarring way, and it's an odd combination of different styles.

Most of all, I did not like the toilet humour in this book. I am very squeamish about reading horrible things in graphic detail and some of it literally made me so nauseous that I had to scan pages to get the end of the scene.

So, if you are squeamish like me, don't read this book! If, however, you don't really care about getting close to the characters, find toilet humour hilarious and you like the idea of endless puns and some genuinely creative analogies - then you might really like it.
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on 24 August 2006
This book is a very witty read. It's about Miranda, who is looking for romance, and who discovers a dusty book hidden away on the back of a shelf in the library. Miranda steals the book because the librarian won't let her take any more books out and she is overdue. She is desperate to read it because it contains the secret to finding love. This book turns out to be wanted by the Secret Service as they thought they'd destroyed all exisiting copies. They think it contains a conspiracy theory that they want hushed up. Miranda has a whole range of crazy adventures as the Secret Service try to take the book from her. It all makes for some hilarious reading. Does she get her man in the end? That would be telling! Oh, to add to the quirkiness of this book, the story is actually being told by the book itself! What a novel idea.

This is what I imagine the result would be if you mixed Bridget Jones with Thursday Next (Jasper Fforde).
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VINE VOICEon 18 May 2013
An unusual and original book. Really funny, occasionally too gross in a bit of a boys' humour way, but mostly intriguing and enjoyable to read. It really picks up the pace about half-way through and after that I didn't want put it down. I read this with my book group and the general opinion was that it was a four-out-five-stars good read.
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on 10 December 2015
Two books in one.The humour is good and I enjoyed the play on words. I found it on the whole, very disappointing.The ending left me saying "So what?"
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on 19 May 2004
Romance addict Miranda Brown steals a seemingly innocuous old book called "Making Love" from the library, sparking off an immensely enjoyable farce featuring mysterious secret service agents and a host of entertaining eccentrics.
This is an immensely enjoyable and witty book, and it was a pleasure to read an author who gets such an obvious enjoyment out of playing with language and preconceived notions of the novel.
It is bizarre and touching. A pastiche and a tribute, archly satirical but also self-mocking, fantastically funny while at times also managing true poignancy and resonance.
This is one you will find yourself enthusiastically recommending to friends before you even reach pg 5.
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on 22 June 2004
It took a few chapters to start to cook, but the sardonic wit of the book soon had me hooked. Miranda starts hapless and ends savvy and no longer single. Chortle as the crazy cast of London characters cavorts across Europe to reach a bombastic finale. Unique, thoroughly modern and very, very funny.
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on 19 July 2005
I bought this booking thinking that it was a little different - along the lines of Jasper Fforde - full of wit and romance. This is one disillusuioned reader I can tell you. The writing style is pedantic and flat.It makes women look as if they are simpering tearful fools whose entire goal in life is to find Mr Perfect and therefore be Happy.The men are portrayed just as bad - as either Heroes, Beasts or Idiots. The wit is toilet bowl humor and the romance is dead. Give this one a miss.
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on 15 July 2003
Marius Brill did a great job with this book. His creativity shows in how he gets the reader "involved" in the retelling of the story. After all, a book is a retelling of a story when you come to think of it. The book is divided into three parts with the first two parts taking place mostly in England while the third moves to Venice. Miranda is the main character, although the way Brill approached this, the book you hold in your hand is the main character. Of the three parts, the third part is probably the weak link when compared to the first two because the story evolves (or devolves) into a story reminiscent of a Ludlum novel. If you're looking for good prose, excellent humor, and a creative new approach, you'll love this!!
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