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on 4 November 2014
This book sat on my shelves for a long time and I was put off reading it by the idea it would be a rather dry account of either a lengthy libel trial or an academic defence of historicism as an institution. I was wrong, it is a brilliantly polemical destruction of David Irving - a man who lied himself into being taken seriously and then sought to silence those who challenged his lies through a libel writ.
Evans tells his story brilliantly - managing indeed to defend his profession of professional historian while also exposing just how dishonest Irving always was. An added bonus is how Evans calls out more than a few 'liberal' or 'libertarian' commentators who got the nature of the court case and what David Irving was really all about so very wrong.
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on 16 April 2004
"You know that David Irving? He's completely made up. He didn't happen at all". So said Stephen Fry.
In April 2000, David Irving took the author Deborah Lipstadt to court over allegations that he had systematically distorted evidence to fit in with his own ideas of holocaust denial. Evans was expert witness for the defence and in this utterly fascinating book, he shows us step by step how he was able to prove that David Irving did systematically distort the evidence. He also explores how the trial was able to turn from a mere libel case into something bigger; a trial which was seen as putting not only the Holocaust on trial, but even accepted notions of truth and falsehood.
Before this book, David Irving had a (slightly tarnished) reputation as a controversial but diligent researcher with an astonishing grasp of primary material. The picture of Irving that emerges from this book is that of an increasingly deranged demagogue; constantly interupting witnesses in his interogations, spending time trying to show the anti-semitism of 19th century writers in a startling display of irrelevance and addressing the judge as 'Mein Fuhrer'. However, a particularly strange atmosphere surrounding this trial; at times it seemed like it was Irving himself who was on trial; portraying himself (and being portrayed in some quarters) as fearlessly resisting the might of the Jewish-Zionist lobby attempting to supress him (as if it was Lipstadt who had launched the libel suit), a factor which Evans captures well.
In his examination of the evidence in this book, Evans limits himself to a few key case studies; which may be fustrating to the casual reader wanting more, nevertheless this is an utterly fascinating account of an untterly fascinating case.
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on 26 April 2016
Evans puts the boot in so hard - albeit justifiably so - that I even had a fleeting moment when I felt sorry for Irving. Rest assured, the moment soon passed.
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on 10 December 2015
Ripped to pieces on sites such as codoh dot com, inconvenienthistory dot com and holocausthandbooks dot com
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on 12 August 2015
All you need to know about this book is Evans pushed this off the back of a trial he was always going to win. If he hadn't won the trial, no one would care & even fewer would know just who he was...

If you are looking to fill spaces you want filling in, the gaps of your falsified history by bashing one of the only few people that wants to tell you, as much of the correct & genuinely in depth research of David Irving's life's work, then go ahead & buy this book. Live in the upside down world you are so persistent of clutching onto. It will make you feel good about yourself & maybe that your government hasn't lied to you & everything that has left David Irving's mouth or put into his books is now wrong & so it is not worth your time listening to him or reading his books, that of a life time’s work.
(As opposed to the cashing in on an outcome of a trial with this book, which may have taken a week or two to spew up.)

That is what this figure Evans & the establishment want you to think, it is in fact the pretext for publishing this book.
It offers no plausible sense of History, it is just picking holes at a great man in an attempt to discredit him because he lost a trial he was unfortunately always going to lose. If he had won, then it would mean that parts of the holocaust could be looked at more closely by people, including establishment figures which are not a part of the propaganda push of the holocaust taking place, but have believed what they have been told about so much of the war time propaganda that they believe it. Because it is almost a given as without any shadow of a doubt what so ever, the complete story stands up all by itself, it is undeniable. The holocaust would be open for discussion. The truth of the matter of this trial is, Irving wanted this trial to reflect on how Deborah Lipstadt had lied about him in her book "Denying the Holocaust" on his "denial" of the holocaust. If he was successful then that would mean his views on the holocaust must hold some truth & credibility if he won the support of a UK establishment court room...

But as said previously this was never going to happen. Irving's so called "falsification of history" is said to be that of giving talks on documents he read maybe 20-30 years ago. Misquoting them even if it was similar it can be considered a misquote & therefore a "falsification of history" which is what happened. It was a mistrial of justice where anything but the truth will set you free. A lifetime’s work cannot be considered a falsification of such mounds of evidence he has uncovered over the years. One only needs to read "The War Path" followed by "Hitlers War" to see the extent of his research which so many people have overlooked & not even thought about.

If you don't understand or agree with my opinion or think it is that of an "anti-Semitic" character then you are mistaken. I am an anti-Zionist character. All you have to do is watch a Dispatches program ([...]) (I have no idea how it made it to air in the UK) Dispatches inside Britain's Israel Lobby 2009 (Zionism Connections). If you understand what Zionism is & how it is not Jewish, it's completely political under the mask or hijacking of Zionism, you will see how Zionist's have the backing & support of UK politicians, by actually funding them into office, through lobby groups most of which are labelled incorrectly as charities to which elite Zionist & mislead wealthy Jews ejaculate funds to support political parties. They have this influence & setup around different parts of the world. All you have to do is follow David Irving & see the walls he hits when travelling to give speech's & how the very same people have influence over politicians from the likes of Canada, Australia, America, Germany... etc.

