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4.4 out of 5 stars194
4.4 out of 5 stars
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 19 July 2012
I've been a fan of Fallen ever since the first book was released, and waiting for the conclusion to the series seemed like an age. I'll be the first to admit that the Fallen books have always been slightly hit and miss, and has attracted a lot of people who love or hate it.
I'm glad to be on the former's side.

As the final book, it's often hard to find the balance between a brilliant plot and a satisfying conclusion to the story as a whole, whilst also answering questions and tying up all loose ends. Lauren Kate did this with Rapture, and she did it wonderfully.

I don't think it can be disputed that Rapture is by far and away the best book of the series. It just felt like Kate had finally found and embraced her style of writing which has been yearning to come out for some time, and the words just flowed.

All the characters felt much more mature, which was a relief to see. At times in previous books (Torment, I'm looking at you), some had been bordering on irritating with their self-centred, teenage angst feelings - especially Luce - but here they were focused on what they had to do and much more involved.

Daniel especially came into his own. His character voice felt much stronger and his and Luce's love felt much more convincing and worth the battle around them.

I was in awe of how the story progressed and was genuinely stunned at some of the plot twists. Nicely done, Kate. What happened felt right, and more than lived up to what we wanted to happen.

But the ending, for me, was bittersweet. (Here I am referring to the very end - namely the last two chapters/epilogue)
It was the right way to go, I know, but I can't help thinking things were a little different.

I was sad to see the series end - in fact I shed a tear as I read the last line - because I really have loved these books, and have invested a lot of time and heart into them. Endings are always hard, because here we have to draw a line and say goodbye to the characters.

So: farewell, Fallen. It's been worth the wait, and it's been one hell of a ride.

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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 4 August 2012
I've been following Lauren Kate's books ever since I first read Fallen way back in 2009. I read it straight after discovering Twilight and the whole of paranormal romance world, so for me now, it's a really bittersweet moment because I'm very sad it's over but I'm so pleased it ended on such a high note.

Rapture is just pure amazing! From start to finish Lauren Kate takes us on a whirlwind journey following the characters that we've all fallen in love with and she doesn't stop batting out shocking and exciting revelations, until the very last page. Rapture was far from predictable and Lauren Kate took the story to a whole new level. All of the questions I found myself asking through-out this series, are now answered and let me tell you, you will NOT be disappointed. If anything, I'm still sitting her nearly a month later just thinking "wow, I did not expect that" - Seriously, it's that good.

What I loved about this book was there was so much more Daniel and Luce time. I fell in love with their relationship from the start, so I was always rooting for them. Daniel becomes even more swoon-worthy and I loved how their relationship grew too. What I didn't expect was the shocking story that involved Lucifer. Boy oh boy, will you be surprised but you will be blown away also because it was the last thing I ever expected.

The ending of the book was done so perfectly well that all my favourite characters got the ending they all deserved. I just adored Daniel and Luce's ending and Lauren did the finial touches brilliantly. My only major problem was Cam; I don't think his ending was a good as the others. It kind of felt left open - maybe in the hopes that Cam could have his own book because that's how it felt, but I guess we'll see.

All in all, Rapture was the perfect ending to a fantastic series and I honestly will be sad to see it go. Full of romance, danger, hope and love - it's not one to miss!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 11 May 2013
I have read many books series in my time and only a few have ever stayed with me over the years. The Fallen series is one of those few. Rapture is the ending to this fantastic series and is my favourite out of the five, I think its because you can really feel the emotions of all the characters. There were so many twists in this book that I did not see coming and would not have guessed. In the last few chapters I laughed and (most of all) I cried!!! I really felt not only what Luce and Daniel were going through but the emotions of all her friends, family and the outcasts too. Although I was devastated about the way it ended I would not have changed a thing. I totally encourage anyone to read these books, you will not regret it. Great writing, great characters, love, twists and turns and an ending you will not forget in a hurry.....what's not to love?
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 5 October 2012
I've been eagerly anticipating the end of this series, as I've found each book worse than the last. Fallen was absolutely magnificent, Torment (Fallen) was good but lacking in certain areas, and Passion (Fallen) was OK, showed some promise at the start then just detrimentally dwindled from there on, insofar as just being about Luce's "heartbreaking" adventures with Daniel.

