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4.7 out of 5 stars81
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 October 1998
Wow. Is that a word? *laugh* I loved this book. I bought it as a whim, ordered it here at Amazon, in fact, after reading the blurb as the featured book on "Bookbug." The characters are memorable enough that I know this is one story I will NEVER forget. In fact, as soon as I finished it, I immediately went out and purchased the first two books in the series, "Knight of a Trillion Stars," and "Rejar." I'm in the middle of "Knight" right now, in fact, I cannot believe I'm sitting here now instead of reading it, but I wanted to get my two cents' worth in while it was fresh in my mind. Ms. Joy has an incredible ability to envision these worlds she creates with such an ability that one can see exactly what she paints. How absolutely fabulous. Makes me want to sit down and start writing my own fantasies out. I have only two wishes in regards to this series: 1) That the series continue, and 2) That this is made into either a movie or a TV series. Although I think there's no way the screen could adequately portray these men that are more than men. Just their description alone is enough to make a lady perspire.... Keep up the incredible work, Ms. Joy. Rarely have gems such as these been published!
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on 30 October 1998
I have to start by saying I liked Night of a Trillion Stars the first book in the series and loved Rejar. This book was not as good. The beginning was boring as very little happens. Kind of reminded me of the barebones minimum plots supplied in x-rated movies to link sex scenes together. The main character is Rejar all over again, but the female heroine is never sharply defined. She just wines about personal freedom throughout the book, despite the fact that she shows not the slightest ability to do anything but be rescued by the hero. I found it totally unrealistic that she would spend the whole book talking about her Mother's people, yet never once mention any interest in going there and trying to find her family. The other books gained richness by showing the political struggles of the Charls, but the drama is lost because the author seemes to assume you just read Rejar yesterday or have perfect recollection of last's year book as she does not summerize key events. Woe to the person who never read the other two books. I would also have like to see more of the previous female characters. I could just imagine that Rajar's Liliac & Jenise would have a pretty interesting conversation about being the mate of a familiar.
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on 26 July 1999
I have been reading romance books for over 15 years now. I am very selective of what I read because of lack of time. I have just added Dara Joy to a short list of keeper shelf author's ( Sandra Brown, Johanna Lindsey, Julie Garwood, LaVyrle Spencer). Her imagination is amazing. Her stories are very well thought out. There is a great deal of humor, romance and sensuality in her books. I've noticed that in recent years there has been a rash of new author's that are so called "sensualist", when in actuality all they write is glorified porn. I think it takes true talent to write tastefully and respectfully about the act of lovemaking. I have never been able to understand the idea that a person who lives their life with a certain code or standard is considered repressed? This story moved me. The love expressed by Jenise and Gian Ren for each other was amazing. All of the "MATRIX" series books have been wonderful, but this one is my favorite! THIS IS A MUST READ!
P.S. Dara Joy, if you read this keep up the great work and PLEASE write TRAED'S story soon! I can hardly wait for it!
P.S.S. I'm also dying to know what happened to DARIQ!
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on 1 November 1998
As a fan who has read all of Joy's books, I was pretty much thrilled to hear that the Matrix of Destiny series had expanded by one. "Mine to Take" was quick-paced, well-plotted, and written with humor and tenderness. I actually found myself reading pages twice because it was so good that I couldn't stand knowing that the end was approaching. I was convinced that the next book would be about Traed, so it was a bit of a thrill to see that Gian Ren was the newest hero. Watching him manipulate and maneuver his chosen mate into recognizing their shared bond was a treat! I also enjoyed visiting several new planets in the Matrix of Destiny universe. The only thing I disliked about this book and "Rejar" was the heavy foreshadowing that something bad was going to happen to Rejar. I only hope that in future novels the dynamic between he and his wife Lilac remains strong and that his personality isn't altered too much. Overalll, this novel was top-notch, and if this is the first Dara Joy novel you read, be prepared to scour the bookstores for her others as soon as you put the book down.
