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39 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on 21 July 2006
After 20 years of teaching EFL I have to say, this is probably the best grammar book for intermediate students. Clear, concise, yet comprehensive, it doesn't leave anything to chance, giving and explaining alternative answers - and you can be completely confident that you're teaching the 'correct' grammar - which sadly isn't so for all grammar books.
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103 of 106 people found the following review helpful
on 3 July 2004
I've just bought the new edition with CD-Rom of the famous grammar book I used to study when I was a university student and I am really impressed about it.
The book has 145 units, on the left pages you have the grammar explanations with useful coloured drawings and on the right pages a series of exercises. The answers are given at the end of the book.
The CD-Rom can be installed onto your computer or just be run without installing the files onto your hard disk, but in both cases the CD-Rom must be in the drive.
The homepage is user-friendly indeed. In the middle you have the exercises menu and around it the function icons. What surprised me a lot was the presence of audiofiles. Once you have completed an exercise, you can even listen to the sentences by clicking on the loudspeaker icon and even record your own voice for comparison.
By holding down CTRL and left-clicking the mouse button on a word, the glossary opens and gives you the explanation of the word you don't know, and if you are connected to the Internet, you can have a look at the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary online, a dictionary with CD-Rom which I recommend to buy.
You can print all the exercises with or without the answers, have your scores memorized, receive a feedback for each mistake with useful notes on which unit of the grammar book to revise, and you know what? Both teachers and students can create their own tests by a simple click of the mouse! Just click on "Tests" and choose the language areas you like - the software will pick up the sentences for you from the database, after that you are asked to enter the number of questions for your test, from 1 till 25. The topics are those of the main menu, i.e. Present and past, Present perfect and past, Future, Modals, If and wish, Passive, Reported speech, Questions and auxiliary verbs, -ing and the infinitive, Articles and nouns, Pronouns and determiners, Relative clauses, Adjective and adverbs, Conjunctions and prepositions, Prepositions, Phrasal verbs. And of course you can print them.
I'm really happy I bought it - it's really worth the money!
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 11 April 2010
I bought this book with the hope to improve my grammar after reading the reviews here. Perhaps others may have found this book extremely useful, however I personally have not found it beneficial. The other day I wanted to find out about the first conditonal and found that it only has 2 lines on it, which does not make it any clearer.
It definitely has a lot of work sheets to practice the tenses, but not enough explanation for my liking. Perhaps I have misunderstood the the aim of the book, but I was looking to purchase a book to improve my grammar knowledge and not just do gap-fill exercises.

I just wanted to let others out there know in case they experience the same problems.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
There is no CD-ROM included with ISBN 0521532892.

The book provides the following information:

ISBN 9780521532891 Edition with answers
ISBN 9780521532907 Edition without answers
ISBN 9780521537629 Edition with CD-ROM
ISBN 9780521843119 Hardback Edition with CD-ROM
ISBN 9783125340862 Klett Edition with CD-ROM
ISBN 9783125340848 Klett Edition
ISBN 9780521537605 CD-ROM for Windows
ISBN 9780521537612 Networked CD-ROM

I hope this helps you.
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43 of 46 people found the following review helpful
on 30 August 2004
The intermediate Murphy book is the book to buy if you're an English teacher. It is well laid out and the grammar rules are explained simply with good examples. One word of caution the exercises are not really designed for the classroom. This grammar book has saved me on countless occasions and most of my colleagues who own this book and will say the same thing.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 28 August 2012
As a long-time student of English, I have spent quite a lot of money on English books, and I think I can make an accurate assesment.

I'll quickly get to the point, this book is a must-buy, everybody should have a copy on their shelf. I could try to use my whole english vocabulary to praise Murphy's book: clear, user-friendly, accurate, uncluttered, easy to understand, magnificent... and I would never get close enough to describe how good I think this book is.

"English Grammar in Use" is a Bible of English, I have always looked it over whenever a doubt came up. It's the perfect book to own and check from time to time, (fortunately, I need to check less and less). In my humble opinion, the strongest point of the book is the fact that the english grammar on display is the one actually used most often among native speakers, whlist more advanced grammar books focus on academic or complex forms of english, the english in "grammar in use" is plain and utterly useful for your day-to-day.

I will never change my mind about this book but I want to make a warning, though. The book has a weakness: the exercises. Don't get me wrong, they are good in order to achieve a general overview, but if you want to take an exam (such as First Cerftificate) then you need another book containing more demanding exercises, as well as specific ones to train skills for listening, writing, reading and speaking. Of course, this does not make the book less useful, but such an important issue must be pointed out.

To round off, I strongly recommend purchasing this book despite its small weakness.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 4 November 2011
I am not a teacher- I bought this book for my Romanian housemate and friend after it was recommended by the local college. I agree with another reviewer that more exercises which develop a single theme, or 'story', may have made it a little easier for students to use, but there are numerous exercises and nothing is 'left to chance' here. A major problem for students from abroad is the remarkable fluidity of English- it simply refuses to follow its own 'rules'! English picks up bits from many other languages and finds ways to adapt and incorporate them. As a result it is a 'fluid' and ever- developing language that provides many different ways of saying much the same thing. It is this non- prescriptive quality that helps to make English the 'world language', but that is not always helpful to students! On top of that- do, does, don't, did, didn't, will do you slot in words like these, in the correct tense, single or plural? This book does help the reader fathom (there's a perplexing word!) all that out, and then practise it. It is a weighty tome, logically organized and good value for money.
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25 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on 23 March 2009
I've been teaching for more than ten years, and if ever there was a book that I could guarantee a student had used, if not actually owned, it was this. There are a couple of others in the series, the 'Essential' (elementary) and the Advanced, but this is the one that most people know.

I don't like it, and never really have. I think that when it was first published (in 1985?), it must have been quite ground breaking, but I think over the years it has been overtaken by much better grammar books, and the revisions of the 1985 edition in 1994 and 2004 have been largely cosmetic. I think it looks a bit tired.

It's not to say it's not useful, or that students can't learn from it, but that there are much better out there. I think it would be better to think of this as a reference book with some exercises, and not a book which students can use to practice, learn and develop.

And that's the basic problem. The explanations are good, and the appendices useful, but there are not enough exercises and what there are are frequently unclear. What learners need is practice, and lots of it, a single page of practice at this level (at the very low end of intermediate to First Certificate level) is not enough.

The biggest crime, which less and less grammar books now commit, is to have numbered exercises in which each question is independent of the last, which means that there is no, or not enough, context for the student to work with. In the real world everything is in context, in many cases little could be understood without it. The most effective grammar practice is achieved with exercises in which each set of questions is based around a single situation, accompanied by an explanatory picture; this sets the scene and will help a student 'feel' they are there (Real English Grammar, for example, does this - Real English Grammar: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate).

It has been five years since the last edition, perhaps a new, and improved, version is on the cards.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 15 July 2010
I chose this book as a resource for teaching to ESL students and it's proving very helpful.
However, the rules of grammar aren't actually explained, and therefore I need to use other resources. What we find are various examples within the rules but no clear indication of form and function. I found this regrettable as it would have been easy to include it, and now I need to use an additional book.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 5 September 2010
This is a very well written book which explains in great detail the grammar of the English language. Each point is illustrated by numerous examples. The book is simple enough for students studying English to use on their own but is also sufficiently sophisticated for use by teachers in classrooms.
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