But let me get on to the book in question: There's no doubt the first 50 pages or so showed lots of promise; it was quite different and intriguing - I love the seismic time shifts. But from there on it became almost like a repeat of Passion (Fallen) with all the adventures to the different parts of the world Lucinda and Daniel go to. But then again, it was almost completely irrelevant to the first three books; they could not have happened and yet it was still clear what was going on.

But, contradictory to the last boring 300 pages - nothing much happens, Luce + Daniel do what they have to do all while snogging and professing their love for one another - secrets are revealed (lots of them) which make it interesting. I loved the ending; it was brilliant because I didn't expect it at all.

Overall I give this book three stars - the series ditto. If all four books were written different or there'd only been two or 3 books then it'd been absolutely amazing. If you ever have any spare time read them. They're good.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 10 July 2012
I haven't uniformly loved the books in this series (yes Fallen, not so much Torment) but I do love the series overall. Though it isn't always pitch-perfect, 'Rapture' is still a great ending to the - quadrilogy? Well, series. In particular I'm glad that Kate didn't try to spin it out any further, as seems to be happening too much these days with series in this genre. There's a definite, logical progression in the development of the two main characters throughout the four books, and the way that their quandry pans out in the last book makes good on that trajectory. Though both the 'twist' regarding Luce's true identity and Luce & Daniel's ultimate fate are somewhat predictable, they're still satisfying. And let's be honest: there isn't much that isn't predictable in teen paranormal romance novels. Which is part of the reason those of us who love them, love them!

Having said that, there is another twist at the end regarding Luce's history which I didn't see coming, and which is actually one of the reasons why I didn't give this book five stars. Rather like Primrose's fate in the Hunger Games, the revelation of the second forgotten section of Luce's past, presumably put in there for effect, seemed to me unnecessary and rushed. More to the point, it depleted what had, for me, been the driving force of the plot and character arc: Daniel & Luce's unwavering love for and devotion to each other. It also detracted from Luce's character itself. One of the things I've liked about this series is that Luce isn't necessarily the most perfect and beautiful girl in the room, but Daniel still loves her best, because of what's in her soul (as he tells us repeatedly.) But the final revelation about Luce's past [slight spoiler alert] was gilding the lily. We already have three major characters in love with her - this fourth one pushes the situation from just-about-believable into Mary Sue territory. Especially when there are so many other desirable females in attendance... Anyway, to say more about that is to say too much. But I'd be interested in whether other readers felt the same way.

The book's other major downfall is the many loose ends it doesn't tie up. And they're some pretty major ones: what, for instance, was the deal with Trevor's spontaneous combustion? That has been nagging me since the beginning of the series, but everyone just seems to accept it without explanation, with no mention made among all of the big revelations at the end.

And then, why do so many of Luce's close friends have to die? I actually hold JK Rowling somewhat responsible for this one - she was determined to kill off lovable characters as if it would somehow give the books greater adult credibility. Now this tendency seems to have infected the genre and similar ones. Can't good ever just plain triumph over evil? Do there always have to be major sacrifices? It's annoying, especially when the sacrifices seem just too simple.

Another peculiarly major oversight for Kate: in her Big Decision at the end of the book, Luce agonizes over what it might mean for her and Daniel and their angelic friends, but she never spares a thought for the human friends and family who stand to lose the most from her decision. In fact they never even cross her mind, which seems strange at best, given how important they've been to her in the past, and what she's learned about loss from visiting her past lives.

I was also ready to complain about the fact that Shelby & Miles seem to just fall off the face of the earth, along with the explanation for Arianne's burns, Roland's allegiance to Lucifer, etc. Then I remembered the strange little book 'Fallen in Love' which came out on Valentine's day. Got it, and it does explain some of these things - though not always particularly well. But that's another story.

