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4.6 out of 5 stars291
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 June 2014
My daughter was re-reading a few of her Jacqueline Wilson books from her childhood and this was the latest one she delved into. She was telling me how much she adored Lola Rose and told me that it was a beautifully touching story.

Lola Rose is about a girl called Jayni who lives with her mum, Nikki, her dad, Jay and her brother Kenny. However, after another tough night and winning the lottery, Jayni finds herself on the run from her dad with her mum and little brother. The family hide high and low find themselves a new life and recreate themselves. Boring old Jayni (who wasn't boring at all!) transforms into Lola Rose and finds herself embarking on a new life with new adventures. However, whenever something goes good...something turns bad. And in the end Lola Rose's mum ends up hospitalised for a threatening illness. Lola Rose is forced to deal with things on her own and finds that everyday, life is chance and you can't MAKE things disappear.

Jacqueline Wilson exposes her readers to the subject of a violent father as well as a cancer patient mum. I think this is really powerful and Jacqueline has done this incredibly well. Your heart aches when Lola Rose finds out the news and you are constantly waiting for her mum to get better. As always, Jacqueline doesn't twine in too much drama and allows the reader to process all of the information before another plot twist. This book is also very sad and I've found even my daughter having a few tears over it. A young reader may find this slightly too harsh but I think as you get older and re-read it, or even read it for the first time, you find yourself getting a little shimmer of heartache when you read the story.

Brilliant novel!
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on 25 February 2013
emotional down to earth and fresh i love this book probably one of my fave Jacqueline Wilson's a must have if your into her books
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on 16 February 2013
Amazing book ,I was totally unable to put this book down! Truly heartwarming! Lola rose was so brave through everything
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on 19 August 2015
I decided to re-read this book recently and fell in love with the story. I always remembered how the plot went, however I still found myself enchanted with what Jacqueline Wilson presented for my mind to consume.

Lola Rose is about a girl named, Jayni who loves with her mum, Nikki, her dad, Jay and her little brother Kenny. However, after winning the lottery and another tough night, Jayni finds herself on the run with her mum and little brother from dad in hope to recreate themselves and start a new life. This turns the 'boring old Jayni' into fabulous Lola Rose, a brave girl who isn't scared of anyone. The family find themselves embedded in luck and happiness, however as you get deeper into the book, the deeper the story becomes. Lola Rose finds herself face to face with a situation involving hospitals as well as an abusive father.

The structure of the book is about ten page chapters however there are 24 chapters in total. There is not too much drama mushed into one chapter so you are always processing the information before turning the page. However, this book is full of drama and is continuously forcing you to read on because your heart is entwined with the painful upset of what is happening to Lola Rose and her family. Jacqueline touched on the subject of an abusive father really well, outlining how most parents who are being abused don't go to the police because after prison the abuser would be set free again. Jacqueline has created powerful characters who allow you to see the heartfelt subject in more perspectives then one. She also has the subject of cancer in there and talks about a parent having cancer. Jacqueline makes this bold subject a very upsetting theme however you are giving a great deal of empathy to the characters and Jacqueline has presented the illness well without making it too dramatic and keeping it as what it is - cancer. She has written it beautifully and allows you to process everything and become more educated on how a child who is going through this would feel. You have a great deal of sympathy for the characters by the end of it.

It's a really beautiful book. Maybe not for the youngest of readers however I think that some young readers could tackle it without having too much upset.
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on 12 August 2014
It seems most of the Jacqueline Wilson's books are quite dark in the fact that there is abuse or something else going on that the eleven or twelve year old ends up being more of an adult than her parents.

Jayni who calls herself Lola Rose after her mother flees from their father when instead of just hitting her mother he suddenly turns on the daughter.

They head to London and although her mother is very loving and seems to love them very much she is also another selfish parent. She can't keep a proper job, brings a strange younger man into their lives and spends money like water slipping through her fingers.

Lola-Rose spends most of her time looking after her younger brother Kenny (now Kendall), keeping him happy, taking him to and from school and when her mother goes into hospital looking after him by herself until their is no money or food left, upon she rings her auntie who she has never seen before.

