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4.1 out of 5 stars49
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2010
I've just finished this book after having read it in 48 hours - at first I was dissapointed because I'd just re-read all the pern books in chronological order this time & was hoping for a story that continued in the tineline; then because it was set in the tine of the dragon-plague which one of the books had already covered. However when I got into it and invested in the main character, Fiona, I was hooked and pleasantly surprised that the story was not centered on the plague (which is so sad & makes me cry when the dragons die) but on Fiona herself & her struggle to become a weyrwoman. I am now eagerly awaiting the continuation of this story in Todd's next book, Dragongirl. I am a little concerned bacuse the synopsis for that one states that it's partly about the plague but I am dying to know what happens to Fiona and her friends so will forgive him for that. However please, please Todd write a story soon to continue the timeline on please? I want so much to know how the Dragon riders cope after the end of thread and their new star watching role... and I'd love to see a new contact with the Federation and perhaps the re-awakening of AIVAS in a time of dire need? Anyway, if you've ever read even a single pern story and liked it, this book is for you. And for all you pern fans out there, I'd heartily recommend you to read all the stories in chronological order - it's much better that way. Sariel's Guide to Pern is a great site for getting the order...
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on 6 February 2010
as have been books written with his mother, and written alone. But... I'm not sure if it's because he is not as good as his mother, or simply that his style is different. He is, after all, a male writer and his mother female, so they are bound to have differing attitudes. I do not find his characters quite so appealing or interesting in this latest book - although I did enjoy reading it! It's good, and I will continue to read his books - I just miss Anne McCaffrey herself.
One thing I do very much like about his stories, though, is his continuing interest in, and use of, the Watchwhers. I always felt they were not done real justice in his mother's stories, and Todd redresses that balance; which not only makes me give his Pern stories a big thumbs up, but is one of my principle reasons for reading his books. Watchwhers deserve to be recognised.
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on 7 March 2010
Further adventures from the World of Pern focussing on a young lady holder who impresses a gold dragon and becomes a weyrwoman at a time when Thread again threatens Pern. Trying to cope with an ouitbreak of disease in the dragon community, they use the dragon's ability to go to different times to engineer a solution. The story covers how they cope. It is difficult to know where this book sits relative to other books from Todd/Ann McCaffery in the sequencing of events on Pern. Enjoyable, but perhaps a tad longer that it needed to be. There is an obvious sequel to emerge at a later date.
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on 2 February 2010
I love the Pern books but this one was quite dreadful.

Every conversation between adults or between adults and children was a feast of sexual innuendo. Did Todd forget that Fiona was only 13 and Terrin was even younger when he had them drooling over dragonriders old enough to be their grandfathers? Weyrwoman or not Fiona/Todd also seem to be unaware of the precedent set in other books about Pern of not sexually stimulating her immature dragon. In fact her dragon never gets a thought as Fiona is so keen to lose her cherry!

Perhaps Anne needs to edit these books before Todd brings them even lower?

On a secondary thought, what is it with all this 'she puts on her dressing gown and slippers'! For goodness sake was Todd too lazy to come up with a better description of suitable covering garments? Anne would have. Similarly with the references to fruit and vegetables, all given their usual names rather than a more inventive and descriptive name. Every time I got into the atmosphere of the book I was brought to a crashing awakening by these names.

I thought this was poor book and only my love of Pern kept me reading it. And to be honest, how many times can you go to the same well and write about other people's experiences during events we already know about? What's the next book going to be? A tunnel snake's view of threadfall?
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on 14 November 2010
Being a Pern fan I had to buy this one by Todd. I always wait for paper backs to come out before buying my books and there is no reference to Lorana on the cover as alluded to by other reviewers, but I was left wondering why the title on Dragonheart was chosen. I happily got lost in the new story about pern's dragon riders as told from the perpective of the young holder girl Fiona. Even though there were some inaccuracies and some parts that did not seem quite right, like the naming of foods with Earthly names, I really enjoyed the story because there were in depth details about the lives and challenges of the characters and it was consistently telling the story of Fiona and her dragon Talenth. The story made links to previous tales and characters of Pern. I was pleased it was a long good read, because I have always found Annes books to be too short and hardly worth the money.I was left hanging for a sequel to follow and will read it when I see a paper back. So Todd, keep going and improving for the sake of all Pern lovers.
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on 19 January 2009
The product description was way out of the range of this book. Lorana does NOT appear except by reference to her name.

I don't think I found it boring. I'm mildly surprised that Todd had managed to pick up the emotional lives of the protagonists, more the women than the men.

I did enjoy it a lot. The action of the novel is mostly in the three days they are away, but there are three turns taking place, so it isn't too confined. There is some very good interplay between traders and very young weyrfolk, but maybe I felt that a much longer book was intended, and maybe another will be written about Lorana. She has been the subject of one book already, and I do not think the product description for this book would work for another.
It did answer a question in my mind about Nuella's watchwher, but not all that well. I thought a few more scenes could have been written to expand on this, and other areas. The identity of the instrument of transfer for the very young dragons to the nursery weyr should have been explored and could have been done better.

I do like these books, and usually enjoy them. This does not mean that I do not see any faults in them. The training aspects were well handled, but I felt the book was rushed and did not live up to the original outline. Maybe this is the fault of the publisher.
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on 14 April 2015
What is it with the rolls? everyday all the eat is rolls and klah and then some more rolls for lunch. And why is it that dragonriders are paedophiles i mean isnt fiona like 16 and T'mar almost 30??? and then she also has a crush on kindan which everyone knows about which T'mar speculates about right before they have sex three times!!!! and is it me or does fiona need anger management cause she keeps on having random rages for no good reason and I cant help not liking fiona as she seems like a bossy raging women who lkkes sleeping with men 20 yrs older than her and i much prefer the stories about just Lorana and kindan. Another point is why is kindan worshipped? i mean like everyone knows him snd is like ooh if it werent for kindan or kindan did this kindan did that!!!
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on 30 October 2010
Another excellent story about Pern - I know people are disappointed with the attention paid to the mundane tasks of cooking, the running of the Weyr but this adds the foundation for Fiona as a character and I think it adds to the believability of the story, one of things I have always loved about the Pern stories is how real the world is. Todd does real justice to his mothers vision, while adding a fresh perspective and those of you who find it strange that the Earth names for spices are used, I'm curious as to why these the names stopped being used? A brilliant story and I eagerly await the sequel I hope it finds time for Lorana and I hope he continues the stories of present day Pern with Lessa and F'lar.
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on 3 September 2010
When i heard that this book was coming out i was so happy, i have been reading these books for years and i am glad to see that Anne McCaffrey's style of writing is continued by her son. This book was an exciting read from the get go, and it is always good to hear about characters from previous books and to piece together their histories. I look forward to see wether Todd McCaffrey is gonna write some more books that go along with these characters, as it would be good to see how their future pans out.
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on 12 July 2010
I have read all the joint authorship books by Anne and Todd. I felt on this occasion that there has been a definite change of direction in Todd's solo work. At first, I felt let down, but as I got into the book, I found that I could not put it down, a MUST.
One comment would be that the situation is now viewed from a male viewpoint, as opposed to one from the distaff side. Makes a difference, but will not stop me continuing to reads output from Todd
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