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on 19 November 1998
I started out with Knight of a Trillion Stars and must confess that I've cuddled up with it on more then one rainy night and given it 2nd and 3rd read. I loved that book!! The humor was uncanny the charactors were priceless - and I will never get over "Darth Microwave" When Rejar came out I could hardly wait to get home to read it and again was mesmerized by the stroy line. I was just positive that the next book would be about the Tragic Traed but was suprised and delighted with Gian Ren and Jenise. And read it twice now making sure that I didn't miss any subtle hints about what is to come next. If I had one suggestion about Tread ( and I picture him as Val Kilmer LOL) This one needs the humor of Knight of a Trillion Stars. Some Lady that has a delightfully warped sense of humor like Adeana. That will knock the Solem tortured soul of Tread right on his keester. Maybe with children - twins would be good. with two differnt colored eyes LOL The possibilities for Traed Story is endless. This is one I can hardly wait for - Ms Joy - don't keep us in suspense too long - Please !!!
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on 15 March 1999
What a great book! The lady knows how to write. She always makes you anxious for her next book. It was great meeting Lorgin & Adeean again. I did not get to meet Rejar's wife (Lilac) and her aunt as much as I would have liked to; but maybe next time. "Knight of a Trillion Stars" was an appetizer, "Rejar" was the fish course, "Mine to Take" the meat course. So where is the, starch (Traed's story), vegetable (the mysterious Familiar left with the old women), dessert(a story to tie it all together) or something to cleans the palate (someone new)? There is no need to tell the story over, to say that I gave it five stars, speaks for it's self. I have only one complaint. Finding Dara Joy's books in a book store is like pulling teeth, without any thing to kill the pain. They just don't want to stock her books, or they are not stocking enough of them; either way I'm searching.
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on 15 January 1999
I absolutely loved this book. When I found it in stores I jumped to buy it. I adored Knight of a Trillion Stars! Dara Joy integrates all other characters very well. You know them. Although I hadn't read Rejar yet. (CAN'T FIND OR GET IT. I NEED IT!!!!) My name when I chat is Moonsky and I love the heavens and stars. I agree with another reviewer. Traed and Krue need their books also. Only one minor and I mean minor complaint. Maybe if Ms.Joy could put a little more dialogue for the
girls when she integrates them. Like maybe Lorgin's wife could have had a few lines in "Mine To Take". As I said minor. I look forward to many more of Dara Joy's books. In a world of "self-help" or books that tell of depressing subjects such as some real life, I prefer "escapism". P.S. Read a Dara Joy book and tell your "Mate" to watch out!!!!!
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on 15 February 1999
I really was excited to pick this up. I thought at first it might be another story about Rejar because the book didn't identify the FAMILIAR right away. Was I happy with this new character! When I remember the foreshadowing of the other stories about this Gian Ren I just assumed it would be an elderly or middle aged leader. WOW! I know we need a story to continue Traed, but there is also a FAMILIAR in an old witch's cottage with incredible injuries...
Please don't forget to get Tonight or Never as well as High Energy. High Energy is a very steamy contemporary story and Tonight or Never is set in Historical England but the HEAT COMES THROUGH in all of the stories. Ms. Joy's characters are great! The heroine in Tonight or Never is very clever...WOW AGAIN!
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on 18 June 1999
Dara Joy is one of the best new romance writers around. I came upon her first book (Knight of a Trillion Stars) during a reading dry spell. It was between her, an author I had not heard of, and Jude Deveraux, an author I loved and respected. Dara won the toss and I've not regretted it since. Since then I've been introduced to a range of characters that I have made me laugh, stirred my interests and had me sighing more than once. From Knight through to Mine to Take, it has been great and I am dying to get my hands on Traed's story. I must admit I was disappointed that Mine to Take wasn't Traed, but Gian Ren cured me of it quick. That doesn't mean I don't want Traed. In fact, my appetite has been whetted further. Bring him on!!!!e
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on 12 October 1998
This book is even better then Rejar!!! Dara Joy's fantasy world is shaping up very nicely. In this book she further expands the concept of the Wizards of Chrul and the race of Familiars and also pulls in the previous characters like Rejar and Tread whom we have come to know and love.
This book is about "Ren Gian". The king of familiars who was mentioned to be captured in the last book. It is obvious that the "Matrix of Destiny" series is far from over, with everyone bowing to Rejar in this book and the secret enemy that no one knows being introduced.
Finally, Dara Joy expands a little on the "900 strokes to love" and the abilities of the familiars :) This is a must read for all her fans.
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