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3.7 out of 5 stars33
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2006
I bought this book in desperation whilst facing a long train journey. With little else to choose from besides your usual train station fare of 'chick lit' and espionage thrillers I picked up The Lucifer Code expecting some kind of second rate Dan Brown rip-off.
The title doesn't do the book justice- this reminds me more of a Michael Crichton style tale of science versus morality. The basic premise is interesting and the plot develops with enough momentum to keep me going from Exeter to Edinburgh without a yawn. The characters lack depth and are stereotypical for this type of novel, but this is my only complaint about a otherwise well written thriller.
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on 2 April 2006
OK - let's get this out of the way up front. You need to be very careful with this book, it was previously released under the title 'Lucifer'. If you already have it DO NOT buy this, it is the same novel re-titled. Incidentally, the same goes for 'The Messiah Code' by Michael Cordy, originally released under the title 'Miracle Strain'. It is part of a disappointing trend where the publisher seems to feel that any books in this vein have to be repackaged to look like Da Vinci Code clones in order to sell.(I'll get off my soapbox now).
However, aside from the above, I feel this is not really MC's best work. That's not say it is a bad book, but I found it rather simplistic and predictable. The characters in particular seem very one-dimensional and I think MC over-reaches himself with the science fiction aspect of the plot.
In summary, if you like his other books you probably won't mind this one, but in my view The Miracle Strain(Messiah code) and Crime Zero in particular are much better.
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on 10 January 2007
Let's say that some of the fundamental ideas in this book are interesting and could be thought-provoking. I've been reading it on the train for 10 days now and don't want to put it down but.....

.....yes some of the lead-ins to the "surprises" and "twists" are not subtle and not kept from the reader for long enough (perhaps, in my opinion).

.....I have not actually finished the book yet but I had an definite idea of what was going to happen.

.....there are still some surprises and twists that I could not see coming from a mile off..!'s been an enjoyable and easy read - I do consider this good as distractions on the train are frequent.

I'd give it a 7/10 and have thought a few times that, with a good screenwriter, it could make a good movie. I do also hope that when this book is finished (probably on my journey tomorrow), the book I pick up is equally enjoyable. Heck, it's inspired me to write my first Amazon review so it has made a mark...!
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on 14 February 2006
Having read the da vinci code, i was a bit unsure about buying a similar book. Having just read it and done some checking i am so glad i did buy it. It came before the da vinci code and has just been rebranded probably cos of the success of dan brown's book. However, I feel it is far superior and provokes a real set of questions about faith. It fuses technology and religion in a way no one else I have read has. I am a christian and was not offended by either book but i feel this book is better because the author makes you question what belief is and doesnt just try to jump on the holy blood band wagon that brown has. this book looks at our questions of soul and the afterlife in a way that deserves 5 stars. It took me a week to read the da vinci code (slow reader) well this took just 4 nights. So you could say i couldnt put it down!
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on 14 March 2009
I must admit I was rather glad, when I'd finished this book. It's fine for a holiday read, but contains far too much pseudo-science mixed in with what is supposed to be a new world religion. This would have been fine, had the characters been better-developed, but they weren't. None of them were ever quite believable and the author went OTT in endowing them with various physical disabilities ranging from being a surviving Siamese twin, having lost both legs in a car smash to a rare skin disease that made the sufferer allergic to light. Having read the book, it's now going to the charity shop and not my bookshelf.
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on 27 April 2011
'The Brightest Light Casts the Darkest Shadow' - As a huge fan of Michael Cordy, I bought the original in hardback when first published in 2001, and like all of his books, I make a point of re reading it annually if not bi annually. The fact that Michael Cordy carries out extensive scientific research as a background to all of his books always ensures the reader is not being served up some fantastic gobsmacking mumbo jumbo. Every one of his books always leaves me wondering 'My God, what if?'. His books are always thought provoking and those thoughts stay with you long after finishing the book - and that in my view is what a good book should always do. The fact that his publisher has got caught up in post Dan Brown hype and has opted to re release and rename his first four books in a similar vain, should not confuse any readers. Michael Cordy was writing this stuff way before Dan Brown and much as I enjoy Dan Brown's work, Michael Cordy's work is in my humble opinion, by far the better.

Tuning into the frequency of the human soul as it leaves the body and tracking it into the next life!! I remember the first time I read it, the hairs on the back of my neck seriously stood up. Could science really do that? Is it a possibility in the future? I'm not a scientist, but who's to say it can't be done as science and technology move at breakneck speed over the next 50 + years! ( Thought provoking indeed).

An excellent thriller, expertly crafted, twists, turns, religion, good, evil, science, super 'light based' computers able to answer our most burning questions! This book has all the page turning features you could wish for.
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on 31 January 2006
This was originally called Lucifer, and was a very good religious thriller. As with Mr Cordy's previous book, the Miracle Strain, it has been re-packaged on the back of the success of the DaVinci code, as "The Lucifer Code"
Good book, but beware if you have bought the book under the original name of "Lucifer"
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on 23 January 2010
I felt this had more depth to the story than the Da Vinci code too and can only think what bad luck that Michael Cordy seems to have been overlooked like this, since it seemed to me that an equally compelling if not more so movie could be made from this novel. The storyline kept me fully engaged and entertained and I also felt a sense of loss somehow on reaching the end too quickly - it only took me a day or so to read it.

I'm not sure that I understand why someone who wants to read accurate information on scientific matters would want to read a fantasy genre novel and then complain about the fictional content. One look at the cover, let alone the title is surely enough to convey that this is a novel and not a text book and as a novel, it had an unusual, imaginative and gripping storyline that I personally thoroughly enjoyed.
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on 10 January 2011
I found this book a really gripping thriller with a clever mixture of religious conspiracy and science. The idea is to find out what happens to the soul when it leaves the body and it was really interesting to see the progresion of Fleming's inventions and discoveries to try and answer this question. Fleming finds that his inventions are part of a dangerous conspiracy and his life is in danger. Along with Amber (his test subject), they race against time to stop their enemy and find the truth about what happens after death. Exciting action and a slight twist at the end makes a great read. What more can a reader ask for.
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on 17 November 2008
Having read 4 of his five books now, the first few were novel variants on a theme. but they do get a little tiresome after youve read them all. I like his style, but not earth shattering. the bit which is very transparent is the name change of the titles, to add the word CODE to the titles to jump heavily onto the Da Vinci Code band wagon. Mind you, they are 100% better than those books. Overall worth the read, dont want to spoil the storyline.
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