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3.7 out of 5 stars20
3.7 out of 5 stars
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 11 March 2009
After reading 'Crime Zero' and 'Venus Conspiracy', I was really looking forward to Cordy's latest offering. However, 'The Source' is a weak and poorly executed effort.

Although there is a promising plotline, Cordy doesn't really fulfil its full potential. Time and again, huge leaps are take in the plot action. Based on his previous novels, you would have expected Cordy to have spent time and effort in developing the story more fully and descriptively.

Likewise, the characters are waaaaayyyyy too one-dimensional. Not nearly enough background and intimacy here. It's difficult to feel any empathy at all for the central characters.

Overall, the impression given is that Cordy wrote this book in a hurry - that his heart really wasn't in it. Very disappointing.

IF you want a REALLY FIRST RATE religious thriller read "The Genesis Code" by John Case.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 14 October 2008
I was really looking forward to reading this book as I LOVED Michael Cordy's previous novels.
Unfortunately this was nothing like as good - in plot or characters.
Skip it & re-read the Venus Conspiracy or Crime Zero!
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I'm a bit of a sucker for books which entangle conspiracy theories with a historical document or happening. In this case, the historical document is the Voynich manuscript, a handwritten and illustratred book dating from around the fifteenth century which is written in a language which has not yet been deciphered, despite best efforts by many sholars and cryptographers. This in itself is a fascinating document, which I got sidetracked sufficiently by to go and do some research on the Voynich manuscript myself - interesting indeed.

Anyway, the manuscript is used here as a premise in this novel where a scholar appears to have deciphered much of the Voynich manuscript. Various interested parties are immediately drawn to the event, and some will apparently go to any lengths to avoid having this work made public. In particular, branches of the Catholic Church seem to have a vested historical interest of their own for not allowing the work to continue.

Great premise; great promise for a story based on some historical fact that could be written as a really good rollicking adventure story - sadly about half way through the book the author seems to have gone off into some flights of fancy from which the story never recovers.

Pity really; what could have had promise for a great story well told deteriorated into a second half of the book which was really nonsensical - totally unbelievable, and totally fanciful. While not badly written per se, the storyline itself just drifted off into a pile of tosh. Disappointing overall.
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on 9 September 2011
At the core of this novel is the 16th Century artefact known as The Voynich Manuscript - it really exists, its illustrations are real, and the fact it's written in a language that experts have never been able to identify or translate - is a matter of historical record.

Like Cordy's previous novels (I'm a fan and have read all of them), The Source combines adventure and action with Cordy's constant themes of science vs. religion, and Man's quest to understand the past and the mystery of our existence.

I've enjoyed all of Cordy's books and The Source was no exception.

Fans of Raiders Of The Lost Ark-type films will enjoy the exotic locations and fast-moving action, but it is the deeper, questioning nature of the story - universal themes of Man's conflict with one another and with the morality of faith and of science, that in my view give Cordy's novel a greater degree of satisfaction. Some readers might like to see those themes explored in greater depth, but Cordy doesn't let too much introspection get in the way of the plot twists - this is, after all, a thriller. He maintains a balance, which is what makes this a great read for suspense tragics
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2010
The Source is an adventure tale, similar to those written by Cussler, Brown and a horde of others. Cordy's work is easy to digest with interesting plots and a strong sense of good vs. evil. The Source is no different in those respects, however what is interesting with this novel is the clever underlying option for the reader. Cordy presents a story which neither stands with both feet in the science camp or the religeous, allowing the reader to make up their own mind, presenting fact for both parties. It's a well written piece in that respect, whereas most adventure novels are strictly one or the other. The action is well paced with a few twists thrown in for good measure. The characters are likeable or dispicable, as is par for the genre. An enjoyable read with some environmental elements which will make you think long after you have put it down.
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on 26 November 2009
A very good read, great characters, good rhythm.
A mix of the usual with Cordy: science vs religion.
I thought this book was great and I read it very fast.
The story is written around a manuscript (which really exists actually) that has never been decyphered by experts. In this story, the manuscript is in fact a map to the garden of Eden; when it comes to the ears of Rome, the Church is trying to get hold of it to control the garden whereas scientists want to analyse its powers and mysteries... A race starts...

If you are a Cordy fan, you won't be disappointed. I read this book super fast and struggled to put it down.
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on 9 June 2009
Where the hell has Cordy been? I loved The Miracle Strain, Lucifer and the others (whatever they're called now!), so I was really looking forward to this. The Source gripped me from the start, although you've probably read similar stuff in books of this genre. The plot, characters and scenes are great - a movie for the imagination - well, that's also his biggest failing. All the way through I kept thinking that he was writing in the hope of a Hollywood deal. A little Raiders of the Lost Ark-y. I hope his next effort is a little less commercial. It's still heck of a lot better than those awful Dan Brown novels.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 22 August 2011
excellent enthralling story. really beautiful and fun to read. my kindle broke half way through and i was devistated, but luckily new one came in 2 days/
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on 7 November 2011
This is one of the silliest books ever written. I was introduced to Cordy's book by a friend and it began very well, but almost immediately turned into complete nonsense.An American supremacist's dream, the European characters are old, tired (and slightly misshapen) but once they experience the garden of Eden, lo, they are just like Americans. Don't waste yout time on this book, life isn't long enough.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 23 September 2008
The Source is a cracking read and well worth the wait, I had it on order for nearly a year.
I found it hard to put it down and missed a couple of meals as a result.
Really good chapter "first lines" to get the imagination running high - like, "The sound of a bullet hitting the human head"
Great research, great story and written to grab you hard! Many thanks Michael, please don't keep us waiting too long for the next one.
review image review image review image
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