Again nothing can go right and we find her mum has Caner and her very large Auntie turns up and looks after everything. Both sisters squabble but it shows that even though they haven't seen each other for years they still love each other.

Being a Jacqueline Wilson book we do get a HEA but of course there is lots of trouble along the way, with the girl feeling older and doing older things than she should be. A girl who is put in a situation far above her age range in which she has no option to cope.
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on 24 May 2011
I am 16 now, I used to read Jacqueline Wilson books all of the time, as soon as they came out I would have a copy in my hands and wouldn't put it down until I was done. The way she handled really mature subjects and made them suitable for younger children astounds me even to this day, she will always be my favourite author because of that and many other reasons. I believe her writing is ageless, I still regard Lola Rose as one of my favourite books of all time even though I may be above the recommended age boundaries now. Sure the themes could be seen as fairly adult in some aspects but I read her books often when I was younger and I've turned out fine. It's an amazing story and I do not for a second think that this book is too adult for children, I read it when I was 8, I enjoyed it greatly and do not feel any other child should be shielded from it.
Jacqueline Wilson inspired in me an avid taste for reading and writing, something which many of the younger generation these days lack. I admire her greatly and hope that I can some day create something that is even a quarter as good as her work.
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on 9 January 2013
Jayni has an unpredictable father. What's most un predictable is her life. But when her father slaps her face, she has something coming her ways. Before Jayni knows, she's being bundled out of her home, with younger brother Kenneth[Kenny for short]. There, in London, Mum, Daughter, and Son begin a life. With it's ups. And downs. First they make new names. Mum- Victoria. Kenney- Kendall. And Jayni is the glamarous-sounding Lola-Rose, yet her life is ugly. It starts off great. Her mam wan tan thasand paunds in the Lottery. They gain a home in London. Lola Rose is now cute and curly, mouse haired but good. First ofvfvfvf allre is a Hotel. The triple find one. And a house? Yup... and moer. Hmm...Eventually. The money starts to run ilout. ¡Oh no! But spendng less money is hard, and with a tinkeling trail of boyfirends, shifts, and lies, they can't escape from everything, especially Lola-Roses father? Lola Rose and Kendall worry, even though they have Aunty Barbara now. The scary thing is, will Dad come back?
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on 1 November 2012
I am in year 9. I read Lola Rose in September 2012. This book is about a girl called Jayni. Jayni's mom has won the lottery in the shop. They decided to run away from Jayni's dad because they know that the dad will have the money.

The main character is called Jayni, but she changed her name after her mom has won the lottery. She has fine straight hair and she acts older then she looks after her mom has gone into hospital.

My favourite part in the book is to do with Lola Rose and her dad...
I didn't really like the ending; I thought it might be happier. It would be exciting if there was more drama in it.

Overall, the book is fantastic, exciting and emotional. I recommend this book to anyone who likes stories about life and if you like Jacqueline Wilson books (because they are all good).

I rate this book 4 and a half out of 5.
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on 12 March 2013
Lola rose is a wonderful brave character and deals with anything that is thrown at her. A new life brings her lots of new challenges. She is heart broken when she realizes that her mum has breast cancer. Acting like the mother all the time she has to take care of her younger brother Kenny who changes his name to Kendal. Winning a scratch card lottery was a great lift for the family it just ruined it when their father came home from work and started shouting about why he wasn't told straight away. Then all of a sudden he starts beating up Nikki the mum who changed her name to Victoria Luck. He had a habit of beating her up over the slightest things. But that night he whacked his own daughter Jayni/Lola Rose right across the face. He had always been more fond of his son Kenny than Jayni .
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on 6 July 2015
I 💜 this book because it has so much drama and different exiting parts!!! I think that it could be in proved by Jackie describing what it was like when they moved in to the pub at the end. (Sorry if that was a spoila!!!😮)
I think that the age rating should be around 11-14 as their is a bit of violence near the end. Over all I think that Jackie is still the best author to have lived on planet earth!!! I hope she carries on writing books for as long as she lives!!! She is a true inspiration to children all across the globe and I ADORE her work!!! Although I said it was my fave book... I also LOVE the hefty feather series!!!

I hope that this will pursued you to bye this book and read it!!! ( I myself have read it 5 times in the past few months!!!)
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