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4.5 out of 5 stars65
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 18 January 2002
This book deserves to be a classic. I remember reading it as a child thinking it was the best thing I had ever read. Now as an adult I still find it captivating. It's full of adventure and fantasy, most of all how one small child can make a difference in a world of imagination and dreams where "small" matters. For those of you who have seen the film adaptations and were put off, I would recommend you read the book. It's far better and far more encompassing. Michael Ende is one of those authors who you come across by surprise, enticing you with page after page of really good writing until eventually you wish the book really was neverending.
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2009
"Die Unendliche Geschichte" - 1997 HARDCOVER RELEASE

Michael Ende's novel first came to my attention after I had seen the wonderful Warner Bros film in 1984. Just a teenager at the time, I sought out the book and read it. It was fantastic, a book I intended to keep for the rest of my life. But it was a yellowing, cheap paperback re-released off the back of the movie. So one day trawling through the catalogues at Amazon, it occurred to me to check out if the book was still in print. It was. And how.

When my copy arrived, I hadn't realised the effort that had been put into its print. The cover art is crisply reproduced with firm hardbacking, but the real surprise was to be found inside; the text is printed in alternating purple (for Bastian's story) and green (for the events within the storybook itself). It's one of those books you want to stick on the shelf and never touch again because you want to preserve its beauty, although well-thumbed books take on an appreciated beauty of their own. I love this book, I would've paid twice the price for it.

Hope you enjoy it as much.

NOTE: Michael Ende's novel is longer than the film, which was based only on the first half of the book. The sequel is not based on the second part. The translation is the original one by Ralph Manheim. For trivialists, Ende died in 1995, Manheim in 1992.
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on 14 January 2012
I bought this book for my 9 year old son as he watched the movie and was amazed by the story. I read it myself as a child and I have remembered it ever since. A beautiful story and it makes you think and wonder. However they have tried to get this long book into as few pages as possible and so the font is very small. I think too small for a child to read.
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on 2 July 2010
Although this is a little long winded(most likely due to the fact that it is translated) this is still a great fanatsy story. As an avid viewer of the film, it was nice to have seen Bastian's journey and growth into self-acceptance and adulthood. I found that all the ideas were not totally unique as I had feelings of Lord of the Rings at times. Also, I found that a few of the minor plots around characters were brought to an 'easy' end, almost cheaply written out of the story. Great read all the same. It would be nice to read a few of the characters journeys when it was stated 'but that is another story to be told another time'!!!
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on 12 May 2000
I have read this book a lot of times, and I find it new and amazing every time I hold it in my hands. The Neverending Story is not just ONE story. As you read it, you will join a magical journey which will take you from one incredible adventure to another. You will visit wonderful places, where you would live in forever ; you will encounter fantastic characters, that you would wish to be your friends in real life. I am sure that as soon as you finish the book, you will go straight back to the beginning to read it again. You will never get enough of Michael Ende's extraordinary masterpiece.
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on 5 June 2003
I first read this book when I was about 11 or 12... and at that time it was a fantastic adventure that creeped me out quite a bit (all I remembered up until recently was the ghostly Gmork!). However, I was prompted to re-read it a few weeks ago when the films came on television, and I must say, I enjoyed it more this time around. The flights of imagination that create all the wondrous inhabitants of Fantasia (or, in my translation, Fantastica) are in some cases the stuff of cheese-induced dreams, flitting off from the main narrative in a quite Douglas Adams-esque fashion.
I should one day like to read the original German and feel Michael Ende's style for myself, but based on the translation I read, it is one of the most extraordinary pieces of modern fantasy in exhistence, right up there with Lord of the Rings (gasp shock horror!). The resonance is just as effective for a 20 year old than a 12 year old -- possibly even more -- because one has a different perspective on Bastian's emotional conundrums. To anyone who has not read it: I defy you to pick up this book and not feel compelled to read it ceaselessly, neglecting studies, family, life in general, until that last page is complete.
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VINE VOICEon 20 December 2004
Until recently, I was blissfully ignorant that the popular movie I had seen several times (in my younger days) was actually based on a book.
Judging from the cover illustration of Bastian Balthazar Bux doing his "King of the World" thing aboard the Luck Dragon, you get the feeling that this is no ordinary fantasy book, and indeed it isn't.
I did get the feeling that some aspects of the story were lost in translation (which is another story altogether), as it has some abrupt swings in tone, the dialogue sometimes seeming clumsy and childish compared to the rest of the book - but that's nitpicking.
This is truly a Neverending Story, most of which springs from the imagination of the unlikely human hero, the aforementioned Master Bux, who steals the titular tome, and flees with it to the safety of his school attic, where he becomes much more than a casual onlooker of the worlds of Fantastica.
Michael Ende's imagination works overtime in creating Fantastica and all its inhabitants, and for each thrilling chapter, he introduces another story to be told at another time.
The main story however, is the metamorphosis of Bastian Bux from a frightened, insecure child, and the new relationship he was able to forge with his father after his great learning adventure.
Be wary in your reading of the adventures of The Childlike Empress, Atreyu, Morla, Ygramul, Falkor, Grograman, Hero Hynreck and Xayide, among others, beware the Nothing, and be careful what you wish for, least you also become a part of the Neverending Story, and forever lose your memories of this life.
Amanda Richards
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on 29 March 2001
This book is an extraordinary experience, and it definitely is more than a children's book. It encourages the reader to force the limits of imagination, and question the dimensions of relativity. Ende introduces a crisp realm of childhood, blended with a high level of mature awareness of the universe...
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on 27 June 2000
When I first read this book, I picked it up and read right through the whole thing in one day. I read a lot, and I still clasify this as a classic, and one of the best books I ever read, without a doubt. Michael Ende's books are unique and imaginitive, full of strange creatures and happenings in the kingdom with endless counties. Bastian, the hero, is a normal, unperfect boy with no friends and a vivid imagination. In the adventure he enters, he finds out who he is and who he wants to be. A must read!
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on 4 April 2010
I am so made up i found this book on here :)
I am not really a reader but when I saw a book related to my favourite movie ever I was so made up I knew I just had to have it!
I wasn't sure whether to get a used item? but when I found out it was no longer produced and couldnt be bought new, I thought what the heck, it did say if not entirely satisfied could return, well this used item is going nowhere but stayin right here with me, its mine and I'm keeping it :)
I can see my nephews wanting to read it, they weren't around when the film was aired on tv, but i had it recorded on an old vhs and they were so enthralled with it, now 10 and 13 and they stil ask to watch it, not bad considering the competition of content out there.
So yes I bought 2 of the dvds, bein in uk I cannot find no.3 in region 2???
But hey I've now the book, 2 of the dvds and the 3rd well its on vhs and i ain't chuckin it til i can find dvd of it!!

aged 35
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