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4.7 out of 5 stars42
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 February 2003
Once again, Anne McCaffrey uses her love and knowledge of music - specifically vocal music, to unusual effect. Here is a wonderfully easy to read science fiction story about an amitious young woman with the drive and determination to prove her abilities to humanity. Failure is not an option and this beautifully emotive story leads the reader on an amazing journey to the world of Ballybran, home of the Crystal Singers. On Ballybran the only successful method of extracting living crystal from the native rock has been to cut it with a sonic cutter, keyed by a human voice possessing perfect pitch. The spirit of adventure and the sheer determination and drive of Killashandra makes for a satisfying read, even if the ending is a little predictable.
Anne McCaffrey has long been one of my favourite authors and I have read this book many times. This is fantasy where you live through the traumas and thrill with the achievements of the lead character. It is superbly written and never fails to lift my mood whenever I read it. I would recommend it for anyone aged 12 and up.
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on 28 November 2001
Killashandra Ree is a singer, but cannot attain her ultimate goal and become a solo singer. When the alternate option of joining the mysterious crystal singers appear, she take it - and so begins a wonderful science fiction story about something you don't see very often: How the raw materials for all those fancy gadgets and machines they have in the future are acquired. It is not Anne McCaffrey's best book, nor the second best, but it is EXCELLENT science fiction and a good story. By all means, read it. You won't regret it.
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on 2 May 1999
Having read a large number of Anne Mccafreys Pern books and enjoyed them, I thought I would venture out to a different subject and I am glad I did.I found this book extremely compelling, maybe because it was such an easy read, took me just short of 2 days.The story of a disapointed music student who joins a highly valued guild of crystal cutters,needed thoughout the galaxy for communications. In order to succeed she needs perfect pitch, and a lot of luck, which she gets, but which does not take away the interest in what will happen next. Not as much depth as the pern series but still highly enjoyable, I have just ordered the next 2 in the series..
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on 17 May 2014
I will pop the same review in for this series... because the first one enthralled me although the first paragraphs irritated me as Killashandra was not an immediately likeable person and I like to fall in love with my characters. I met Anne McCaffrey once at a book signing and wonder how one human can contain such creativity and on reading her life story I wonder even more but see the auto-biographical element in this book. Overall 'crystal singing' is a fascinating concept and in book one we have the introduction to the science. In book two Killa meets the love of her life and we meet the relationship stories that are characteristic of her books. Most like this book best of the three. The third book is arguably less exciting but I still enjoyed it with elements connecting to her other series, I enjoyed it even though it ends where I think the series could start over again. I have read the first book four times and the rest of the series three times which in itself says something as I discard books if they don't captivate me these days.
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on 6 February 2014
Anne McCaffrey. Remember that name. Few novelists ever attain the kind of enrapture and enthralling state in their creations as does the dream-like telling of The Crystal Singer. Everyone who is anyone will tell you that music, of sounds, themes and beats, is soul. But to hear it sung to you through mountain ranges, valleys; through the very earth and water of the plane you exist in....ah, what a truly magnificent sensation to fly into. Killashandra Ree, a woman many would envy, is our guide into the mysterious and tragic world of Crystal Singers; to whom time and memory is irrelevant and the song of crystal, that almost sentient of commodities which powers starships and interstellar communications, is immortal. Love and operatic disaster play their parts though it is the journey that shapes all.
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on 22 September 2012
This is one of the best books I have ever read. The theme is original and even after the third or fourth reading is just as exciting. Killashandra, is a proud and determined young woman who storms out of her school and her old life in reaction to her greatest disappointment and finds herself invovled in a new relationship, and new worlds where her rejected talent and skill can be used in ways she had never dreamed. This is the first in a series each one building on a great idea. I bought this book originally because it is an Anne McCaffrey book, a writer who never let you down.Killashandra (The Crystal Singer Books)Alexander's Kindred Spirits
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on 20 May 2002
This is an excellent book full of charisma and action. The main character, Killashandra, is a work of art. Her mood swings and complicated personality earn my respect for Anne though i did not care for her(Killa)personally, she was very proud and haughty. The story line is fantastic yet at the same time believable due to the immense control the author has over her creation carefully keeping it from straying into the realms of incredibillity. Killa finds out she lacks the voice of a top singer and due to her perfect pitch becomes a crystal singer the most dangerous job in the universe.
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on 3 March 2014
This is another novel from the pen of Anne McCaffrey, written some time ago and still as fresh as ever.. Based on Killashandra Ree and her growing to be a crystal singer on a world called Ballybran. She is now a crystal singer, having been able to have a transition to receive a symbiont, She is now a known crystal singer able to go off world to add black crystal to systems on other worlds and in doing so is able to meet the cultures of other worlds. Well worth reading, something I first did before Kindle technology was introduced.
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on 15 December 2014
I read this book (and the series) in high school fifteen years ago, and thanks to a generous gift voucher to my local book shop, I'm reading them again and it feels like visiting an old friend. It struck a chord (*facepalm* - sorry) with me as a teenager, but I think I have a deeper appreciation of the characters and story lines now. Not my favourite in the series, but a truly great read for fantasy fans.
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on 13 October 2013
The main character has to face the tough news that she does not have what it takes to be a super star vocalist. Driven and determined she decides on another career that only a select few can attain.

First read this when I was a kid and it's still a great story 15 years later! Easy to read and get totally lost in, definitely the best book in the series. Highly recommend!
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