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4.1 out of 5 stars320
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2012
Im not very good with reviews. Just wanted to say that I loved this book, I couldn't put it down. I read it in two days as I was so desperate to find out what had happened and why.
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on 14 November 2013
touchingly and amusingly written. I will look for more by this author. A good style and pace to the story
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on 5 April 2012
First of all, let's get out of the way what this book isn't. It's not a thriller. Neither is it something that's going to end up on an A Level study list. I nearly wrote that it isn't engaging enough either, but when I thought about that, I found that it is! And it's no worse for not being any of the above things either.

What it is - is pure entertainment. John Farrell takes a believable situation and develops the plot and characters down a believable route. Along the way he keeps us guessing, we find out more about the central characters and he makes us laugh. There are ups and downs for the characters and we are kept wondering until pretty much the end whether the central couple are going to get back together. Okay, perhaps an educated guess can be taken here.

It's a feelgood book. It's entertainment. You do want to keep reading it. I suppose if I were to categorise this book, I'd say it's a romantic comedy. Romantic comedies aren't really my thing. But I thoroughly enjoyed this one. That's the reason I'd recommend you read it!
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on 13 August 2013
Well, I bet there are plenty of women out there currently thinking they get forgotten about all the time by their beloveds, so what is the big deal about some bloke writing a book about it? I bet you haven't been forgotten about quite like Jack Vaughan forgets about his wife Maddy! You will either appreciate that much more your beloved and his minor memory relapses, or you may well wish that he follows the same path as the said man in this funny, charming, slightly ridiculous and very satisfying story.

Jack Vaughan, or Vaughan as he known by is 39 years old, lives in London, is a high school history teacher, married to Maddy, father to two children. One day, while riding the Underground, he suddenly realises that he has no idea who he is, where he is, what he is doing or where he is going. His whole life has been erased, everything, including his family, how to ride a bike, how to swim, his job. The lot. So begins what could loosely be termed a comedy of errors as Vaughan begins the long process of two steps forward, one step backward, regaining himself and his life.

Ever so very slowly Vaughan's memory begins to return. The fragments are tiny and quite random in how they turn up. His first step in finding out who he is occurs while lying in his hospital bed next to the irrepressible Bernard. Bernard has the very bright idea of buying a Name Your Baby book and reading out every single name in the hope it will jog something in Vaughan's memory. Which the name Gary does. Just think how many names Bernard had already read out to get to G...This immediately prompts Vaughan to start reciting a phone number belongs to Vaughan's best friend.

Vaughan finds out quite quickly that he is in the middle of an acrimonious divorce from his wife Maddy. He simply can't figure out why he has found himself in this situation, as the first time he sees her once he knows who he is, he falls madly in love with her. The focus of the book is his mission to win her back.

Like the lives of most of us, Vaughan's life is very ordinary, which is what makes this book so very appealing to read and to enjoy. Could something like this possibly happen to any one of us? And how would we handle it? During the course of the story Vaughan's memories slowly return which enables him, and the reader, to go back to the his and Maddy's first meeting, their courtship, and exactly where things went wrong in the marriage. It is wonderfully romantic and poignant, and probably a reminder to us all that it can be easy to forget how things once were, and hard to dig deep to find those memories again.

The author is a very prolific English writer, who has worked on television and radio political satire and comedy programmes including Spitting Image, broadcasting, an aspiring politician as well as successful novelist and non-fiction writer. His skills as a writer with a wry wit are on full display in this book, as in turn we feel sorry for him, then frustration, then what a lovable buffoon he is. He tries so very very hard, it is so endearing. Yes, it is a light and trite story, but also very satisfying, and you will close it with a contented sigh, and think, gee, that was such a pleasant piece of escapism.
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on 26 November 2014
An easy story to follow - not too many characters to get your head around before you're familiar with the story, like some books have. The slow feed of the main character's memory recollection makes good reading. Nothing exciting, no great plot, just an entertaining story set against a modern background of work and disrupted family life. A fair balance of emotion and romance thrown in along with a bit of light comedy. At times it seems to be going on a bit along a certain theme, but the author always seems to get back on track before it becomes a problem.
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on 18 November 2014
I liked the characters, and there were moments when I laughed out loud. However, I did find it read a bit like a movie, somI was not only casting it but solving the difficulties of filming it. I think there will be some fantasy flashbacks, a bit like in the old series of Reginald Perrin. Also, there will need to be a voice-over for the dog's complex thoughts, although whether it should be the main actor putting words in the dog's mouth, or just someone like Martin Clunes, I haven't made my mind up about yet. Satisfying ending, though.
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on 3 January 2013
Well written - comical- moving - so interesting - ive recommended this to many friends and they have taken my advice and downloaded it onto their kindle, they have all loved it.
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on 15 July 2015
This is one of the few books that has made me cry. The story of Vaughan as he tries to recover his memory is funny and heart breaking all at the same time. John Farrell writes about men who get to show their feelings which I find very refreshing. He writes with humour and insight and the readers is there with Vaughan all along the way of his incredible awakening. It actually leaves you thinking that a loss of memory could do us all some good!
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on 22 April 2013
I just finished reading "The Man who Forgot his Wife" and found the book hard to put down. The book is easy to read and witty. The pacing was pretty much spot on throughout the book, but I felt that it could have wrapped up a little sooner than it did. The story tells the tale of a man who wakes up to find he has no idea who he is, and it brings him and his family slowly back together - with some problems along the way.
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on 23 January 2013
They say there are only so many truly original books out there and whilst The Man Who Forgot His Wife is definitely different and certainly unlike anything I've ever read before at the same time I feel its probably not totally ground-breaking stuff.

A novel all about a middle-aged man suffering an amnesia style fugue apparently brought on by the stress of a divorce he fails to remember, this a wonderfully philosophical bitter-sweet novel that manages to pull at your heartstrings whilst making you laugh ..... even if it is less out loud and more of a chuckle .

Concentrating on things largely from a male perspective, in the not always likeable Vaughan we explore a marital relationship in a rut and falling in love for what, because of his memory lost, is essentially the first time.

Described as a rom-com by some, this was a book that once put down I itched to get back to, a novel that, though I quickly anticipated where it was heading, wasn't without its heart quickening twists and turns. A largely feel good story, I'll be amazed if there isn't a movie version soon.

The Man Who Forgot His Wife
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