The video shows the backing of the present UK PM David "Zionist" Cameron & how they back both Labor & Conservative sides of politics (showing a clear connection between the two main parties of Britain). So Irving was never on neutral ground to start with. It is by no stretch of the imagination, the Judge would almost certainly have been in the back pocket of the defendant, which is why Irving would sarcastically, call the Judge Mien Fuhrer, because he feels he has no chance no matter what he says, he will just be dictated to no matter the evidence he provides. All that will be overlooked because of the likes of infamous Nuremberg trials. It would mean saying well we maybe wrongly killed certain individual’s during that because we didn't have sufficient evidence... Can you just imagine? & what this would have done to History we have been taught over the generations since? (Not to mention the people that are still in prison now for even questioning the likes of anything to do with the holocaust in Germany).

David Irving was even said to have been behind the Oklahoma bombings, by providing the mechanism to the bomb, apparently by mistake in America by some newspaper... These are the kind of dirty tactics he is up against. Just like if you are an Info warrior you will know how something similar happened recently (11/08/2014) to InfoWars when CBS news reports fake story on them hiring "a militia-style group called the Oath Keepers". These are just dirty tactics to smear & an attempt at discrediting ones character. Just as the likes of this book by Evans, it is a praying mantis attacking the vulnerability of the outcome of this trial, which opened Irving up to such foul play.

It took guts to do what he did, in the knowing of the highly likely possibility his name & credibility maybe tarnished by the outcome of this trial. Not many would have dared ventured here, which is why Lipstadt said without a second thought or any care, the things she did about David Irving. She would have never expected he would of done anything about it, because she is untouchable, she has protection by that of the "Jewish Special Privilege". This is because, as said previously, so many politicians around the world are backed by Zionists, they are the ones who pay them into power, and therefore you don't bite the hand that feeds you. You don’t openly call your boss a liar. It's the likes of this which tangles Zionism & Jews into misunderstood ideology, which links the two together as one. As real Jewish people, not Zionist are still protected by Zionism, should a Jew come under attack by a common enemy. Zionism are the ones which push the remembrance of a false history of the holocaust, their propaganda via the media & speeches by political figures, which in turn again real Jews follow who lost loved ones who did suffer & die at the hands of Nazi rule. But most don't understand how Zionism put them in this position in the first place. The Holocaust Legend justifies Israel's existence as a state. This justifies the American tax payer funding the state of Israel every year of $5-$6 Billion. So it is more than understandable they are going to protect this Holocaust Legend.

Whenever you hear the great David Irving speak you will hear him almost always mention the forces he calls "The Traditional Enemy of the Truth" this is Zionists/Zionism. I'm sure he knows this, and doesn't just think of them as the whole of the Jews as so many people might think. But Zionists, which if he said this, so many people misunderstand Zionism & think that they are part in parcel as being the whole Jewish religion or in fact even a cult, that he may as well say Jews & be branded a Anti-Semite or racist which is common practice for anyone who attacks Zionism.
If I was half as good a speaker as David Irving I would try & explain this away at a talk he does. What's important to remember a lot of Jews & a lot of anti-Semite people a like, you both are being misled. All Jews are not bad people just as all anti-Semite are not bad people. If you are a Jew living in the state of Israel, you have been misled by your Zionism controllers, right at the top being the Rothschild Dynasty, who you may as well call your Messiah (with Messiah two being Adolf Hitler who loved the idea of sending you here) who brought you back to your homeland (Just look up the Balfour Declaration & see what created your homeland & why you are really there). You will see it was a deal made for the British to give America/Rothschild Dynasty something that was not even their's, Palestine. It was the allowance of an illegal settlement with the promise not to intervene, allow & help it to happen. All for a solution to the "Jewish Problem" all across Europe. The biggest of which being Germany of course.

If you are an anti-Semite because you hate, what you think Jews have done throughout history in Palestine & in fact trying to take over Germany (Political Parties, Financially/Banks & the odd true Jew who actually where the only ones with any money, who had a shop open full of food no one could afford) during the crisis the treaty of Versailles, which is why there was so much hatred in Germany at the time towards Jews, your hate is misplaced. Zionist are the leaders of both of these cabals.

The Elitists that have wondered the Jews through these crisis's & like sheep some of the Jews have flocked & been killed along the way through a mad dash of Zionist power grabbing. I assure you, these Jews would not have intended to be killed when following their masters, they are a people mislead without a land to call their own looking for the best place to move, putting mistrust in Zionism Elitist. (Like so many of us still put our misplaced trust in our governments, while they bomb Syria & thousands more of innocent life's are lost, David "Zionist" Cameron is allowed to act like a dictator no questions asked in carrying out this action with no debate, after being refused the go ahead of the bombing campaign two years ago when this was last debated. They are just after taking down Syria's Political system, like they only seem to have had any such success doing throughout the rest of the Middle East) While there are some great Jewish people which have looked through this & see what they're doing & fighting against Zionism. These people are Jews true to the Torah. Looked up truetorahjews. So we are not Anti-Semitic. Be like these Jews & unite against a common enemy, refuse to be called an “Anti-Semite” or “Racist” you are an Anti-Zionist & there is nothing wrong with that.

Don't trust Evans, do your research. The full context of this book might as well be nothing more than a brick. Everyone that is bought is one to be thrown at David Irving. Don't feel discourage by the likes of this propaganda if you are an Irving supporter, each page would make better use to us as toilet paper. It just shows the extent of the lengths "The Traditional Enemy of the Truth" will go to cover ones ass.
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on 31 August 2014
The fact that Evans relies here on a series of tedious, sanctimonious, ramblings and petty personal attacks, whilst at the same time failing to even tackle, let alone refute, the many reasonable and valid arguments Irving has articulated, both in the courtroom and in a series of books over the last 35 some years, about this curious period in our modern history, says it all...

I begrudgingly give it 1 star and suggest readers go watch a wall of paint dry for a more rewarding experience.

Or, if you want to read something from a real historian, you could try one of Irving's books?
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