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4.8 out of 5 stars45
4.8 out of 5 stars
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OK, I am a newbie to the series, I have not read any of the other titles in this series and to be honest here, I was quite lost when I began. So a quick break was taken and thanks to Wiki, I was brought up to speed on the novels to date and thus knew where I was and able to carry on.

The series is definitely pretty epic for the Young Adult market, its definitely got a whole host of interesting characters and each one stands out presenting the reader with something new and unique to the overall story arc. The reader won't know which way to turn as events overtake the principle characters as they discover facts that have been withheld as well as testing the boundaries of old friends and new. It is captivating, it is gripping and above all else, and it is a tale that was incredibly hard to put down once I knew what was happening. Definitely one of our tips for the Summer months and we'd even go so far as to suggest getting the series from the first offering to keep your Young Reader happy.
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on 18 August 2010
I eagerly awaited this book's release having read and thoroughly enjoyed it's three predecessors: The Alchemyst, The Magician and The Sorceress.
Nicholas and Perenelle grow weaker by the hour, Dr Dee becomes more desperate to get the missing Codex pages before his Dark Elder can punish him for his previous failures, Machiavelli and Billy the Kid have yet to find a way off Alcatraz Island, Josh and Sophie don't know who they can trust, Scatchach and Joan of Arc are missing somewhere in the dinosaur era and a stranger that looks like Scathach enters Josh and Sophie's life.... That's pretty much where the action left off at the end of The Sorceress, The Necromancer picks it up and races on ahead at a furious pace. You can almost hear the clock ticking as all the central characters are running out of time. The established characters return and you're introduced to new ones, and nobody's motives seem clear. There's some unexpected comedic exchanges that made me laugh, and a very colourful new Dark Elder is introduced who is sure to become a favourite of many. Josh learns the magic of fire at the hands of a master, and then re-connects with the Elder that awakened him...placing himself, Sophie and others in a very precarious position. An ancient, deadly deity is summoned, she's intent on revenge and havoc but Flamel, Sophie et al are determined to stop her. Josh has the ultimate choice to make, to stand by his sister or to leave her for the promise of power and knowledge?
Dr Dee is in a hurry to escape London as his Elders have now sent bounty hunters after him, Machiavelli and Billy escape Alcatraz but have to face the wrath of Billy's Elder.
With nods to eras from Pleistocene to Elizabethan to the American Wild West, and mythologies from Mayan to Celtic to Roman there really is a little of something for everyone in this series. It has complicated plot twists, dubious motives and an action packed adventure plot, sure to engage even a reluctant reader! I recommend it to all ages from 10 to 100.
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Sophie and Josh return home, unsure what to tell their Aunt about their adventures of the past few days. They certainly can't tell her the truth. As they walk up the road, they notice a car outside the house.

Curious and hesitant, they approach the car. A woman exits and they believe it's someone they know. However, almost too late, they realize it's an identical twin. Sophie ends up kidnapped and Josh left scrambling behind.

In order to save his sister, he travels back to the start of their adventure, the Flamels. Once he confides in them, they quickly follow after Sophie.

The Flamels don't have much time and they have already decided to fight before things spiral too far out of control, even though it might be the last thing they accomplish. They find Sophie and those watching over her. Together, they come up with a plan of attack.

Before they can accomplish their goals, they request someone to awake the fire powers in Josh. He readily agrees to the plan, already feeling inferior to his twin.

However, the Flamels didn't consider Dr. Dee in their planning. While his masters aren't pleased with his failures, Dr. Dee always has a plan. This plan includes taking over the world, but he needs Josh in order to set his plan in motion. Will Josh cross over to the other side and leave his twin and the Flamels behind?

The fourth book in this wonderful series won't disappoint fans with its magic, history, mythology, clever characters, evil plots, and strong sibling bonds. THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL is addicting and will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Rummel
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on 3 October 2010
I would class myself as a thinly read person (pinching Eddie Izzard comment). A book has to get my gripped from the first few pages otherwise I will put it down and that will be the end of it. This book did get me hooked from the first few lines on the first page and I have problems putting it down.

The only other books that have grabbed me in this way are the Harry Potter books and to be honest only reason I bought this book was because I knew Nicolas Flamel from the first Harry Potter book and film.

I am really glad that I purchased this book as it has got me back into reading. The story is full of magic and fantastic characters that are so real that you can believe everything that is written. You can feel yourself being drawn in to their world and you wished there was something that you could do to help the characters get through.

Don't think that I can recommend this book highly enough. Buy it - go on you know you want to. I am now off to buy the second book in the series before I run out of pages in book one.
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on 13 November 2011
Book five of this excellent series by Michael Scott continues the action as the return of the Elders draws ever closer.

Although this is still a brilliant read, I felt this was the weakest book so far. There seemed to be a little too much filler this time. Granted, the pace needs to relent occasionally to allow us and the characters to catch their breath, but this happened a little too often.

There are two more books in this wonderful series, and I can't wait to find out what happens.
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on 16 January 2011
a really good series of books totally brilliant didn't want to put them down read a the first four in a matter of days. a real page turner i would highly recommend to anyone who likes fantasy type books such as harry potter or the elder series can't wait until the next book in may as left on a real knife edge. just started on the side story the death of joan of arc to tide me over until warlock is released 5 stars and hopefully this will soon be a film as the rights have been sold so fingers crossed. can't recommend high enough i would however recommend starting with the alchemist and working through them it will not take you long as you really will be hooked.
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on 21 February 2015
Brilliant author. Very interesting stories and good deep plots. Throughly enjoyed reading these books. I've got to book 5 I think and I've got board. It seems like one big story from book 1 that they've just had to split into a number of books because they've ran out of pages. There isn't any real differences in plots or story when you start the next book, it's like you've just started a new chapter where usually with books in a series, the next book is based months/years later. Hopefully I'll pick up the next book soon as I've bought them all. Not rated it lower as I have enjoyed the books.
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on 17 November 2013
I've been following this series by Michael Scott and it's a really good read. The story follows twins Josh and Sophie as they discover that they are "the two that are one" and have magical powers that get stronger as their journey through the world of myths and magic progress. Each book centres around one of the magical people they meet on their journey, those that are there to help them and those who want to kill them or use their powers for darker purposes.
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on 7 November 2010
I have read all of this series to date. I originally bought them for my teenaged son and daughter. With the turn of a page I am transported to London, Paris, San Francisco and yes even the shadowrealms in each one. These books are so well researched, and well written that they engage you from the first to the last page. I could not put it down. Thank you Micheal Scott! My children cannot wait for the Warlock.
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on 3 September 2010
This is the 4th book of the series and is just as good as the other 3. I came accross this series by change after reading the Harry Potter books. It is not a very well know series which is a shame. Characters are fantastic and the book is non stop action. 10 out of 10 for me. Start with the 1st book and read your way through the series, you will not be dissapointed. Roll on The Warlock!!!!!!!!!
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