At the end of the day this tragic love story does have a happily-ever-after, and it was well enough done to make me smile. So four stars, definitely. I'll be interested to see what Kate comes out with next.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 2 May 2013
I do love the fallen series of Lauren Kate. Its a very sweet story that stays with you long after you turn the last page. Rapture is very good. A few moments lacking impact but its a surprising end that even I didn't see coming. Its a lovely end to the story that makes you feel satisfied. Good writing and research too!
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on 12 November 2015
Rupture review
~~~~~ Contains Spoilers ~~~~~

The climax of the bestselling FALLEN series
The sky is dark with wings . . .

And time is running out for Luce and Daniel.

In order to stop Lucifer from erasing the past, they must find the place where the Fall began. Only Luce can break the curse, and it is her choice alone that will decide all of their fates.

But as Dark Forces gather, great sacrifices will have to be made in this final, epic struggle . . .

In the fight for Luce, and for love, who will win?

The thrilling conclusion to the international bestsellers Fallen, Torment and Passion.

This is the last book in the fallen series (Lauren kate has now brought out unforgiving which is cams stroy) its a really good closer to the storyline and brings it all to an end very well.
So as I thought throughout the books luce is an Angel and the balance is down to her choice, as always she chooses love but you also learnt the first meeting of her nad danile and how they feel in love and its just sooo sweet.
Luce and Daniel were so much better in this instalment there love for each was clearer and the last few books there love was a mystery why were they drawn to each other and what made them fall in love. Its shame luce and Daniel had to start again in there lives for each other but they find them selfs in the end and its an amazing end.

So over all this series just gets better and better and so worth reading.
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on 28 October 2015
BOOK FOUR OF THIS pseudo supernatural series of eternal love is arguably the best one yet. And that is as you would expect, given that this epic four part story all ends here. The obvious enemy to the Angels - and the world, as it turns out - was revealed at the end of book three. He has plans for world domination, as well as (more importantly) plans for the end to the romance between Luce and Daniel. The Cad.

And of course he must be stopped.

Enemies from preceding volumes have returned, some re-aligning themselves with the good guys, some staying neutral, and some retaining their old colours. Moreover, things have gone a little bit science fictioney in this volume, with seismic time shifts caused throughout the world every time Lucifer takes a step closer to his metaphorical destination. And new characters turn out to be so much more than they appear at first glance, which is a BRILLIANT way to keep the story going and keep the reader’s attention right to the very last page.

Alert readers may well have pre-conceived notions and theories as to how the story will turn out. I won’t declare mine here, as I will probably be so wrong and so far off the beat that it’s unintentionally funny. But the point is, after four books, I am still reading. I am still loving the action, the jokes, the fights, the battle scenes, the strong characterisation, and the plot twists.

But most importantly, i am still lovin’ the lovin’ on display between Lucinda and Daniel. I am worried for *his* future, as well, asking myself if a single act of plucking one of his divine feathers a metaphor for something much grander?

I guess I will have to keep reading to learn the truth. And so will you. I want to see the god guys (and their angels) beat the bad guys (and their angels) once more. And to see Big Bad Lucifer learn a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry. And it’s always good to see true love in action, anyway.

Four stars for the final volume of a consistently excellent and highly entertaining series.

BFN Greggorio!
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on 14 June 2015
how bad was that!!!!!!!!!! it was the worse ending in the whole history of books! Daniel and Luce go trough this epic struggle for love. they make an alliance with the outcasts, they have to fight of the scale (and I still don't get who they are!) molly and Gabbie die (what a waste!!!!!!) Dee dies. Lucifer also suffers and I do fell sorry for him because it was luces fault for kissing Daniel in heaven not Lucifer's! and after all of that they turn into humans and don't even remember why they love each other or there friends or the fact that they were both angels! PATHETIC!!!
