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  • Rejar
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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 1 February 1997
Rejar, is the book we spend hours in our local bookstore searching for. It isn't just a fun read. It's magical. He is strong, sexy, seductive; a hunter who has spotted his prey. She is determined, independent, naive; nobody's victim. A love dance, from beginning to end. You will love this book.
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on 25 September 2000
Once again Dara has writen another purrfect book in REJAR. He is the most provocatively sexy man/cat. Lilac is absolutely purfect for him. The sex scenes are red hot. It wears you out just by reading them. Aunt Agatha is a darling. She would be purfect for Yaniff. Some readers have sugested this as a future story in the series and I think they are right.
Traed makes another welcome return in the book which is wonderful. I can't wait for his story which is 4th in the series. Gian Ren's story is next(3rd). I have just finished it and it is another wonderful story.
Please Dara write Traed's story fast, we can't wait for it. Well done on another great book.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 August 2004
"Rejar" is the second book in the Matrix of Destiny series and begins where "Knight of a Trillion Stars" left off, with Rejar thrown through vortexes. The sexy Familiar (a species that can take 2 shapes - human or cat) lands in Ree Gen Cee Ing Land (Regency England), straight into the lap of Lilac (he's in cat form of course). Left slightly disorientated following his dimensional journey it takes several days for Rejar to realise that Lilac is his destined mate. With this revelation, the love hunt begins.

Lilac's world has been turned upside down. Along with the abrupt arrival of her new black cat with different coloured eyes, she suddenly has two men in her life. One is a wonderfully handsome dream lover with dual coloured eyes and the other is Nikolai, the new society sensation and strangely enough another man with dual coloured eyes, a mysterious prince intent on pursuing her. It is here that the story loses some of its impact. The hints that Nikolai, the cat and the dream lover are all one and the same person are pretty obvious and when Lilac fails to make this connection the reader is left feeling that she's not too bright (despite her reputation as a bluestocking). Further fault can be found with her attitude towards Rejar once she learns the truth of his otherwordly existence. What a wimp!!! These flaws however can be overlooked as we also have absolutely fantastic secondary characters; Traed (my hero), Lorgin, sly old Yaniff and Aunt Agatha (Lilac's guardian and possible future love interest for the wily old wizard perhaps).

Rejar is a man/cat to die for. In both forms he is playful yet predatory and very lusty but unbelievably romantic. "Rejar" is yet another book by JOY which proves difficult to get hold of and it's obvious why. This book is a definite keeper and fans of lighthearted and wonderful romance rightly refuse to relinquish their copies.
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At the end of Knights of the Trillion Stars, Rejar (brother to Lorgan ta'al Krue) went through to portal that connects to other times, and drops right into the lap of Lilac Devere, in Victorian England - but in the form of a cat. He is a shapeshifter, and he is soon using both forms in Lilacs World. While I adore this book in many places, others I was exasperated with Lilac's often childish nature. She really got to be a pain.
Rejar is much more aggressive and domineer, than the character in Trillion Stars, so it often hard to connect they are the same character.
I still enjoyed the book, just wish the rough spots had been smoothed out a bit.
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on 17 July 2014
This book was a 'joy' to read. I loved the character of Rejar and his story - if only I could find a man/cat like him! Thought Lilac was a bit wishy washy to start with and definitely didn't deserve this gorgeous feline hunk, but she comes good in the end. In this series, one book flows effortlessly into the next one and it is lovely to have the same characters appearing in the next story as a continuation. Hope Ms Joy continues on with the Matrix of Destiny series and gives some of the other characters their own stories as well.
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on 15 July 2014
Book 2 in Matrix of Destiny series.

Rejar`s story. How the Familiar, in the forms of both man and cat ends up in regency England. The girl he meets in his cat form, who hates him as man. How he tricks her and of course a happy ending.

A funny, yet entertaining story.
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on 15 July 2015
Rejar is the second book in the series and it picks up where the first book left off, but with a new lead. Rejar, the cat shifter, arrives in Britain in early 1800s and sets his sights on, what we are lead to believe is, an independent young woman, determined to stay single and enjoy her life and wealth as a spinster. Her independence doesn't last long, because Rejar, is an overbearing and domineering man, who takes what he wants. Rejar and Lorgan (book 1) are both very similar and act the same way, they do what they want and their women must fall in line. Neither will take no for an answer, they lie - ok, they OMIT the truth - and trick their chosen "mates" for their own purposes. Why the women put up with that, I don't know. Apparently, fantastic sex makes up for it.

I found that both books, 1 and 2, are almost copies; the men are of the same character, their women feebly put up a fight at the beginning until they are sexed up witless by their men, throw in some sci-fi and some quest the manly man must complete, stir the whole lot and the woman ends up in another universe, like it or not. Again.

And again, I didn't find anything particularly thrilling or romantic about Rejar and Lilac's story. The sci-fi bit got old and, in the end, I skipped some latter parts of the book because I just couldn't take it. The author insists on this sexist idea of romance, where essentially the man's word is law, where the woman is always behind the man, not standing next to him. Honestly, there are much better romances out there.
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on 26 August 2014
Originally published in the 1990's Dara Joy was a pioneer in fantasy romance. What's more she combined shape shifting with the Regency England historical romance genre and transported her characters between Earth and a wonderful alternate world. She combined so many genres and yet it worked. I loved all of Dara's books up to and including "Ritual of Proof".

Following "Ritual of Proof", I read her early self published novels but they were not of the same caliber. After her books stopped appearing on the shelves every romance book by other authors seemed to be about vampires or dark and tortured souls. The fun and fantasy were gone. I love Sylvia Day's historical romances, Christeen Feehan's shape-shifters and Sandra Hill's time traveling vikings. I've yet to find an author to mash the genres like Dara Joy. I'm hoping the Kindle release of her early works will be followed by new books. In today's self publishing world she should thrive.
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on 25 January 2004
I thought "Rejar" was brill! He's sooo sexy and authritative yet does have a sensitive side. The heroine did get on my nerves sometimes. Also, Aunt Agatha should get together with Yaniff. I can imagine an attraction brewing there! All in all, a must read and a definite keeper. Hurrah for Joy Dara!
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on 21 August 1998
I like Dara Joy's writing but Rejar was not as good as Knights of a Trillion Stars. Rejar has left me hanging as to what more the future could hold for Rejar. The story implies that he has more of a destiny than this story. I hoping she is planning on writing a book about Traed that will finish everyone's story. One more suggestion for Ms. Joy please consider a story of Rejar, Lorgin, and Traed parents. It seems like this would really be a great story.
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