I hate luce a lot! she doesn't deserve the angels as friends! why does Daniel love her so much? what is so great about this pathetic wimpy girl who always needs a hero to save her weather its pen, denial or cam or Arianne!!! why did he not just pick another girl who is not so needy! Daniel and luce are very selfish and selfish centred! people die for them to make out! (GIVE IT UP!!!!!! YOUR FRIENDS ARE NEEDLESSLY DIEING HERE!!!)
when they figure out that the first relic (the halo) sunk into the sea he was so casual just like "lets swim and get it then" and luce was like "oh yeah I can magically breath under water if I just believe so lets do it!" how cheesy! I hate this book!!!!!!! I love cam! he is so good but it would be nicer to know more about his past the book should be all about him! if I was luce I would drop Daniel and go out with cam! he is so much worth it! I almost cried when I read the very end! expecting luces and Daniels curse to finally be lifted after their hard struggle but know! a gold fish could have written a better ending! I liked some parts of the book but why would you turn them into humans? I AM STILL ANDRY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! and just one last thing. Lauren actually mentioned marry and Jesus in this book so what this business about god being a girl now! I'm not being funny or sexist but how the hell did god and marry have Jesus if god is also a girl. just something to think about there!
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on 7 September 2012
I really love the fallen series and was so excited to read the final book. The whole series was so romantic and beautiful. However the last book didn't live up to my expectations. Maybe it was the fact that it was very slow to start, or perhaps it was a bit too predictable. I don't know it just didn't connect with me like the others. It was still a good book, just maybe not as good as the others.

!!Spoiler Alert!!
You might want to stop reading now if you don't want to know anything about the book!!

We basically carry on straight after the end of passion. The fallen angels and Luce decide to go and look for the "three relics" that have suddenly been introduced (This happens a lot in the book). This apparently will tell them where the angel's fell. This will allow them to prevent Lucifer from re-writing history. Daniel and Luce set off on their own and it's only until the Outcasts take sides with them that the story really starts to get going. Before that it's just Luce describing how she loves Daniel and how they are perfect for one another -_-.

They find all three relics and get to the place where the fall happened. Their Luce discovers something about herself . I don't about you but I wasn't expecting this revelation, I didn't know what to make of it. If she is what it says she is doesn't that sort of kill the whole point of the story? It's like it was just the easy way out so that Luce and Daniel could stay together.

Then she has to go and stop Lucifer and you find out something about their relationship. Now I thought this was a bit predictable and cliché!! Basically they just end up having a nice chat. So that somehow stops him. I was really disappointed when that happened, I mean really? They just spent this whole time worrying about what Lucifer was going to do and then Luce just needed to talk to him? I was hoping for a fight: /.

After that God comes and acts as though none of this was her fault. And then Luce and Daniel have to make "The choice" again. I won't say what they choose; but whilst they were making this decision Luce seems to forget about her human parents and friends. This made me very angry seeing as she always went on about how much she cared for them.

So that leaves us with the ending. The consequence of their choice is sad I have to admit :'( but I feel like I've read that ending so many times before. And I had so many questions; Why does it never explain the Trevor incident? And what the hell happened to Cam??

I love all the bits when he and Luce where together but there weren't as many as I wanted there to be. It's like the author forgot that Cam was a main part of the story. I really hope that there will be a series about Cam, that's what it looked like to me because we never found out who he was in love with and what happened to him!! But I would of rather she just included it in the actual story.

I would also like to point out the cheesiness of the final pages of the book. Not only did I find the scene with her new friend really annoying but I have a real problem with the final angel's scene. The fact that they were spying on Luce and Daniel was really annoying. Also did anyone notice that Lucifer was in the final scene?

So if you're planning on buying rapture I would recommend it to you there are some really good bits and some classic Lauren Kate romantic scenes but just don't expect to be blown away. Also it's quite repetitive at times. Overall though it was a good read but maybe not the best end to a series.
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